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學生對 密歇根大学 提供的 Python Project: pillow, tesseract, and opencv 的評價和反饋

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This course will walk you through a hands-on project suitable for a portfolio. You will be introduced to third-party APIs and will be shown how to manipulate images using the Python imaging library (pillow), how to apply optical character recognition to images to recognize text (tesseract and py-tesseract), and how to identify faces in images using the popular opencv library. By the end of the course you will have worked with three different libraries available for Python 3 to create a real-world data-analysis project. The course is best-suited for learners who have taken the first four courses of the Python 3 Programming Specialization. Learners who already have Python programming skills but want to practice with a hands-on, real-world data-analysis project can also benefit from this course. This is the fifth and final course in the Python 3 Programming Specialization....




This last course is much more challenging than the prior four, but provides a very good launch pad for taking what you've learned and getting you actually using the skills in building Python code.



This course gave great insight in how to approach a new library which I believe is one of the most powerful skills a programmer can have. Keep up the great work that you guys have been doing.


376 - Python Project: pillow, tesseract, and opencv 的 400 個評論(共 430 個)

創建者 Irina Z


Tasks were not interesting & material was not explained well

創建者 Pun C S


the instruction of the assignment is not quite clear



Very bad ending to an awesome specialization

創建者 Jeffrey B


Actually I would rather give it -5 stars... This course is an abomination. The course would have been better without it. The way of teaching of mr. Brooks is horrible, it seems like you guys lost energy or motivation or what??

First the set-up in week 1: mr. Brooks just reads to the screen without any visualization, on the virtual environment and starts a complete irrelevant discussion on the technical details. Nice but please refer to a software engeneering course.

Second the materials/segments: mr. Brooks is not offering a concise or structured way of teaching. It seems like he just wants to play around with Python and then hey guys... just sort it out for your own. This is fine, if (see below)

Third we got some clear instructions what to do. It is totally unclear to us what mr. Brooks actually wants to convey to us students.

Finally the submitting section seems to broke, this is again an annoyance, since the runestone textbook, and autograder do not work proparly to.

There is really no added value to this capstone course! In the future best leave it out, or seriously upgrade the quality (perhaps another lecturer too).

創建者 Nick B


This course is not worth your time. The first four courses in this series were great. Very thorough, good instruction, an interactive textbook with code that you could experiment on, etc... The courses built on themselves and you felt like your knowledge base expanded as the course went on.

This course is none of that. It has almost nothing to do with the material previously presented in the other courses. You're left to search through documentation for libraries and packages with almost no instruction. If you want to learn pillow, tesseract, or opencv, just Google them and start reading. You'll learn more that way than you will taking this course. I was finally able to complete the assignments and pass, and I'm incredibly thankful just to be done with this course, but to be honest I still feel like I don't really understand any of the aforementioned packages at all.

I don't understand why this course is so bad and has so little to do with the first four courses. If it hadn't been able to take it for free, I would've felt like I'd been robbed.

創建者 Denys H


Very bad. After 4 good courses that were before this one, I feel deceived. Online platform which I should use to submit assignment, can't process code after 18 hours of work! And when I download and install everything, it appers that one of the libraries I need works only on Linux and Mac (I have Windows).

Besides, the instructor himself. He seems so confident and full of himself, but cannot explain anything! He doesn't even try! Moreover, he hasn't worked properly on the course! In video he shows how his programs runs (and near code he has comments that he simply reads and doesn't add anything from himself) and says: "We see that program decided the cap with glasses over there is a face..." But program didn't! The code for some reason hasn't worked, and it didn't troubled the instructor at all! And that's just one example, there's more! Highly don't recommend this course, you're just gonna waste your time.

創建者 Luca F P


I've appreciated a lot the previous courses of the specialization but the level of teaching and preparation of this last one is highly subpar, not just in regard to the others but on any standard of teaching.

I understand the necessity of familiarizing us to doing our own reasearch about libraries and how to properly read their documentation. What you could then teach is how to approach it, what are the mistakes and tips in learning a library.

This course however just puts in front of you a few formulas, doesn't explain the majority of them, or how they came to be, and simply tells you to go learn the library yourself without providing any tools that can help you with this task. Anything that I learned during this course is because I googled it and got StackFlow results.

The real thing that I learned from this course is: a course that wants to teach you a library is a scam, go google it yourself.

創建者 Steven P


T​his course is uterly confusing. The Jupyter environment isn't explained clearly. Installation instruction videos leave out steps and don't work. Some videos show only the instructor with no on-screen view of what he is doing, leaving me baffled as to what he is talking about.

T​he first assignment isn't clear. I don't even know what I'm doing with the Jupyter notebook yet and I come to an assignment that lacks clear instructions.

T​he other classes in the specialization I'm trying to complete were superb. This course is the opposite. Total lack of clarity and impossible to finish. A waste of time to try due to errors in the instructions videos. Please take this class out of the specialization or refund my money.

V​ery dissapointed in UM for putting this course into the specialization, blocking me from obtaining the certificate.

創建者 Johan A B A


i only give a review if the course was perfect or a total waste of time, in this case it was a total waste of my time, there was little information about the projects, the first week was basically intro to photoshop and the videos were toooooooooooooo basic that it feels the same if you skip all of the videos and do the final project by yourself, the past 4 courses in the especialization were very good and provide very good material, but this is not the case, there are like 4/5 notebooks and 3/4 videos per week that just confuse you more, if you did the previus 4 courses just stay there, be happy and find another course about image processing or find a project on google that probably would be free and better explained than this piece of ****.

創建者 Trevor M


I would give it zero stars if I could. There is no instruction or guidance in this course. If I wanted to do an open ended project on my own, I would, but I might choose a topic I have a greater interest in. The teaching assistant doesn't answer any questions, just complains that students are posting on the forums about the peer review. Professor Brooks doesn't go into even a single detail about any of the libraries you will be using, just keeps typing the help command over and over. What a waste of time and what a disappointment after the first four courses in this specialization were so good.

創建者 Katherine


I'm not one to leave bad reviews but I have to for this one. I took this course as part of the 5-course Python 3 Programming specialization, passed all 4 and was completely stumped with this course. I understand the idea was to get real life experience in learning the different libraries on your own but the instructors could have provided more guidance for this. This course and the instructor completely deviated from the previous 4. Trying to get help on the discussion boards was also poor. The course moderator at the time was slow to respond and any responses sounded very unsympathetic.

創建者 Christopher B


1 star - because there's not the option for zero stars.

The first 4 courses of the specialization where good, pretty basic, but well presented and facilitated.

This fifth and final course is terrible - truly - the worst course I've done on Coursera and I've completed many. Save yourself the time and frustration. That "computer scientists" published material in this state is shameful.

If you do go ahead and start this course you can expect to waste hours waiting for slow, long running processes to finish.

You've been warned!

創建者 Enrique G


Absolutely not worthy; a waste of time.

I completed the previous 4 courses, and found a ridiculous gap when started this one. I understand they try to get you ready for a real world problem solving situation but unfortunately this is not the way.

The instructor bad teaching, chaotic videos, messy structure, awful reviewing process... made me feel overwhelmed. As for other learners, I noticed the impoliteness in the staff replies.

Honestly I believe Coursera should remove this course from the catalogue.

創建者 Steve R


T​his 'capstone' course is pedagogically unrelated to the first 4 courses in the specialization, sharing only the programming language in common. The first 4 courses are useful and I learned a lot from them; the capstone is not useful and I did not. The capstone feels more like a grafted on mistake rather than a culminating experience that 'brings it all together'. I would recommend looking elsewhere for python educational opportunities.

創建者 Kevin S


I had a hard time following all the Week 1 instructions to get my machine set up with all the appropriate software, packages, and example files/notebooks. After really getting stuck and reviewing the Discussion Forums, it became very clear to me that this course is not complete yet. I'm dropping out, as I don't want to spend weeks trying to decipher the path forward and waiting for support while getting charged $50/month.

創建者 Joseph T


This class is an absolute disaster. Do not take this class if you can avoid it. The lectures do not provide the proper material for the assignments. You will need to teach yourself hours of material to be able to properly complete the assignments. This class has no place in the Python 3 specialization and it's a shame students are required to trudge through this to complete the specialization.

創建者 Uwe J


This last course of 'Python 3 Specialisation' is very different and the quality doesn't match the other 4 courses. In this one are plenty of faults, some not solved for long time (according to the comments in the discussions). If I would experience this quality in the beginning of a training, I would immidatly cancel the assignment.

創建者 Ryan B G


I'm glad that I persevered and slugged my way through this capstone project, but Christopher Brooks is a horrible teacher. This final course in the 5-course specialization was such a let down and was so poorly prepared and poorly taught compared to the excellent first four courses taught by Paul Resnick and Steve Oney.

創建者 Nikita Z


This course is just very bad. The assessments are very complicated. I would recommend the authors of this course take four other courses in this specialization just to estimate the level of knowledge of learners and to get an idea of what they already know and what they are capable of doing.

創建者 Eduardo d S M


Such a disappointment, the course is more about diving deeply into the favorite subjects of the professor, like imaging processing and color regulations, and almost nothing in terms of real logic and python programming.

This should be a different course on that subject, not a Python course.

創建者 Francisco A F A


Charles Severance = Fail X -----> Not Good

Good Content, however poor explanations, few exercises, no time to practice, few examples... You meet the 1st assignment and booom !! You're not prepared.

Steve Oney & Paul Resnick == GODS -----> They should teach all of Michigan's courses

創建者 modupe k


The training seemed to have no bearing with the other courses in the Python 3 specialization. The lectures were not structured, not to mention the projects that were extremely difficult, in comparison to the lectures provided. It totally dampened my enthusiasm for the certification.

創建者 Gina P


This course is a big disappointment after the first four courses in the specialization. The instructions are terrible! i couldn't even get far enough into it (couldn't get software downloaded) to start learning the actual concepts.

創建者 Shannon C


there are some good, challenging projects, but there are also some major very frustrating problems that almost caused me to quit. They have had plenty of time to fix these issue and have decided not to. Not worth it

創建者 Claire B


I would give Zero stars. This course has no links to the rest of the specialization, has no teaching, and the instructions are either inadequate or wrong. Don't waste your time or money on this last one.