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Kickstart your learning of Python for data science, as well as programming in general, with this beginner-friendly introduction to Python. Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages, and there has never been greater demand for professionals with the ability to apply Python fundamentals to drive business solutions across industries. This course will take you from zero to programming in Python in a matter of hours—no prior programming experience necessary! You will learn Python fundamentals, including data structures and data analysis, complete hands-on exercises throughout the course modules, and create a final project to demonstrate your new skills. By the end of this course, you’ll feel comfortable creating basic programs, working with data, and solving real-world problems in Python. You’ll gain a strong foundation for more advanced learning in the field, and develop skills to help advance your career. This course can be applied to multiple Specialization or Professional Certificate programs. Completing this course will count towards your learning in any of the following programs: IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Applied Data Science Specialization IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Upon completion of any of the above programs, in addition to earning a Specialization completion certificate from Coursera, you’ll also receive a digital badge from IBM recognizing your expertise in the field....




The syllabus of the course takes you in a roller-coaster ride.

From basic level to advance level and you won't feel any trouble nor hesitate a bit.

It's easy, it's vast, and it's really usefull.



it becomes easier wand clearer when one gets to complete the assignments as to how to utilize what has been learned. Practical work is a great way to learn, which was a fundamental part of the course.


201 - Python for Data Science, AI & Development 的 225 個評論(共 4,708 個)

創建者 Craig S M


This course is a useful tool to start with the basics of python. It goes off the rails for the last week though.

創建者 Devansh M


Very Limited topics covered and difficult for new learners to understand concepts. Course lacked examples.

創建者 Mateus F


Really basic course.

In my opinion it should have more programming assignments and they should be harder.

創建者 Karel H


The final exam had nothing to do with the course at all. Very poorly thought out.

創建者 Divya m


very basic .could be little advanced

創建者 Hani H


It's funny how the last thing we learned about is beautiful soup, because that's exactly how I would describe the course , except for the beautiful part. It's ugly.

First of all the course lacks organization. You learn how to import CSVs in the begining of week four, and how to import JSON files at the end of week 5. Wouldnt it make more sense if the two topics were covered together? and no I did not need to know what a JSON file is before learning how to import it. It's enough to teach me how its structured.

And this philosophy is carried all over the course. It seems like IBM is confusing the forest for the trees. The module working with webscrapping had two vidoes explaining the communication between client and resource, and two other videos on web scrapping itself. IBM, listen to me, teach me practical skills, I can use beatuful soup without understanding how it works under the hood. Spend that time on things that actually matters.

Okay fine, the course is a mess, but did I learn something useful? yes, but that's thanks to the many tutorials I read/watched on other websites. This course jumps from covering the absolute basics to flashing an advanced concepts and moving on. For example, we learned how to create a simple dataframes, but grouping and aggregation, the stuff that actually matters, was only flashed on the screen for 5 seconds in a video on APIs. How am I supposed to do analysis without learning about aggregation? Well thanks to youtube I can. If this course is useful for anything its to point you to the right direction. Self study is essential.

The lab sessions are borderline useless, 90% of the exercises are super basic and were covered in the lectures, but are these any example datasets to work on? is there a multi step analysis to complete? are there any problems that go beyond creating a smile 1 line of code? not really. That's up to you to do on your own.

I'm comparing this course with the Google Analytics module on R, the difference is night and day. This is simply a low effort attempt. I expected better.

創建者 Nicole C


In general, the material is well presented in this course. If you already know Python programming, probably most notions and examples will seem trivial. The labs are really important to gain a deep understanding of the course material. But you won't get to actually write your own code with a very few exceptions (e.g. the urn problem). The multiple choice graded questions most of the time aren't multiple, aren't randomized (thing peculiar for instructors to omit, in an allegedly data science course), are trivial and don't get deep on the programming aspect. The instructors are almost absent with minimal presence in the forums & discussions. Last week's graded assignment is about compiling an already existing code in the jupyter notebook and you will waste a considerable amount of time trying to submit your work via IBM's cloud rather than actually working on the code itself or on understanding the underlying notions and concepts. In summary, this course certainly has a potential and can be improved on various levels (instructors availability, problem solving, etc.), but if you already know programming I believe this course will be of little to no use for you, except if you want to spend some time and money during lockdowns. If you do not, you will probably get a grasp of the basics of Python programming but, in any case, do not expect to improve your problem solving skills. Nevertheless, if you combine this course with a personal involvement in solving programming problems via Python it will could be beneficial, however I am not sure if it's worth the money.

創建者 John G


I am a beginner in Python. This course covered a lot and I understand a lot more now. However, there were always steps and explanations missing. The labs were basically clear until some of the practice exercises which required a lot of things that were not included in the course. The labs in general, however, were very useful.

As many people wrote, there were so many mistakes in spelling and sometimes even in the code. Shame on IBM for not having someone proofread! Furthermore, this robotic woman never stops and never intonates when something changes on the slides. Presentations were so poor. Were they given to a student as homework to create? I don't have anything against Indians, but did the course really need to be outsourced to India to be created? I am sure that if IBM had run this course with its employees as a trial group, it never would have been released as it is. I'm sure that IBM would not offer this course to its employees. In any case, I am happy that I went through it, but am looking for other courses/resources to actually understand Python.

創建者 Matteo D M


T​he course is not well structured for its intent. They condensed so many arguments that at the end I have the impression not being able to do at least half of the arguments I studied. The big problem is the gap between the code showed in videos and the one proposed inside LAB. Starting from week 2 we are going to face so complex code that you waist a lot of tyme trying at least to understand it. Being a paying subscriber I expected much more. Just for curiosity I found out on internet the DataCamp site and I ended to subscribe also their courses. I want IBM certification, but I'll use DataCamp Courses to better understand the arguments faced on Coursera. My suggestion for Coursera and for the ones created this course is to review entirely its structure and provide better examples and use of code inside lab notebooks. Anybody is able to click the "run" button to see the output the code, writing code is a different thing and it requires going throug steps and not jups frome too easy to impossible.

創建者 Thierry C


Let's be honest, no one without any experience of programming is going to be an expert by the end of this course. I have learned a lot, yes, but I am far to be a Python programmer even less specialized in Data Science at the end of this. The lessons are very basics with a consistent frustrating exercise at the end of each and every lesson: for some reason, the author assumes that you already know how to program with Python, so the exercise is about something which never ever was even mentioned during the lesson. Some lab exercises are largely outdated as mentioned in one of them: "This lab describes the current version of Language Translator, 2018-05-01" in March 2021... Now, the final assignment was actually the most interesting part of the whole course as data science was actually involved with interesting data even though there was still that frustrating question about something never spoken during the course: finding a value greater than the other in a column.

創建者 Dunya A


Some of the code doesn't work, is wrong and outdated! so spent too long trying to unpick why e.g. !wget

The labs are not good for practicing its often a repeat of the material in the video - you need to build some exercises into this to help students write the code than be spoonfed in places.

Some of the code e.g. where you're importing a library. doesnt have a comment - this is bad practice, so without googling it no idea what it's doing.

The quizz embedding in the video is just annoying especially that they are the same questions at the end.

Can no longer sign up for free to IBM cloud account and the instuctions from 2020 when this was possible. you now need a credit card to do this where you get a limited time on the trial. UPDATE YOUR COURSE!! Do not use this as an oppertunity to sell me IBM products i already pay for this course - have discounts or something for paying students!

Waste of time and energy!

創建者 Divya G


This was the most disappointing of all the courses I've taken on Coursera so far. The learning curve has not been well-defined, it's riddled with errors and forum posts are met with standard replies (if at all) without ever correcting any errors or updating the course material.

Forum posts dating back to months ago can be found with the same errors that still exist today.

Rarely do the people replying to our complaints ever admit to the errors and in some cases, posts go unnoticed for over two weeks.

Thankfully, this wasn't my first exposure to Python. I shudder to think what someone who isn't well-versed with debugging or online documentation would go through.

I'm sorry I've had to use such harsh criticism to make my voice heard, but please, fix this course.

No doubt your burden is a heavy one and you do a great job in many ways, but this one just fell short.

創建者 Anthony V


In my opinion, this course goes all over the place. The video lessons are thrown at you too fast, it's hard to grasp anything really, It's not well structured at all..

I was fortunate enough to have some basic Python knowledge before this, so I could get a thing or two.

The final assignment should be greatly rethought, even scrapped for something that actually lets people put their lessons to good use. The last two weeks are spent on methods and some basic data analysis functions, which is good and all of a sudden we are tasked with making faks album covers...

A good improvement would be to create an assignment which lets people practice a lot of things shown in the course, not copy pasting some code and rewriting a function...

創建者 Deanna B


Disappointed. I started off enjoying this course and was taking the time to fully understand all the concepts of Python. By the second week, JupyterLab was not working and for 3 days I was trying to connect to it, to do my labs. Although I was continuing on the course work, not being able to do the labs was keeping me behind. Others in the discussion forum were concerned about the same issue but I do feel at this stage that someone should be able to notify the group of these issues instead of people wasting time trying to log onto something that has a technical problem. I eventually unsubscribed from my certification as this was not an efficient way for me to study, and was using up too much wasted time!

創建者 Vasily A


The course is a brief whizz through Python and could be good on its own as a refresher for those who already know the basics of Python, however it is the final assessment that spoils the course - this assessment was probably written by different people who did not see the course itself. It does not test your Python skills, but rather your ability to set up IBM Watson Studio and IBM Cloud Object Storage, which is a pretty fiddly service for the uninitiated. Did I learn anything useful from this assessment? Probably not. There are far better Python courses out there, e.g. check out the one from the Higher School of Economics.

創建者 Joanne C


Though I do feel like I learned some things from this course, I was not very happy with the way the material was presented. The first half of the labs were great, but the second half was way beyond what was being taught in this course and difficult to follow. I ended up skipping those sections and still did well on the quizzes. I think those portions need to be removed. There were also a few quizzes with answer errors. It took several times of answering the same thing for it to accept it as the correct answer. If I had it to do over again, I would learn Python somewhere else.

創建者 Shaked E


the course was extremely fast paced and skipped over a lot of basics. It felt like there was a lot of information thrown at you and not a lot of practice or review for it to settle in your brain. I typically enjoy fast- paced courses and have a little background when it comes to programing, but I still could not figure out a lot of what was going on. Also, in most of the classes we got an explanation of how to use the basics but then were faced with a code that parts of it were not explained, and therefore we could never do all that we were taught by ourselves.

創建者 Taz P


Maybe it's a good introductory course for Python, however, I got an impression that the authors gave up three quarters into the course. The labs become more of a reading material rather than a place where you can practice a hands-on approach. The final assessment - omg, I fail to see any relevance between the course material and what is expected in the final assignment! The only lesson I have learnt from it is that I shouldn't trust online courses to learn a subject.

I would not recommend this course to other people.

創建者 Emma M


This is described as a beginner's course in Python. In the labs, the examples you are given are basic and easy-to-follow examples that DO make sense. However, then, in the activities, they give you wildly more difficult tasks are nearly impossible to create on your own without looking at the solution while writing the activity's code.

If you would like to have a basic course on Python that will actually train you on how to use it and be more of a staggering difficultly level, I would recommend NOT taking this course.

創建者 Alessio B


The Coursera's curse hits again. I can't recall an entire specialization in which, at some point, I didn't feel completely lost. In this instance it took 4 courses. I don't know what happened in the 4th week but personally I would have spread the content into 2-3 more weeks, with way more practical exercises and examples.

The final project more or less comes out of nowhere, there is definetely not enough material to face the 4th question (unless you had previous experience with Python).

創建者 Elizabeth S


This course is a good base, but is really in need of an overhaul. The fundamental pieces are there, but the material is riddled with typos, expectations of reading tutorials that don't exist anymore, and incomplete instructions that leave you in the dark. I wish they would not skip over concepts as they are introduced, but instead give even a short blurb about what it is so that we get used to seeing the more complicated code that is "skipped over".

創建者 Filip C


I'll start with saying that whoever designed this course knows nothing about how to educate people. Have you tried going though it? The video lectures are read by a voice that sounds like a robot. Also, majority of things taught here have zero context on how we can use them to solve actual data problems. The final exam is a joke, not because the course is good, but because it's objectively speaking easy. Overall, an educational disaster.

創建者 Kate P


Are there other training videos or literature on Python? The videos are very hard to follow and the narrator speaks too quickly especially for a novice. The videos are badly edited and this make the learning experience even harder.

More working examples to keep practising would be more helpful. The Labs are also unreliable and are often inaccessible. I am disappointed so far.

創建者 Amr M A E


The first three corses in this professional certificate were very good and was taking me step by step. But in this course, everything is just running and jumping steps. The videos, quizzes, and the first part of labs are in a level, and the final assesment in the end of each lab is in a whole other level especiall in week 3 and 4.

創建者 Stephen P


I guess this course is currently being updated and transitioned to a new course, but the labs include material that is never covered in the videos, there is a steep increase in difficulty, and the course is NOT a "beginner-friendly, no experience required" introduction to Python as advertised. This course needs a major overhaul.