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學生對 密歇根大学 提供的 Python Functions, Files, and Dictionaries 的評價和反饋

4,706 個評分
748 條評論


This course introduces the dictionary data structure and user-defined functions. You’ll learn about local and global variables, optional and keyword parameter-passing, named functions and lambda expressions. You’ll also learn about Python’s sorted function and how to control the order in which it sorts by passing in another function as an input. For your final project, you’ll read in simulated social media data from a file, compute sentiment scores, and write out .csv files. It covers chapters 10-16 of the textbook “Fundamentals of Python Programming,” which is the accompanying text (optional and free) for this course. The course is well-suited for you if you have already taken the "Python Basics" course and want to gain further fundamental knowledge of the Python language. Together, both courses are geared towards newcomers to Python programming, those who need a refresher on Python basics, or those who may have had some exposure to Python programming but want a more in-depth exposition and vocabulary for describing and reasoning about programs. This is a follow-up to the "Python Basics" course (course 1 of the Python 3 Programming Specialization), and it is the second of five courses in the specialization....




Good course, had a great hands on practice with the Runestone Notebook Environment.\n\nAppreciate the efforts of the instructors and whoever has designed in making the course and helped delivering it.



It's amazing learn for beginner .A wonderful learning resource and very simple way explains everything . Excellent lessons ,check your understanding ,e-book ,practice, and quiz work and lot of thing


676 - Python Functions, Files, and Dictionaries 的 700 個評論(共 757 個)

創建者 Vikas S


The overall course was easier than the basics I, however, the final project made me think and understand to finish it in time. I deferred the course for a long time but it was all worth it in learning.

創建者 Cristian M P D


It is avery good course to take. Nevertheless, there are some things that I couldn't understand very well, like uses of the while loop. Maybe more exercises or another video would be useful.

創建者 Bavan M Y


no doubt this is the best course n Coursera , but you have to raise the difficulty level of the assessments so that we can execute the project even more faster without cracking our heads.

創建者 Wayne K


Very good course with excellent practice opportunities. The spaced repetition available in the digital textbook is a great way to reinforce understanding and the lecturers are top notch.

創建者 Ramu G


I had wonderful experience learning Python from Coursera. The chapters and practice questions are well organized. It helps to apply concepts and I feel confident to write code in python

創建者 nikith c s


Concept clarity provided by the amazing faculty is very good. The only areas of improvement would be in increasing the no of questions and also raising the difficulty of assessments.

創建者 Motti S


Great course. Loved the dad jokes. Good pace. I'd recommend a little bit of extra practice before the final project as it deals with material that may already have been forgotten.

創建者 Gabriel G


the project really only had to do with week 1 and some of 2. Week 5 exercise are a joke. Exactly identical to video. You do not get any opportunity to write code till the end.

創建者 Samanth N


This is where the real python programming begins. You learn more structures and methods which you will use in the future to help streamline your work environment.

創建者 Kin F


Good materials. Just that grading peer's assignments seems not so attractive. Not much one can learn from doing so. A simulated code review case will be more fun.

創建者 Mike A


Sort of a long and tedious course with a handful of confusing assignments. Otherwise, another good Python course from UMichigan that I would recommend to others.

創建者 Pankaj M N


It is a very useful well organized course...The interactive tool is really helpful in trying different things to clear the doubts & experimenting new things.

創建者 James D C


The course was excellent!! Some parts of the assessments seemed to be outside of the material presented, but it was exciting and inspirational!! Thank you!

創建者 Sai V


Peer graded assignments weren't clear had to struggle there a bit apart from that thing teaching is well and good

Happy Learning :)

創建者 Zahid A


The course is well designed and whatever I have learned from this course is more than what I learned from my college teacher.

創建者 Bharat B


Sometimes coding on roomstone bit of hassle, as it doesn't always give correct compiler error, so hard to debug at times.

創建者 Saurabh P


I enjoyed the course overall but project was difficult though and file handling tutorials need to be updated more

創建者 Нэля П


It's great, because it is detailed and gives deep understanding. But a little bit easy exercises.



Its a really good course with amazing teachers and i really enjoyed it a lot. Thank you so much.

創建者 Ahmed A


I've leaned many advanced techniques to manipulate data in csv and txt formats using Python.

創建者 Gautam M 1


the final assignment is not what the course teaches exactly, but still a really good course.

創建者 Abhishek J


very good course, i suggest to everyone try this course, you will get a lot from this course

創建者 Mohini B


I liked the course. It helped me to understand the concept of python programming language

創建者 Ricardo D


Overall -- good course. I know have a greater appreciation of the Dictionary algorithm.

創建者 Gerson R


The course materials are good, but would have preferred a more ambitious final project.