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學生對 加州大学尔湾分校 提供的 微观经济学的力量:真实世界中的经济学原理 的評價和反饋

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In this course, you will learn all of the major principles of microeconomics normally taught in a quarter or semester course to college undergraduates or MBA students. Perhaps more importantly, you will also learn how to apply these principles to a wide variety of real world situations in both your personal and professional lives. In this way, the Power of Microeconomics will help you prosper in an increasingly competitive environment. Note that this course is a companion to the Power of Macroeconomics. If you take both courses, you will learn all of the major principles normally taught in a year-long introductory economics college course....



Oct 07, 2015

The course touches upon the various elements and concepts of Microeconomics very clearly and in a concise fashion.\n\nVery good course for anyone who wishes to understand the basics of microeconomics.


Aug 19, 2015

Great class, extremely useful and with enough introductory mathematical concepts to clarify the claims it makes and create theoretical understanding behind the theories. Definitely recommended.


51 - 微观经济学的力量:真实世界中的经济学原理 的 75 個評論(共 266 個)

創建者 Phan T H

Mar 01, 2017

This course is very interesting. It helps me a lot in learning how Microeconomics in the real world. Thank so much to the Teacher!

創建者 Tatdanai A

Jun 26, 2017

All the important topics of microeconomics are well-taught and well-organized which are very easy to follow and understand.

創建者 Jerimar P

Sep 17, 2020

This course is very helpful, especially for those students taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

創建者 夏思寒

Dec 25, 2019

a great course which helps people with no basis in economics like me better comprehend the beauty of microeconomics.

創建者 Xu J

Nov 30, 2019

A great course! It's well organized and gives me a fundamental, vivid understanding of Microeconomics. Thanks a lot.

創建者 Emily E

May 21, 2018

Great course & great instructor. Slides were very well done and very helpful throughout the course. Would recommend.

創建者 Vitalii B

Dec 23, 2015

As non-professional I can't be objective, but I really like this course. It was very interesting and comprehensible.

創建者 T N

Oct 16, 2015

The way of narrating content is very clear and succinct. Helps me build a scaffolding of the topic very quickly.

創建者 Nazmul H A

Aug 03, 2020

It was great. Got a great visualization of how economy works. Got the basic. Thank you for designing this course.

創建者 Davi A F

Oct 05, 2017

This course is a perfect introdutory course in the Microeconomic field. Thank you Peter Navarro, great teacher!

創建者 Roger D W

Dec 30, 2016

This was an excellent class. It was better than an undergrad Macro class that I paid for at a state university.

創建者 Sean M

Mar 23, 2016

Good intro, needs more coverage of Austrian Economics and examples of how to do some of the economic analysis

創建者 Carlo V

Aug 22, 2015

I'm already graduated in economics, but this course is the best way I found to study microeconomics. Congrats

創建者 Jameson M B

Sep 22, 2020

Overall this is a great course! I learned and this helps me a lot since this is also relatable to my course

創建者 Marsha K

Jun 04, 2020

Enjoyed the course and like the presenter, his presentation style makes the material amusing and engaging

創建者 Nila C

May 18, 2020

A very good course highlighting importance of micro economics. Lot of examples in terms of explainations

創建者 Syed A

Apr 26, 2020

The course was amazingly designed to cover important concepts of Microeconomics. It helped me a lot.

創建者 Kamal V

Aug 30, 2017

This is an excellent course. It helped me understand many complex principles in an easy manner.

創建者 Teniola A

Jun 20, 2020

Learned a lot and really appreciate the graphics and professor's style of teaching. Thank you!

創建者 Luis C

Mar 27, 2018

Simple and interesting videos, an interesting and informative introduction to microeconomics.

創建者 Farhad H

Dec 12, 2015

Explained very well. Practical than theoretical. Ideal course for business students.

loved it.

創建者 Muhammad R

Dec 20, 2015

This is an excellent microeconomics course explaining the essential of microeconomic theory.


Mar 11, 2020

An excellent foundation course in microeconomics.. Thoughtfully structured and well taught.

創建者 Alessandro L

Aug 19, 2020

Very interesting and useful. Concepts are explained clearly. Huge thanks to Prof. Navarro!

創建者 Saleh A

Apr 22, 2020

Very informative and unique course that provided me a great introduction to microeconomic