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學生對 南京大学 提供的 Data Processing Using Python 的評價和反饋

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This course (The English copy of "用Python玩转数据" <>) is mainly for non-computer majors. It starts with the basic syntax of Python, to how to acquire data in Python locally and from network, to how to present data, then to how to conduct basic and advanced statistic analysis and visualization of data, and finally to how to design a simple GUI to present and process data, advancing level by level. This course, as a whole, based on Finance data and through the establishment of popular cases one after another, enables learners to more vividly feel the simplicity, elegance, and robustness of Python. Also, it discusses the fast, convenient and efficient data processing capacity of Python in humanities and social sciences fields like literature, sociology and journalism and science and engineering fields like mathematics and biology, in addition to business fields. Similarly, it may also be flexibly applied into other fields. The course has been updated. Updates in the new version are : 1) the whole course has moved from Python 2.x to Python 3.x 2) Added manual webpage fetching and parsing. Web API is also added. 3) Improve the content order and enrich details of some content especially for some practice projects. Note: videos are in Chinese (Simplified) with English subtitles. All other materials are in English....




The course provides an insight into the basic structure of Python. It will help you in navigating the areas where Python is robust and effective.



It's a basic Python lesson, but providing some data analysis and GUI concepts, which needs you to explore after this class or in the future.


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I have read other reviews complaining about how it is not in English and a few things should be kept in context. This is free! And, this is free!

The main lectures are in Chinese; however, there are English subtitles for most videos (not all). But, all slides used in the lectures are provided in English. I​ do not speak Chinese but still managed to follow along after realizing that I should familiarize myself with the downloaded pdfs, and set up the example code, before watching each video.

If you can get past the language barrier (for example, the quizzes and descriptions of assignments can be a little confusing due to errors in translation) i think the material is good because all of the programming is in English.

The only thing that would make this a five in my opinion, even if I spoke Chinese, was that the web links for data scraping and collection were not updated so the code did not run and therefore could not be followed along in the lectures. The scraping/collecting component was of the most interest to me, so a little disappointing because I thought most of the other series were well done, especially for it being a free course.

You will get in return whatever effort and time you are willing to put in to this.

創建者 Rene W


In sum I liked the course, because the material was presented in detail. The professor mentioned many little things, which are often overlooked or simply not mentioned in similar courses. Furthermore, I liked the stocks examples. Unfortunately, a large part of the presented stock code is broken, because of a recent breaking change of Yahoo Finance's API. Some questions in the quizzes are, in my opinion, not easy to understand, I guess because of an errorneous translation from the Chinese language.

創建者 Kwasi A O


Great course with detailed and well-explained concepts. Sufficient examples. If taken in English, reading subtitles can be a bit tough. Also Chapter 4 is very loaded and will be good if split into two chapters. On the whole, a very great course

創建者 Thomas B


Well Done!

It was my first mooc in Chinese, content was interesting, and example were useful (I liked the exemples with the dow jones).

As I tried to follow using Python 3.6, I had difficulties with GUI compatibility and some evolution in SciPy

創建者 Theodor B


A good course. One thing making it very very inconvenient to study - videos (both slides and audio) are not in English, so you have to read subtitles and look at English slides in a different window. That's the reason for 4 stars.

創建者 Сейтбатталов Ж Е


The course is very interesting and good, but very short and not detailed, especially 4-th week. There are a lot of real big data as a advantage of this course and bonus is learning GUI.

創建者 J G


It's actually too simple for me, but I think it's good for the beginners.

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創建者 Abdul L


Good Content. Audio should have been in english.

創建者 Ravikumar P


English audio might be good to followup easily

創建者 Soham B


The course is very gooduC

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創建者 Pablo V


Please be aware this course is completely in Chinese. If you are proficient in the language you can take full advantage of the course. Although there are translations to several languages available, it's really hard to keep the pace and fully get the whole information provided.

創建者 Johan v d B


There were some difficulties about the script and the subtitling.

Script not formatted, had to use the one on the webpage and "print" it out to pdf,

had to use English slides when looking at the Chines video's

Speaking was very fast.

創建者 Glen M


It should have an english based course for people who learn better listening to the instructor instead of just subtitles but overall seems to be knowledgeable.

創建者 Sree H M


Since the explanation is in chines language, it takes much time to complete the course

創建者 praveen k s


Please provide english audio it will be more helpful.

創建者 Laura R


I do not understand chinisee

創建者 freyja g


good, but not enough ..