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學生對 科罗拉多大学系统 提供的 Queering Identities: LGBTQ+ Sexuality and Gender Identity 的評價和反饋

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In this course, you will explore the history of LGBTQ identities, experiences, and activism. We’ll study major events in global LGBTQ history, investigate local histories of queer and transgender people and communities, and consider how LGBTQ histories have helped shape broader conversations about civil rights, equality, and justice....




I loved every aspect of his course. I am someone who has a very substantial foundation of knowledge towards the Queer community, but this course taught me a lot more than I haven't thought about yet.



This course taught me the new variations about LGBTQ and its diffenert arenas. It taught us how biological, sociological and psychological concept plays important role in determind the definitions.


26 - Queering Identities: LGBTQ+ Sexuality and Gender Identity 的 50 個評論(共 177 個)

創建者 Tania J


It was very educational and thought provoking. I feel like this kind of knowledge shouldn't be restricted to the academic world, it is something everyone should know and understand. I appreciate that the teachers belonged to the queer community themselves. If everyone knew about this, it would make life easier for queer people.

創建者 Cher H


This was a very well developed course with clear learning outcomes and activities and assessments that were in alignment with those outcomes. The two course instructors were great--welcoming, professional, and engaging--and the readings and videos were helpful for providing not only content but multiple perspectives and voices.

創建者 Andy A


I have learned a lot from this course and have gained new insights into queer community and become more aware at issues in my locality as well. The teachers are just amazing and there's lots of readings as well for those who wants to explore further and build on ther existing knowledge. Thank you for making this course happen!

創建者 vasiliki s


I would like to thank both instructors for this enlighting and informative course. Even though I work in the field of institutionalised implementation of gender equality, I had some gaps. Through this course, I managed to clarify crucial terms and to become able to propose more inclusive policies on gender equality. Thank you!

創建者 John W S


Not only does this course do a good job at dissecting the history of queer identity, but it also leaves a lot open ended as this is an ever-changing topic. The resources that they have prepared for additional reading are amazing and allow us to dive into the topics that interest us the most.

創建者 Srishti S


A very informative and interesting course. I learned a lot of new things in this course about the LGBTQ+ community. Highly recommended by everyone who wants to know more about the community. The instructors were also really nice and very well aware regarding the subject at hand

創建者 Navya V


The structure of the course was systematic and the course itself was very resourceful. As a student, it enabled me to know more about queerness, sexual diversity and inclusivity. The reference reading materials and videos were really useful, Thanks for offering such a course.

創建者 Tom B


This course is a great overview of theory regarding LGBTQ+ issues, history and further matters. As someone who is already into the topic, this course still was useful to get topical lectures in various domains and I also learned some new things. It was great!

創建者 Dr. G


It is a wonderful course. Before joining the course I was confused about the LGBTQ issues and its theories. Now i have a lot of resources and reading material provided by Coursera. I can expand it in my research. Thank you very much for the insightful course.

創建者 Deleted A


I really love the two teachers who have always been so devoted and open about many aspects of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation among other topics. They project a sense of hospitability and that makes me feel so enthusiastic to continue this journey!

創建者 Eduardo E C C


This course was fantastic, i was a very close person, and aldo i didnt understand the new gender and some topics about de LGTBQ+ comunity, but with this cpurse i can lear more about those topics and have a more information to understand a lot of people

創建者 Animesh B


The course lived up to its objectives of creating awareness about sexuality and gender identity. It helped develop understanding about the latest issues and challenges in the queer space and provided great online resources to learn more on the topic.

創建者 Pragyan P P


The course is an absorbing and informative take on the subject. The topics intrigued me to explore furthermore and contemplate deeply. The reading materials were helpful and educative. It contextualizes the radical aspect of the queering identities.

創建者 Karen A S


Taught me quite a bit about a culture that I have lived in for over 50 years. I mistakenly believe “I knew a lot about the LBGT+ culture”. I was wrong. I am much more savvy about the LBGT+ world and the changes that continue to happen with my world.

創建者 Rachel S


This is an excellent course, and I highly recommend it! I define as a member of the LGBTQI community, and still learned a lot of new information. I also really appreciate the accompanying links, videos and reading for further study. Thank you!

創建者 Grace S


I really loved this course! I am apart of the LGBTQ+ community, but it is extremely helpful and interesting to learn more about Queer Theory/History, as well as how to approach others that are of a different orientation or sexuality than myself.

創建者 Laura F Z


This is an excellent class for "getting up to speed" on LBGTQ+ issues. The instructors do an excellent job presenting the material clearly. They offer lots of resources for continuing learning in this area, which I plan to. Well worth the time!

創建者 Juan A P A


This course was just amazing, I really caught a lot of information and it was very well explained. I was hoping the instructors would interact more with the students but I didn't see any replies of them in the forums, but the course is worth it

創建者 Jade C


I enjoyed the readings! Particularly the discussion on the controversy of allowing trans athletes in sports was very interesting for me. It made me aware of my own biases and challenge my beliefs by reading more about the medical aspect of it.

創建者 Vladyslav I


I'm very grateful for the course instructors a valuable knowledge I tend to use while being a youth/social worker.

Moreover, the course materials allow me to reflect on my personal views and perceptions about gender social norms and practices.

創建者 Bharath


The course really enlightens the knowledge of LGBTQ+ community. It explains the terms, definitions and the ideas in a well versed clear cut ways and the sources given for the reading is really helpful. I would recommend this course 5/5.

創建者 Anton G


Great course. It was interesting for me to listen, because in my native country I cannot hope to be heard and seen, but thanks to such courses I understand that I did not know a lot and listened with great interest. Thank you so much!

創建者 Candice J H


This course was so informative! I loved the presenters' attitudes and the way they presented the material. I also loved that my cousin, Jaimie Henthorn, was part of this course with her partner Ashe! That made it so much cooler!

創建者 Neapolle F B


Thank you for providing this course as free during Pride Month. It really helped me broaden my perspective on the LGBTQI+ community and issues. Happy Pride everyone and I hope we will have more safe spaces for the community.

創建者 Nikolaos L


This course is very interesting and intriguing. It offers an excellent introduction to LGBTIQ+ history, terminology and theories. It is highly recommended to those who want to work in LGBTIQ+ activism and research.