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This course will show how one can treat the Internet as a source of data. We will scrape, parse, and read web data as well as access data using web APIs. We will work with HTML, XML, and JSON data formats in Python. This course will cover Chapters 11-13 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. To succeed in this course, you should be familiar with the material covered in Chapters 1-10 of the textbook and the first two courses in this specialization. These topics include variables and expressions, conditional execution (loops, branching, and try/except), functions, Python data structures (strings, lists, dictionaries, and tuples), and manipulating files. This course covers Python 3....
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Jun 19, 2020

This course was really interesting and did a good job introducing complicated topics in usefully simplified form. It was a pleasure to listen to the instructor and I got everything I wanted out of it.


Jun 07, 2019

Getting a bit more challenging than the earlier courses in the specialization. The exercises require more struggle, but all the information is there. Another step along the way. Thank you, Dr. Chuck!


5376 - 使用 Python 访问网络数据 的 5400 個評論(共 6,565 個)

創建者 Tarek L

May 27, 2020

This course is a nice way for those who are tech averse to get their feet wet into the complex jargon of web. It is a way for those of us mortals to get a peek under the hood of the internet and get a global understanding of the major inner workings of the web applications.

創建者 Nowshin T

Sep 02, 2020

I am rating it 4 star because while it had been an awesome course, it didn't really dive into the depths of things. All things were basic. But, wow! what a way to learn those basic things!! Had it been possible, I would've rated it 4.5~4.6 (but that's not possible so... :)

創建者 Bernhard K

Nov 16, 2015

I thought this one was better than the first (two) part(s). Short, self-paced, to the point. Easy to follow and implement. Highly recommend this one. (All I wanted is actually the JSON part, but I got so much more.)

Quizzes and assignments could be an itch more challenging.

創建者 Brian K

Jul 18, 2017

learned a lot. Good course, fast paced. Was not able to learn how to access Oauth credentials for Twitter. Online support for this was not helpful, but it ended up that this was not needed for any exercises. Still, I wish I was able to learn the Python Oauth process.

創建者 Florian T

Oct 19, 2020

In total the course was nice and I learned a lot.The lectures were quiet challenging, especially the XML chapter. I'd like to have a bit more input for this part and the assignments, as it's more complex than JSON. But as always good explanation, videos and assignments.

創建者 Raj K

Jul 18, 2020

Being an amateur in programming languages, learning about HTML, XML seemed a big deal to me. Dr Chuck was an excellent teacher in breaking down the concept to the basic and explaining it in the easiest way possible. Learned a lot from the course. Thank you, Professor.

創建者 rubenj

Apr 24, 2019

This is one of the best courses i ever attended, dr.chuck is very very thorough on the basics, and thats where the strength is. I love this, and recommend to anyone and everyone who wants to know about, python and web-data, JSON, API's and all the interesting stuff.

創建者 Kat H

Feb 25, 2017

I felt a big jump in the learning curve once we reached XML and JSON. I could complete the assignments because all I had to do was make small changes to code provided, but I don't feel like I've even close to understood yet! Will keep re-reading the book chapters...

創建者 Ben T

Jul 27, 2017

The assignments are too easy in my opinion and don't require some thinking, but just some pure copy/pasting or repeating of already seen examples. I think that's something that could be improved because the content of the class and the lectures are actually great.

創建者 Kumiko K

May 26, 2016

This course has helped me learn the basics of regular expression and how to parse html, xml, and json data with simple exercises. After completing the course, I feel ready to apply what I learned to do more complicated tasks with the associated python libraries.

創建者 Murray B

Oct 17, 2017

Nice course and very clear and concise like the other courses in this series. As a mechanical engineer I'm not sure what use I would ever have to use this type of data processing but I imagine it could be useful for someone more specialised in web applications.

創建者 Varun N

Feb 07, 2016

I have really liked the course and the way it has been presented. Although the course doesn't go into too much depth, it still gives a solid introduction to web data parsing and the available tools for the same. I strongly recommend this as a beginner's course.

創建者 Cathy C d D C

Dec 15, 2018

This course was really hard for me. I did not enjoy the semantics of the final assignments. I found it more troubling than the assignment itself. Would you please state the assignments in plain English? Sometimes I did not understand what you were asking.

創建者 Фесенко Г Е

Sep 03, 2017

Everything is extremely understandable, sometimes even too much, but the main problem of this is its assignments. I'd like to do more on the material, covered in lectures. For exemple, there is a 30 minutes lecture on Twitter API and no assignment about it..

創建者 Arun K

Dec 07, 2015

It was a great course but I felt that the exercises could have been a bit more tough. If the exercises were challenging, then it would be a great way to learn the principle of Read-Search-Ask.

Thanks, Dr.Chuck. Looking forward to Databases with Python course.

創建者 Shafkat K S

Mar 10, 2020

I really liked this course. I have learned so many new things here. But the API access part was a bit rough for me. Because the video was not updated. I guess there could be a simple lecture how google changed their charging and how to access twitter's API.

創建者 7001 A

Sep 12, 2020


創建者 dhruv g

Jul 11, 2018

its a decent intro class but I felt It missed out on a couple of things. We used beautiful Soup to parse html, used etree for xml without exploring the overlap between them much. However the course has prepared me with the skills needed to start on my own!

創建者 Daelyn B

Jul 05, 2017

Overall it was quite an informative course, though some parts I was left stranded and had absolutely no idea how to continue with some assignments, hopefully when python 3 rolls out for this specialisation it will make it a bit easier to follow through!

創建者 Aadit A S

Mar 15, 2020

It was gr8 but i'd really like there was a guide for how to install modules like xml.etree.ElementTree etc. I was stuck cuz my program didn't work since i didn't have the module intalled...There are guides on youtube but very few are actually helpful.

創建者 Ang L

Jul 05, 2020

Week 5, the assigment sample coding has API included, which was not discussed at all in Week 5's lecture. The sample coding is very confusing. Please replace the Week 5's assigment coding sample with a more relevant and clear coding sample. Thanks!

創建者 Regulus R

Oct 30, 2019

I feel the second assignment on week 6 is too easy, it basically writes the whole thing already. Also the materials in week 6 are kind of too much and too fast. Maybe it is better to slow it down and have a more detailed explanation on everything.

創建者 Anindya B

Dec 01, 2018

This course is good but i think i need to have another course of the same topic to understand and grasp the subject more strongly! Overall experience was nice. i got early replies from the mentors when ever i asked for a doubt in discussion forum.

創建者 Santiago F M

Jul 09, 2017

So simple to practice and understand.Still, I think this course is valuable for programming in python.

P.D: Is a pity that can't access with honour code for all five courses of specialization, and subtitles of videos were not translated to spanish.

創建者 Tarak s

Jul 21, 2017

Thanks Dr. Chuck, but at some point during the course I feel we got a little less knowledge. So, 4 stars this time.

I'd prefer a book to learn more, and that's how it should be.

So, thanks again Sir for putting up such a great coursework.

Thumbs up!