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學生對 科罗拉多大学波德分校 提供的 电力电子技术概论 的評價和反饋

2,928 個評分
730 條評論


This course can also be taken for academic credit as ECEA 5700, part of CU Boulder’s Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree. This course introduces the basic concepts of switched-mode converter circuits for controlling and converting electrical power with high efficiency. Principles of converter circuit analysis are introduced, and are developed for finding the steady state voltages, current, and efficiency of power converters. Assignments include simulation of a dc-dc converter, analysis of an inverting dc-dc converter, and modeling and efficiency analysis of an electric vehicle system and of a USB power regulator. After completing this course, you will: ● Understand what a switched-mode converter is and its basic operating principles ● Be able to solve for the steady-state voltages and currents of step-down, step-up, inverting, and other power converters ● Know how to derive an averaged equivalent circuit model and solve for the converter efficiency A basic understanding of electrical circuit analysis is an assumed prerequisite for this course....



This course sets the groundwork for more advanced concepts in Power Electronics. The Professor was very explicit and the homework assignments were of a good strength to help ground the notions learnt.


I am very please of with course but i also want the course of power electronics related to any field i mean in FACTS devices applications so we can learn more related to new emerging technologies .


701 - 电力电子技术概论 的 720 個評論(共 720 個)

創建者 Aya I


Good Intro information,but very little interactions or none on the discussion boards as the hw assignments are too complicated next to the lectures.

創建者 Ing. R V


Quite good course practical and useful but without any support of lecturer or responsible person who is able to answer specific question at forum

創建者 Rajat J


More theoretical. Analytical and Intuition is not much developed. Good for getting familiar with switch mode converter circuits.

創建者 Joy J S P


Should be extended from 3 week course to 5 week. Basics should be covered in 1st 2 weeks

創建者 Phuong N


That course is quite good to get the fundamental knowledge about power electronics

創建者 MARK G


Course is very good and well explaned. Tutor support is very patchy though.

創建者 Ramya G


I have not received the certificate after completing the course

創建者 Yi W


Good course. How to get feedback about homework?



need assistance of teachers

創建者 santosh k


Innovative & very tough.

創建者 akash c


give me my certificate

創建者 Suresh F M


it was help full

創建者 sonar y v



創建者 Buizon, M A A



創建者 Bryant V


Although the material is interesting and is good for going over basic circuit theory, I would not recommend this course to anyone learning how to design converters. The professor teaches well, but the assignments he gives have little to do with the examples in the lectures. With no book for this course, this leaves the students with a lot of guess work to do and external learning in order to understand the homework problems. Therefore, defeating the purpose of this course. In addition, I struggled immensely with week 2 homework because although my answers were 100% correct, if I did not enter my derived formula in the exact form of the answer, it would mark it as wrong. I discovered this by rearranging the variables in my answers until the program acknowledged them as correct. For example, one of the answers in the homework was D*Vg. It would say this was wrong until I typed it in as Vg*D. It is absolutely absurd and had me doubting my calculations many times.

創建者 Clayton B


LTSpice is what spoiled it for me. It made it impossible for me to continue this course past week one due to the demands of the workings of my work and budget. I am running a farm on a shoestring budget as my semiretirement profession, and the expense of getting graded by the LTSpice made this unfeasible for me.

創建者 Biswamoy P


The course content was absolutely relevant. I enjoyed the course very much. But. at last I am disappointed after getting certificate. The certificate is not displaying my name, instead it is showing " Date of Birth" in place of name.

創建者 Wangnan Z


Literally no forum support. calculation tolerance is very small

創建者 Валерий В


no support

創建者 ANDY G R U


no mr parece