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Pricing is one of the most important but least understood marketing decisions. Learn and practice concepts, techniques, and get to grips with the latest thinking on assessing and formulating pricing strategies. Analyze how firms attempt to capture value, as well as profits, in the revenues they earn. After this course, you will be able to contribute to the process of formulating pricing strategies for your own products and services, or those of your firm. This course has an additional focus on pricing dynamics and the reaction to and by competitors, taking a highly pragmatic approach and one that is directly applicable to your day-to-day professional life. Martin Boehm - IE Professor and Dean of the Business School with over 10 years experience - will guide you through four modules. We begin with the importance of pricing and how it ultimately can affect the bottom line. Then, we move on to methods to help you decide what is the optimal price for your product; and then price discrimination - should all your products follow the same pricing strategy or should you differentiate depending on the customer segment? Finally, we look at pricing psychology and how you can manipulate customers in order to drive the highest possible price for your product....



I had always been afraid of Pricing and any other subject that required some mathematical skills. But this course was so helpful in both educating me and boosting my self-confidence in Pricing.


Although they are harder concepts and more practices to remember, it was a very insightful course! I truly enjoyed the additional readings to elaborate on the lectures. Thank you very much, IE!


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創建者 Ricardo O


Excessively short course. Like previous course in the specialization no slides of the lectures were provided. Approach over-simplistic. IE could done more. Also as in previous course there was no supervision from the staff of the discussion forums. Also looking at the big picture, there is a tremendous gap in quality and approach to online courses between EU institutions and US top tier institutions (favoring the US offerings). Looking at Wharton, U. Michigan, Yale courses (just to mention a few) and then looking at the majority of European offerings, the gap is very salient. If IE wants to stay relevant in this online space, some benchmark is advised... If you are in the 'game', you must 'play' it better...

I hope you will accept my critic as constructive and positive, not as negative. As an European I am more critic and I would like to see more quality, relevance and credibility of EU offerings. As it is, it is a matter of time until Wharton and U. Michigan spread their offerings into this specific field and with a superior approach they will most likely divert students to their offerings, probably lowering and marginalizing your courses.

But despite my critics it is fair to salute you for your efforts and availability to offer this course.

I wish yoy luck.

Ricardo J. Oliveira

創建者 Gareth B


I've really enjoyed this course. There is a great mix of approaches to the subject matter - video lectures, interviews, case studies, articles/textbook excerpts and short quizzes. The balance between covering a wide-enough range of topics, and giving sufficient depth of information is just right in my opinion. Overall, this led to a really engaging experience and I feel that I've learned a lot. Moreover, there is plenty of practical guidance as to how principles can be applied in a business context. Thank you for doing such a great job of putting this together.

創建者 Joey V


Excellent course for someone who has little or no pricing background. I learned a lot of practical skills! Not the easiest course... but well worth the effort!!! Great professor, awesome content and an impeccable delivery system... can't ask for more!! I highly recommend this course and the Marketing Mix Implementation specialization to anyone who is interested in the practical business skills associated to marketing!

創建者 Tania C B


Best course I've taken in Coursera so far!

Great, useful materials, detailed explanations for potentially complex topics and loads of relevant examples, all integrated seamlessly and in the right order - great flow! Also really appreciated the multiple opportunities to practice pricing on all the exercises available.

Thank you Prof. Boehm & team!

創建者 Catalina G C


Considero que el curso estuvo interesante, sin embargo confuso en algunos ejemplos en la semana 3 donde se hablo de la discriminación de los precios. Es importante corregir los errores en las gráficas y ejemplos de algunos videos, ya que solo pude aclarar mis dudas por medio del foro cuando alguien mas se había dado cuenta del error.

創建者 Farhan M R


I have very enjoyed this course. there's a good mixture of approaches to the topic matter - video lectures, interviews, case studies, articles/textbook excerpts and short quizzes. The balance between covering a wide-enough vary of topics, and giving spare depth of knowledge is simply right in my opinion. Overall, this junction rectifier to a very participating expertise and that i feel that I've learned heaps. Moreover, there's lots of sensible steering on however principles is applied in an exceedingly business context. thanks for doing such a good job of golf shot this along.Thank you!!!

創建者 Bankole J


As intensive as this course was, I couldn't stop because with every lecture it became more apparent how vital the tools and knowledge being taught was to the success of any entrepreneurial initiative. Even if I was going to do this and go work at a job, I release how much of a gamble it would have been to take on responsibilities regarding pricing strategies without this course. Pricing is a science and it's not just about cost of production and profit markup.

創建者 Anna B


Very good course, the only thing I would advice is - since I studied physics before - that you properly name the axes when you show graphs. For example in the price endings graph, of course it is kind of obvious which axis indicates what factors, but still, this is something that actually should be done. Otherwise great course, great content and nice examples. I also liked the questions that popped up during the videos.

創建者 Mayank S


Being a young manager with no formal marketing education, the course was an eye opener in regards to the importance of pricing and the pivotal role it plays in our day-to-day life. The course encapsulates and covers all the relevant (and more) through diversified articles, examples and thorough discussions. I feel privileged to be a part of this course. Happy learning.

創建者 Sachin J R G


Brilliant course! Helps you understand the thought process that goes in pricing. The psychological aspect of pricing is a very interesting topic in itself. The quiz tests your understanding of the topics. However, they are not hard. I wish they had increased the difficulty of quantitative questions

創建者 Roberto P


Great material and the professor touched all the relevant topics! If there's any recommendations it would be more reference material for those student who are really passionate about learning more detail (technical, research/studies, business cases) and would l ike to deep dive on a specific topic

創建者 shriram


The course has helped me understand the importance of pricing and how it impacts the organisations' profitability. The concept of customer based pricing and price discrimination has helped me understand and realize how we can improve pricing based on customer segment and across product range.

創建者 Mohammad M


The techniques used in this course really help to first keep you in business and second distinguishing yourself among other competitors. The other advantage of this course was its quizzes which help me to get more of the each module by presenting real world practical cases.

創建者 Jose A Q


It was great!!! It combines perfectly theory and practice, and uses examples in different industries. In my experience, after study a MBA, it has been a great experience, and I can apply these knowledge from the first moment.

I totally recommend it!

創建者 Dinesh K


The course was fairly comprehensive and thorough with timely readings and exercises. The content/syllabus makes you go back to your purchase choices and ponder over whether you were influenced by such marketing antics eg: Decoy Pricing.

創建者 Sara C


aint always easy get economic theory and turn to pratical resources. Here i've learned how aply on prices all about demand and offer courves. It was essential to imediately capture the tecnique leading strategy and it was very worthy!



This is an amazing course and i will recommend it to everyone. it has opened my eye on pricing as the most important driver of profitability. this course will really impact my career as a sales person and also as an entrepreneur.

創建者 Morshed S


Very effective course for those who want to learn the philosophy regarding pricing strategy and how to choose the right price for the product. A highly recommended course for professionals working in the industry.

創建者 Mirela M


V​ery insightful and informative course. Highly recoomended for anyone who wants to familiarize themsleves with the pricing terms and marketing strategies , as well as get some insights into the consumer market.

創建者 Ankur S


Outstanding Theoretical concepts were explained clearly. Examples and numerical questions beautifully supplemented the theory into practical use. They were neither too difficult nor too easy- a perfect balance.

創建者 José L L


So far, this has been my favourite module. thought it was thorough and challenging enough for anybody to learn but also down-to-earth for newcomers, the right balance, which is a heroic act to achieve in a

創建者 slopezmanan


Excelente!! Muchos conceptos útiles para implementar en el día a día...Realmente vale la pena y lo recomiendo a todo aquel que esté interesado en las estrategias de pricing y revenue management

創建者 Amir J


I had always been afraid of Pricing and any other subject that required some mathematical skills. But this course was so helpful in both educating me and boosting my self-confidence in Pricing.

創建者 Betty T - T D S M C


Although they are harder concepts and more practices to remember, it was a very insightful course! I truly enjoyed the additional readings to elaborate on the lectures. Thank you very much, IE!

創建者 Suryasree R


Great course. All the concepts were clearly explained. They had provided plenty of case studies, articles, journals and books to read. The content delivery was great. I found it very useful.