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學生對 密歇根大学 提供的 Introduction to Data Science in Python 的評價和反饋

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This course will introduce the learner to the basics of the python programming environment, including fundamental python programming techniques such as lambdas, reading and manipulating csv files, and the numpy library. The course will introduce data manipulation and cleaning techniques using the popular python pandas data science library and introduce the abstraction of the Series and DataFrame as the central data structures for data analysis, along with tutorials on how to use functions such as groupby, merge, and pivot tables effectively. By the end of this course, students will be able to take tabular data, clean it, manipulate it, and run basic inferential statistical analyses. This course should be taken before any of the other Applied Data Science with Python courses: Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python, Applied Machine Learning in Python, Applied Text Mining in Python, Applied Social Network Analysis in Python....



The course had helped in understanding the concepts of NumPy and pandas. The assignments were so helpful to apply these concepts which provide an in-depth understanding of the Numpy as well as pandans


overall the good introductory course of python for data science but i feel it should have covered the basics in more details .specially for the ones who do not have any prior programming background .


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創建者 Gustavo W


Really good course BUT be prepared for a very fast pace of the lectures. I'd placed in the "advance beginner" or "intermediate low" level, therefore, you need to have previous knowledge of Python. As in College, lectures and assignments are somewhat related, but you will spend some additional time investigating by yourself to get the appropriate responses. Again, just like College where Lectures are level 2-3 but assignments are level 7-8 (out of 10).

創建者 Jianjun Z


The course is very good, but the assignment is a challenge for me. It took me a long time to finish my homework, but I learned a lot from it. Basically, the professor talked about the most important knowledge points, and the rest learned independently by extensively searching for information. I have learned a lot, but I am a bit worried about whether to choose the next course. After all, the time I can allocate to my studies is not that sufficient.

創建者 Chirag R


The course was pretty exhaustive and I felt like I learnt everything that this course intended to teach me. The assignments were pretty tough, given that I had no experience of Python before this, but that's down to me for not taking the "Python for Everyone" course, as recommended by our professor. A few more interactive and intermediate level problems could go a long way in making the course takers better skilled and equipped with Python.

創建者 Joshua T C X


This course is NOT for the those with zero experience in programming as it assumes some familiarity with concepts like object attributes, functions etc and requires you to spend some time reading up python/pandas documentation on your own. While I think that the professor could use simpler English to communicate more complicated concepts, overall it is a good course with good assignments that cover the key concepts required in data science.

創建者 Zhenwei Z


It's a great Course, covers a lot of stuff. It seems that the content allocation between lectures and homework is not well balanced. The lectures are quite short and fast, and the homework are heavy.

It would be great if the lectures can cover more details, especially the techniques that are used in homework. Also the if the homework can provide more instructions and descriptions and maybe some self-checking hints, it would be very helpful.

創建者 Shabeeh B S


Being a newbie to data science field and introduction to new libraries and logic this lab was indeed the most difficult that I have attended . To be honest I took more than the time required to complete the lab since I had to attend other classes on numpy and pandas distribution to get an baseline and now I still haven't perfected but have basic understanding but I believe I can put effort and bring out the best ! Thanks a lot Professor !

創建者 Eunjae J


Much harder than I thought. Very in-depth introductory learning of python.

Preferably better if you allow scripting in .py because notebook is rather heavy and hard to

debug while assignments..

Hope you cover a bit more in detail with language structure, as well as give hints for solving assignments, since many parts were pretty above course level.

I would say the assignments were hard even for an R practitioner learning python like myself.

創建者 Mukesh K


This is an excellent for those who want to learn python pandas. The course content is really good. The assignments are really helpful and they truly covers what is taught in the lectures. Had fun going through the video lectures and solving assignment. Though, in the last assignment 4, if a little bit of data description was added, it would have been good. Thanks for making the course and helping providing the content through Coursera.

創建者 Amlesh K Y


It was unbelievable experience with the introductory course being so knowledge based and field application based. I was expecting the course to be qualitative and it was indeed. You got to learn a lot each week and then got to apply and test your skills in the quiz and assignments. It was a wonderful experience for me and would encourage more data science enthusiasts to enroll this course. Thank You Coursera and Michigan University.



This is very helpful course, my skills horned after undergoing through this sessions. My expertise and style of using python for data analysis changed. Articles and group discussions about P-hacking made me to realize the pitfalls, I may enter once I get addicted to proving my hypothesis correct. I got an idea, what better I can understand; when data speaks.

I am waiting for next module of this course. Please start it as possible.

創建者 Tahlil T


Loved almost every bit about the course: the material, the learning pace, the instructor. One thing I would request is to update the python libraries in the assignment. In doing the assignments I came up with solutions which works on current library version but not for their old version. Had to explore old apis to complete those assignment which was kind of stressful especially for setting up the older python libraries locally.

創建者 Rounak P


This was a nice course even though I knew most of the stuff before hand lectures still had something new in store for me. However, I found the programming assignments challenging because even though the submission checked our solution if I got it wrong it was extremely difficult to pin down the mistake and the instructions itself couldn't through a light on my short-comings.

So I learned the hard way. It was a great experience.

創建者 Walter O


Overall I thought the level of the course was good. The programming assignments were complex and long enough that you had a good opportunity to re-inforce topics covered in the course. I already had a good bit of pandas experience so the course was helpful to re-inforce things I was already familiar with but hadn't been forced to try out. I think if you don't already have pandas experience the assignments might be tough.

創建者 Natanael W G M


This course helps me a lot in understanding the very basics of Python programming. Although I have been using the language quite a lot, sometimes I do not know that my codes are *far* from efficient, and I know now that it was due to my lack of basics (I hopped around online forums now and then, copying codes from here and there). From this course, I am now more confident in making my own code. Still lot to learn, though!

創建者 Ivan R


Immersive and challenging introduction to python/scipy libraries in just one month.

The thing I like the most:

Assignments make you think twice, they are challenging enough to make you investigate further on your own about a probable solution

What I disagree:

Time marked for each activity in course (specially programming assignmenent resolution) is non realistic, actually takes much more than 1..5 hrs to solve the assignment

創建者 GJ


Challenging course. Worth the time and effort I put in. Instructor and the material is excellent.

One suggested improvement could be the guidance for assignments could be tagged better. It takes a lot of searching before one can find the right material. Both Sophie Greene and Yusuf Ertas provide excellent support. But if the guidance or tips can be made easily disoverable, it would save a lot of time.

Highly recommend.

創建者 Paloma M


Very nice introduction to the pandas library, with special focus on practical exercises. It might be a bit difficult if you have little experience with python, but it is not impossible. In my case, I needed more time than expected to finish my assigments because of my lack of experience with the language. Still, the forums are usually very active and the Teaching Staff is very helpful, so I'm glad I took this course.

創建者 Alan J


Really awesome course. It is a kind of do it yourself course.The assignments are tough to crack. I think a little bit of programming experience is neccessary. The lectures themselves only give the basic knowledge. The assignments make you do research on the relevant topics. The autograder is pretty bad, it gives false negatives a lot of times, but that i believe is Coursera's drawback and they are working on it.

創建者 Beatriz I


This is a really good course if you are a beginner and want to learn Python. Assignments are not easy, but not impossible, and that is the best way to learn. After passing the course now I feel I need to stop and go over everything again to be able to make my code Pandorable, because right now I know it is not, it works, and I understand it, but I know it can be better. Thanks to the team for this great course!

創建者 Varun S T


A great course if you really want to build your knowledge and develop skills in respect to using pandas and numpy. The assignments are challenging to an extent and will make you dig deeper to find answers and ways to apply everything you learn during the week. A good example of a course where learning comes mostly from practicing what is taught rather than just watching videos and answering quiz questions.

創建者 Georgi S


Nice introduction to pandas. Lectures are short and give just a quick overview of the different sections while the main learning comes from the assignments which require more individual effort and self-learning. Material requires some basic prior knowledge of Python and/or experience in another programming language. Would definitely recommend this course to people interested in data analytics with Python.

創建者 Sean Z


Excellent course for data analysis in python, although the assignments are quite challenging and time consuming for beginners. During the course, I wish I could access to the correct codes after passing minimum score so that I could compare what I did with what common practices would be. We all code in different ways to achieve the same outcome, but it would be nice to know the most efficient ways/styles.

創建者 Nick P


One of the best Python/intro to data science courses online. The assignments were sufficiently challenging and realistic, and I certainly learned new skills by completing them. I also appreciated the links to the articles and podcasts that gave me new perspective on my work. Also, a big thanks to Sophie and the other moderators on the discussion board, as the existing discussions were incredibly helpful.

創建者 Soumyadeep P


I did not expect that this would be so fruitful in my career.I was just exploring this portion of technology.Now I am kind of emerged in it.Thanks to University Of Michigan and the respected professors for giving me this opportunity and Coursera for giving such a platform.Sometimes it becomes hard to access the resources and knowledge like this ,but coursera made it very easy now to get access of these.

創建者 Tanmay T M


Everything is taught from scratch, which makes this course very accessible- still requires effort, however will leave you with real problems,confidence and understanding of subjects covered.

It was very helpful and easy to learn.The quiz and programming assignments are well designed and very useful. Thank Prof. Christopher Brooks and Coursera and the ones who share their problems and ideas in the forum.