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學生對 北方高等商学院 提供的 Python and Machine Learning for Asset Management 的評價和反饋

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94 條評論


This course will enable you mastering machine-learning approaches in the area of investment management. It has been designed by two thought leaders in their field, Lionel Martellini from EDHEC-Risk Institute and John Mulvey from Princeton University. Starting from the basics, they will help you build practical skills to understand data science so you can make the best portfolio decisions. The course will start with an introduction to the fundamentals of machine learning, followed by an in-depth discussion of the application of these techniques to portfolio management decisions, including the design of more robust factor models, the construction of portfolios with improved diversification benefits, and the implementation of more efficient risk management models. We have designed a 3-step learning process: first, we will introduce a meaningful investment problem and see how this problem can be addressed using statistical techniques. Then, we will see how this new insight from Machine learning can complete and improve the relevance of the analysis. You will have the opportunity to capitalize on videos and recommended readings to level up your financial expertise, and to use the quizzes and Jupiter notebooks to ensure grasp of concept. At the end of this course, you will master the various machine learning techniques in investment management....



The topics covered in this course are really interesting. I learned a great deal by studying various papers covered in this course - Thank you to both instructors!


Excellent course, very helpful for my research work


76 - Python and Machine Learning for Asset Management 的 94 個評論(共 94 個)

創建者 Henry W


Professor Lionel is astute and insightful like he was in the first two courses. However the Machine Learning part taught by the other instructor and his PhD students is very lackluster; lacking explanations in both concepts and technicalities. The lab sessions and notebooks are poorly presented, libraries of codes are thrown without good explanation. The quiz questions are not covered by the content of the course, yet they are can be trivially answered, therefore the quiz completely fail to challenge the learners' understanding. As much as I liked the first two courses, I am afraid I cannot recommend this third course.

This course needs a complete rehaul, and NOT be taught by the same machine learning lecturer. Also the labs should preferably be taught in a similar style to Vijay. The combination of Lionel's insight and Vijays thoroughness is just too perfect. Its a shame Vijay cannot teach the 3rd course.

創建者 Lucas F


The previous 2 modules were really good and I learnt a lot from both a theoretical and a practical point of view. Unfortunately, this was not the case on this one. There is significant room for improvement on both the structure and content of this module. A few issues:

The content is a bit confusing with a mix of what was taught on the previous two courses and new content. The quizzes are quite generic and don't cover the code given.

The intuition behind the statistical methods taught is just not there. You get the formulas but you wont really understand what is driving the methods. You don't get the economic intuition of the ML models applied to financial applications. I don't feel capable at all to use what was taught in outside applications.

Lab sessions lack quality and are not consistent with the previous two courses, unfortunately. A lot of space to improve here.

創建者 Tathagat K


This is one of the worst MOOCS I've ever seen. I did ML by Andrew Ng without much background in the subject and was still able to follow and assimilate everything.

This MOOC is all about the prof and the students just showing you a haphazard, mixed up preview of what they know. They don't know anything about teaching, anything about explaining, anything about documentation and anything about framing questions for the quiz. The quiz sounds like something under-graduate teaching assistants have prepared by just looking at the videos without even understanding them.

And this MOOC is a massive contrast from the ones conducted by Vijay where he explains line by line, how to code the ideas that he teaches.

I'm thoroughly disappointed by EDHEC and Princeton.

創建者 Hernan S L


A very bad course.

I have incorporated 0 concepts from the ML side regarding python application. The lab sessions are really because no formula is explained as Vijay did previously in MOOC 1 and 2. I am really disappointed with MOOC 3 because I had higher expecations...but when I started I realized that I was not a good course. All my critics are regarding the ML part of the course and his teacher and the lab sessions. There is no background explained and the professor just pastes huge formulas in the background with huge texts and it is impossible to follow. Also the grading system is a mess.

I will not recommend this course

創建者 Karim M N


Horrible !

Such a waste of time... the labs are neither explained or commented... one very important section doesn't even have a lab !

The instructor, John Mulvey, cannot explain in the lectures -- he isn't even consistent with his notation in the slides

The people who built this MOOC were very lazy, and not thorough...

Don't take this course, you will waste a lot of time scratching your head, trying to figure out what the instructors are saying -- I am not the only one who thinks so, everyone is complaining in the course discussion forums ..

創建者 SH H


Awful class. I have taken a few ML/DL lessons from Coursera and this is by far one of the worst presentation on ML. The videos are painful to watch, the content is incoherent, the quizzes are poorly constructed. Everything about this class is just substandard. If you are interested in ML in finance, just audit this class, and download the Jupyter notebook to see example code and key concepts. The videos are pure waste of time.

創建者 Andreas B


As much as I was impressed by the first two courses, this one has been a huge disappointment. The material is not taught in an accessible manner, there are literally not explanations of the python code and despite having completed the first two instalments, this one felt like a huge step-change in what is required. These are complex topics and it is key to explain them in a simple, comprehensible way, not in a complicated manner.

創建者 Rakesh P


I was really hopeful and looking forward to another great course after experiencing the first two MOOCs in this specialization. I have to say that between the extremely ambiguous questions in the videos as well as in the exams and the extreme lack of detail in explaining any of the code, I have never seen a more disappointing course.

創建者 Steve B


Unfortunately this course felt like a beta / first version especially when compared to the first 2 courses in the specialization. The quizzes are particularly frustrating and the Labs could be better integrated with the theoretical material.

I would still strongly recommend the specialization.

創建者 Lu M


very hard to follow the lab. The material is soooo jumpy logically. It start with intro python in the first slide and jump to complicated functions in the later slides. It never walk novices through the steps.

創建者 Chan C


Disappointed with the quality of this course. No depth in using Machine Learning for Asset Management. Lesson and lab sessions are poorly put together. No quality control. Waste of time and money.

創建者 Chen Z


Very bad course for machine learning application part. Feel like I've learned nothing. The lab session has no explanation for the details of ML techinques.

創建者 Mojtaba B


If you just want to hear some machine learning jargon, you'll find this course useful. But, don't expect to "learn" anything.

創建者 Michelangelo D


1) poor explanations, few examples, bad audio quality... I was about to give up because of this 3rd course...

創建者 Alessandro F


Worst course in the all specialization! Bad lectures, and absolutely bad grading system.

Very disappointed!



Quiz section is totally incoherent with lectures provided. Sorry!!

創建者 Денис П


Very bad. Previous 2 courses was amazing, but this is a strange.

創建者 Klaus M


This course is real true bull shit!



i didnt like it...