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學生對 IBM 技能网络 提供的 Python for Data Science, AI & Development 的評價和反饋

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Kickstart your learning of Python for data science, as well as programming in general, with this beginner-friendly introduction to Python. Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages, and there has never been greater demand for professionals with the ability to apply Python fundamentals to drive business solutions across industries. This course will take you from zero to programming in Python in a matter of hours—no prior programming experience necessary! You will learn Python fundamentals, including data structures and data analysis, complete hands-on exercises throughout the course modules, and create a final project to demonstrate your new skills. By the end of this course, you’ll feel comfortable creating basic programs, working with data, and solving real-world problems in Python. You’ll gain a strong foundation for more advanced learning in the field, and develop skills to help advance your career. This course can be applied to multiple Specialization or Professional Certificate programs. Completing this course will count towards your learning in any of the following programs: IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Applied Data Science Specialization IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Upon completion of any of the above programs, in addition to earning a Specialization completion certificate from Coursera, you’ll also receive a digital badge from IBM recognizing your expertise in the field....




it becomes easier wand clearer when one gets to complete the assignments as to how to utilize what has been learned. Practical work is a great way to learn, which was a fundamental part of the course.



The syllabus of the course takes you in a roller-coaster ride.

From basic level to advance level and you won't feel any trouble nor hesitate a bit.

It's easy, it's vast, and it's really usefull.


4551 - Python for Data Science, AI & Development 的 4575 個評論(共 4,715 個)

創建者 Abhinav V


Explanation not satisfactory

Animations are very bad

創建者 Lukas H


I would expect something like it is on Codeacademy

創建者 Ashish D


Only worth an introductory course.

Better avoided.

創建者 Ritayan G


Good for basics. I was expecting something else.



There is no deep contents for AI in this course.

創建者 Rudy S


Lots of typos in labs, which are not graded.

創建者 Larry P


so fast for a beginner to understand

創建者 Michel R


Exercise a little bit disappointing

創建者 Abdulrahman N


many htings are not understandable

創建者 Jasper F


the lab is not clear and missing

創建者 Davide B


to many time spent on IBM Watson

創建者 Diego O P


Too fast, too vague, too broad.



Very confusing final assignment

創建者 Robin Y


Python coding was very less.

創建者 Sree S R K


V​ery less content.No depth

創建者 Saumya J


Not very user friendly

創建者 Mariano J C


poor instructing

創建者 prattya d


robotic teaching

創建者 Yuhuan Z


Too simple

創建者 Kevin F


Very basic

創建者 Sparsh b



創建者 Yuanjia Y


too easy

創建者 Samad R






創建者 Milorad P


The Problem with this course is that is neck tied with IBM Cloud Service. And,  IBM Cloud is horrible. You will get strangled and will not be able to finish the Course.

---more details--- It will allow you to create a user account with But will fail to create an IBM Cloud Account with Services. Error message during creation.

OK, being a persistent and waisting handful of emails you will eventually succeed once and will waste code on it. In that manner, I  was able to finish “Python for Data Science, AI & Development”, but get finally nailed down and halted for the last 4 weeks on “Tools for Data Science”.

Reason being: locked out of account. Can’t even get on IBM Help desk sends automated generic responses which don’t have anything with the problem. The creation of more additional IBM Cloud accounts has been proven futile as course code is one time only and IBM cloud service creation will result in an error.

After weeks of trying to get somebody over there at the IBM help desk to tick the box “unlock”, and not getting it, I’m forced to retire from this “Data Science Fundamentals with Python and SQL” course. I will complete this section “Tools for Data Science” using Github sharing of Jupyter Notebook, as some suggested, but other sections in “Data Science Fundamentals with Python and SQL” cannot go on without access to IBM Cloud Services. Since I have paid for this certificate, I will ask for a full refund as the course owner is blocking the completion of the course, by locking services out. Possible solutions for future encounters with the same problem: 1. Avoid the potential creation of a problem in the first place. This means, detaching the course from IBM Cloud Services and don’t create dependencies on unreliable third party services.

2. Make sure that a third party is doing the job properly if you must use them. Get the IBM Help desk sorted in a manner that the user who is being locked out can get somebody to deal with him in a timly manner (in this case timely manner means hours, not weeks as it is now)

3. Sort it on your own by improvising temporary solutions. Get the Course creator to assign additional code for the course so the user can create new services and try again. Yes, the user will still loose all of his previous work, but at least he will be able to proceed with future tasks.

---likely outcomes---

1. Probably, no one will read this, as help desks and forums are not meant to improve quality and user support. They exist for l’art pour l’art cosmetics purposes. 2. If somebody eventually reads this, he will do nothing about it, as it is not in his wage bracket. 3. Course will remain with the same problems and completion percentage as it is. 4. People will ask for their money back and avoid you in future. ---unlikely outcome--- The solution will be provided.

Kind Regards