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This course is designed to teach you the foundations in order to write simple programs in Python using the most common structures. No previous exposure to programming is needed. By the end of this course, you'll understand the benefits of programming in IT roles; be able to write simple programs using Python; figure out how the building blocks of programming fit together; and combine all of this knowledge to solve a complex programming problem. We'll start off by diving into the basics of writing a computer program. Along the way, you’ll get hands-on experience with programming concepts through interactive exercises and real-world examples. You’ll quickly start to see how computers can perform a multitude of tasks — you just have to write code that tells them what to do....




An excellent course for those who want to boost their programming abilities on Python. It tackles diverse and challenging problems, for you to practice and round out every concept. Highly recommended!



This course was really helpful in developing my coding skills in python.The exercises helped me to test my knowledge .Overall it was a really good for people like me who are just beginning with python


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創建者 Carloz G


Great course! The python concepts and exercises are very helpful, challenging, and engaging. Even though it is technically "for beginners", the course does very little to walk you through getting set up and acquainted. I would recommend that individuals who take this course have at least a general understanding of the terminal and are ok with being pretty much on your own throughout the course. I disliked the fact that the there were no answers or explanations to the coding exercises and activities. I will preface my next comment by stating that this was not my first python course, so I felt comfortable troubleshooting my issues and did not use the discussion boards. For someone who is starting from step 0, the questions and exercises, which can be fairly difficult and tricky, might be a frustrating since there are no answers or examples to the questions. Overall, it was a great course and I learned a lot.

創建者 Mary K


I​'m not a beginner, but it seems to me that beginners would easily get lost. I seriously question using Jupyter notebooks for a "beginners" course, with no instruction on how to use it. Course did not teach best practices at all. One one video, I saw a code snippet with some boolean check errors (= vs ==. The code wasn't run but then it was 'let's see if our code works' in the next video and it did - it did show the code, corrected. Again, I think that could be disheartening and confusing for beginners.

A​lso there are references to 'up next' and 'as we saw before' that we never did see - clearly course content has been done-up but the videos have not been updated.

I​ can't get on board with the 'dont' worry about it, it will all work out' approach. A book would be much better - and so would downloadable resources with code for beginners to look at/read.

創建者 Patrick W


The course starts off well enough with plenty of practice questions that outline how you are proceeding. The problem arises in the later courses when you have to write your own code. If you get the code to work there is a generic "you did it" response but if the code doesn't work it just says that it didn't work and doesn't give you any helpful feedback. I know this is a recorded course but some situational feedback along the lines of "did you double check your syntax", or "the error that came up means something isn't defined.". This would go a long way to helping your learners better themselves without having to google every question for 30 minutes just to figure out what they did wrong on a practice question in the middle of a 3 minute video.

創建者 Gregg B


The course had great information. I think the course flow was a bit out of order where they did certain complicated tasks before taking on the simpler tasks. As an example, they talked about defining functions really early in the program when they hadn't even talked about all the data types yet. That said, if you are in the Information Technology career-field, they had fantastic examples of how Python can be used to improve your job performance. I recommend this course if you are an IT specialist, but if you aren't, there are better courses to learn python (I really liked University of Michigan, Python For Everybody).

創建者 Liban


The instructors are amazing to make that clear. My concern throughout the course was the compiler I write the quizzes and assignments. It wasn't very user-friendly as it sometimes get stack, sometimes the side bar malfunctions and I end up having a hard time moving through my code (zooming in and out). I tried moving to my iPad to use the Coursera app but it had a problem with the compilers as well, as it sometimes doesn't show the compiler for some quizzes/ assignments. I was using MacBook Air (2015)(safari browser) and iPad Air 2(coursera App). Apart from that It was a beneficial course and I am glad I took it :).

創建者 Karen F


I took another beginner level Python course on Coursera and got my cert, so I'm comparing between the two. The lecture for this course is rather easy to understand, but the way the questions for the quizzes and assignments were phrased were difficult for me to understand such that I didn't even really know what was I expected to do (I didn't have a problem for my other course). The examples given in the lectures were very simple, and compared to the requirements of the assignment and quizzes. There was no worked example/solutions for the more challenging questions, so it's difficult to learn from my mistake.

創建者 Diego S


Without a doubt what I least like about this course in general are it's exercises and problems. Most of them consist of completing or finishing writing an incomplete code.

Surely reading someone else's code isn't an easy task. Now add that you will be missing data, or that it will be incomplete, and even so you have to understand it and sometimes fix it.

I certainly do not think that this type of exercises is the best way to help the student understand, and much of the time they only confuse them.

Thats why I wouldn't recomend this course.

創建者 Joshua D


This course seemed didn't seem to be as beginner as it asserted at the begginning. The explanations of how and why the code worked were almost non-existant. Which is fine if the practice and tests questions closely mirrored the examples shown. It would be easier to figure it out. But they didn't. They would throw in things that I feel was not covered sufficently or at all beforehand. That being said, after I did another Python intro class that walked through things much better I found this course more enjoyable.

創建者 lee a


Several times I was stumped, not by a lack of understanding, but rather, by poorly functioning tools on this website. The most frustrating was on the final graded task. A tool for uploading a text file to a utility used for writing code was missing. It was necessary that I type it in and manually store it in a file. Even cut and paste wouldn't work. I don't mind a bit of typing. My complaint is that I am at the stage of following instructions and learning. I am not at the making it up as I go along stage.

創建者 David O


some of the material covered felt a little bit advanced and or didn't spend enough time on it. I know we can review the videos as much as we want/need to, but maybe having an optional worksheet with easy questions in the beginning and harder ones to the end, can help with practicing the concept before taking the quiz. There were some instances of questions that is designed to help, but I really do think we could benefit with a worksheet with easier questions first to get the concept easier.



This was my first Python course and I do not feel at all confident of my skills or knowledge after completing it. I was hoping to complete the related Google/Coursera certificate program which this course is the first class of. I do not feel confident in continuing the program and am now taking a different Python course on a different platform after which I will reevaluate and determine my next step. After this experience my next step will probably not be with Google or Coursera.

創建者 Catherine A


I finished the course March 3, 2020. At that time, it was very difficult to get expert help. The discussion forums have 27 moderators but only 2 had replied to any posts or gotten any upvotes. (Thank you, Sarang Kulkani and Chaitanya P. At least you tried.) The problem that I had with the last assignment has been known since January 30 and has still not been solved by Coursera. I found suggestions by other students and finally found one suggestion that helped me.

創建者 Tenaya A


While I did learn a lot from this course, I found myself looking to google to answer many questions or show better explained examples. I wish there was a better way to communicate 1 on 1 with a tutor/experienced coder. Also i wish we could have like a once a week video chat or something where we go over key points and brainstorm amongst each other. I do not feel like the discussion forums are very helpful and many of the answers are just given with no explanation.

創建者 Vinicius d M


The course guides us in a directive/objective way very fast, at a certain point, the tasks become really difficult and i needed to check for a lot of help and used other methods for interact with the language while listen and practice with teachers or means from other platforms. Although even felling that I do need to understand much more in-depth about programming and python its has to be a challenging process which put myself in front of my uncertainties

創建者 abdala m


The course is great and learned so much but it seems there is no much help when u encounter errors in the code. For example, I have been having a problem in the final project where I did everything but just can't fix an error from the code in the last cell( Error: image can't be converted in to float). I did posted this error almost all section of the discussion forum. Is is very frustrating when you can't get your certificate that you worked so hard.

創建者 Deba D B


The last assignment went really pathetic for me. Cause i didn't know how to use #jupyter notebook till then. Anyway, every quiz and assignment questions were really classy. It will be really helpful for those who are absolutely beginner in programming and thus in python. By the way , the OOP part were really confusing . Specially #Compostion and the last project with OOP in sixth week. That part should have been taught in a more elaborated way.

創建者 Shanthikumar M


Good startup course for Python, the quizzes and

assignments were easy and illustrated/ backed up the

instructor's concepts.

The project had a good

summary description but whenever I saw the

components of the project, I saw some

deviations/contradictions that led

me on a wild goose chase and made me post

numerous questions in the forum. There was no

availability from the instructor for assistance and she

couldn't be reached by email.

創建者 david t


I think this course is better suite for someone that has more experience with another coding language already. I feel that is was hard to get help on here and most responses were "refer to this example" instead of explaining where our mistakes are and what to try to correct it instead of just looking for the answer and then piecing it together. i also feel this course should have more practice involved using the concepts we learn.

創建者 Tymia T


If I didn't already know Python then I think I would have failed this course. It's not a good intro to Python AT ALL and the quizzes are really really hard for what they teach you. I'm very lucky to have self-taught before coming here. There are bugs in the Jupyter notebook lab which is insane because people pay money for this and it was IMPOSSIBLE to submit assignments at times. That is really discouraging.

創建者 Rohan


The videos, notes, and instructions in general were very good. The content was quite broad and the pacing was also good for a beginner, however I believe that fill in the blanks questions aren't necessarily the best way to learn programming, there was a surprising lack of starting things from scratch which was a bit disappointing as no one's gonna hold your hand when you're writing a script on your own

創建者 Utkrist


I really like the course and have learnt many things. I have one major issue with the course, that is : The problems we have during the video lectures don't have solutions. When I can't solve a problem, I want to be able to look at the solution and learn where I did wrong.

Please add a solution to the solved questions during the video lectures. As it would benefit all those who couldn't solve them.

創建者 Bryan G


Definitely recommend supplemental reading if you're new to programming. No Starch Press has some good books. They helped quite a bit with the programming quizzes. I definitely had a hard time with understanding what was expected. It seems that what was taught in the videos and what was created for the quizzes are not matched very well, as if two different people worked on this course separately.

創建者 Christian


The first two weeks of this course were very fun, and I was able to understand and follow every step with no problem. However, starting the third week all away to the last week it became very hard. In my opinion, it will be very difficult for anyone who is just a beginner in programming. There should be a bridge the can connect better topics from week two to topics provided in week three.

創建者 Eugen V


Final project isn't 100% clear on what to do with words with numbers in them. By "ignore" words with numbers. it was meant to remove the numbers from the words and still use the words, however with uninteresting words "ignore" meant to completely remove them and not count them. Poor wording led to frustration and extra time to actually complete a pretty simple project :(

創建者 ahmed m e a e


this course is great but im not gonna recommend it for an absolute beginner u need have a little background of programming because thing here are speeding up that u wont even notice it

and also there where a lot of math In the quizzes whish reduced my self confidence a little

overall the course is grate but u need to be patient and a little programming background