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Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman—renowned worldwide as the “father of Positive Psychology”—has led visionary leaps in the scientific research, empirical data and personal understandings of human flourishing. This course explores the past, present and future of positive psychology as a journey through the key scientific leaps led by Dr. Seligman and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology Center and Master of Applied Positive Psychology program. There are no prerequisites....



Dec 09, 2017

Very self-enhancing. Activities are fun and at the same time a good avenue for learning experiences. Very positive and student engaging. Thank you for giving me the chance to be part of this course =)


Jan 23, 2020

Dr Seligman is a very charismatic professor. He presents the course in a very interesting and engaging way. I enjoyed the coursework as well as the reading. I will be delving further into the subject.


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創建者 Robin L J

Aug 16, 2017

of course, this was an amazing course - lots of great ideas, lots of great science. lots of concrete examples/tools that you can start using immediately to improve your life, and help others improve theirs.

創建者 Kari K

May 18, 2018

I had no idea there was so much to know about this field of positive Psychology. Now I cannot imagine how there are still 4 courses left, but I have no doubt they will blow my mind like this first one did!

創建者 Yauhen_Kamenka

Apr 11, 2018

Great overview of those things I've been thinking about for many years, with so many proven numbers and insights. Great to see that it is not just rhetoric something but the result of scientific research!

創建者 Ellen M

Jun 04, 2020

This is an excellent course with clear, expert lectures, interactive assignments, guest lecturers, a variety of research and intervention examples, and loads of practical application to daily well-being.

創建者 Pedro A L M

Aug 21, 2019

Um excelente curso que pode te dar uma visão geral e até mesmo um pouco aprofundada do que é essa teoria maravilhosa e encantadora que valoriza e cuida do ser humano olhando para o que ele tem de melhor.


Apr 30, 2018

I recommend this course for personal and professional growth. Martin Seligman giving the course was a great experience and the collaborators domain their themes. Thanks for the opportunity.

Jocelyn Morell

創建者 Katherine B

Oct 14, 2017

Stunning insights. Questions I've been asking my whole life are finally being addressed by science. I no longer need to rely solely on my own faulty reasoning or the thinking of popular self help trends.

創建者 HG

Jun 22, 2019

If you are into depression or into education you just cannot skip this one. I watched most of the videos in a day and found tonnes of solid research backed findings on positive psychology and education.

創建者 Lucy B

May 22, 2017

Varied learning styles, excellent and slick execution and technology. Thoroughly thought out and a real pleasure to take part in. Thank you Martin and all at Coursera and the University of Pennsylvania.

創建者 Kaiwen B

Jan 08, 2020

Very informative class with a nice blend of science and techniques that can be put into practice immediately. Prof. Seligman has been an influential researcher and his lecturing is both clear and warm.

創建者 Tinecke W

Dec 08, 2019

Very informative and practical. A great introduction to Positive psychology for detailed and well-researched examples and practical ways to bring it back to my life. I have learned a great deal. Thanks

創建者 Felipe F H

Oct 15, 2018

Simply the best course I have ever made in my entire life and carreer! Thank you all serious researchers that produced It and mainly to Dr Seligman for all his sincere work. Thank you very very much!!!

創建者 Antonio S V

Oct 14, 2018

Una experiencia que se debe de vivir.

Una aventura apasionante por este nuevo camino de la psicología, así lo defino.

Mejoras tu vida, tus relaciones y tu felicidad. Si hay algo que vale la pena es eso.

創建者 Sam

Mar 05, 2018

Excellent course. Gave me an insight into the kind of work and the scale of the work that is happening at UPenn's MAPP department. I would love to join the actual course whenever I'm able to afford it.

創建者 Robert K

Jan 02, 2018

Great course! Very good intro to the topic. I think it could be made better if we were forced to respond to 2-3 of our class mates posts per week in order to encourage more interpersonal discussion.

創建者 May

Oct 28, 2017

I love this course very much! It helps me become a better person, it made me examine my daily experiences. I learned techniques to improve my dealings with others. :)

Thank you very much, Dr Seligman!

創建者 Christy L

Aug 21, 2020

Excellent overview of the field of Positive Psychology. It has made me want to learn even more. I like the combination of videos, readings and quizzes to facilitate learning. Well done. More please!

創建者 Bianca B C E

Mar 01, 2019

1st week is a overview on Flourish, by Dr. Martin Seligman

2nd week onward very nice overview of Homo Prospectus theory and new fields of study

Very hands on and enriching content, great dollar-value!

創建者 BUSE G

Aug 14, 2020

I enjoyed it very much, especially when we were at home during Covid- 19 pandemic, this course was good for me. I wish the course duration would be longer and more room for positive interventions.

創建者 Maisie W

Sep 29, 2020

Thank you Dr Seligman for a wonderfully insightful and efficient course on Positive psychology. This was the perfect course to take during COVID, when we could all use some positivity in our lives


Jun 25, 2018

Really liked this course, I learned a lot about positive psychology and about myself as well. A lot of great material is covered, intersting perspective, great lectures. Would recommend to anyone.

創建者 Edgar C R

May 01, 2017

I found this course incredibly interesting and eye-opening. I would be thrilled to be able to find ways to put what I have learned in practice, both in my personal as well as my professional life.

創建者 Chin M

Jun 04, 2019

I have not yet completed this course, however, I am very impressed at the lasting impression it has on me, as I am applying this daily in my routine with my Children. I am excited to learn more.

創建者 Chien M L

Jun 05, 2017

Thank you Dr Seligman. I loved the clear explanations and have put into application the theory of wellbeing and how to make use of the character strengths. You have helped me in my work and life.

創建者 robert m

May 28, 2017

This cource is life changing, it gives real life practical and useful interventions that realy improve the wellbeing of a person. I am enjoying practicing a lot of what i learned. Thank you Penn!