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Python Data Analysis, Rice University

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This course will continue the introduction to Python programming that started with Python Programming Essentials and Python Data Representations. We'll learn about reading, storing, and processing tabular data, which are common tasks. We will also teach you about CSV files and Python's support for reading and writing them. CSV files are a generic, plain text file format that allows you to exchange tabular data between different programs. These concepts and skills will help you to further extend your Python programming knowledge and allow you to process more complex data. By the end of the course, you will be comfortable working with tabular data in Python. This will extend your Python programming expertise, enabling you to write a wider range of scripts using Python. This course uses Python 3. While most Python programs continue to use Python 2, Python 3 is the future of the Python programming language. This course uses basic desktop Python development environments, allowing you to run Python programs directly on your computer....


創建者 JP

Aug 24, 2018

This is an excellent program. I have written most complicated and exciting Python programs, I have ever thought that I could write!

創建者 PD

Dec 27, 2017

Excellent course that covers a good balance of Python fundamentals and problem solving skills.\n\nHighly recommended.


36 個審閱

創建者 Moustafa Elsayed Elsayed Moustafa Mohamed Noufale

Dec 13, 2018

the assignments are not clearly illustrated to us. it is very difficult to understand what is required to be done . even it you code it, it is still hard to understand what is to be done.

創建者 Robert Lafferrandre

Nov 09, 2018

Very good online course!

創建者 Fil Gambatesa

Oct 26, 2018

The material is taught in a straightforward and easily accessible manner which can lull you into thinking that this is easy, but it is not. The final assignment and optional programming exercise in the last week will really force you to dig deep to put it all together. Everything you need is right there in the lecture notes you just have to be willing to listen. Great course.

創建者 Biao Yang

Oct 06, 2018

The reading and writing file csv file part is difficult, especially reading data into dictionary part.

創建者 Jingxiong Liu

Sep 13, 2018

Really good lecturing and real stuff learned!

創建者 Gabriel Fuentes

Aug 26, 2018

Really good stuff.

創建者 Jatinderpal Paneser

Aug 24, 2018

This is an excellent program. I have written most complicated and exciting Python programs, I have ever thought that I could write!

創建者 Felix Obere

Aug 23, 2018

Really made me to work hard.

創建者 Abdul Wahid

Aug 23, 2018


創建者 Akshay Kumar Jain

Aug 06, 2018

For foundation part to data analysis and concerning about it help me in the basic understanding.

Though with the pandas library make it simple that is some sort of drawback I find.

But it make my concept clear.

Thanks for the python Data Analysis course by Rice university.