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Why just write poems when you can write better ones? This course is built on the notion that the most exciting writing begins after the first draft. It is specifically for folks who believe that writing poems just to express oneself is like using the Internet just for email. After all, poetry can change the way you and your readers think of the world and its inhabitants; it can break new ground for language; turn a blank sheet of paper into a teeming concert of voices and music. Though any of us may have the potential to make that happen, having an understanding of how several tools of poetic composition can be used (and audaciously “mis-used”) gives you more ways to try (and if we do this right, we might surprise ourselves most of all). We'll cover key poetic terms and devices by studying poems by a handful of modern and contemporary poets and then get a chance to try our own hand at writing new poem drafts from a select number of prompts. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to workshop your poem drafts and get feedback on your work, working towards a more polished poem....



Aug 22, 2016

Wonderful, learning about writing poetry here is IT! I will always use this to go forward and once in a while come back to freshen up. Thank you, there's nothing else out there like this class!


Nov 02, 2015

I have learned so much and I love D's energy and the avid participation of the other students. Will definitely pass on what I've learned. Can't wait for more courses like this in the future! :)


226 - 释放想象力:诗歌工作室 的 250 個評論(共 294 個)

創建者 Casey Z

May 19, 2017

Absolutely LOVED this course!

創建者 Yung C

Oct 20, 2015

This is a very good class.

創建者 Clara R

Oct 01, 2018

Kind of magic and fun :D

創建者 Baboucarr C

Oct 24, 2017

Thorough and interesting

創建者 Ateefah S U R

Dec 19, 2016

A must for improving.

創建者 mark m

Oct 26, 2015

brill and lost of fun

創建者 C. E E

Oct 23, 2015

I have enjoyed this c

創建者 AI L

Sep 16, 2015

Excellent dynamics.

創建者 Alexander G

Jun 06, 2018

Loved this course.

創建者 Olga S

Feb 18, 2017

Juuuust fantastic!

創建者 Jhon E G

Aug 26, 2015

Just great! Thx.

創建者 Debanjon M

Feb 07, 2016

Simply Splendid!

創建者 Gaurav K

Mar 04, 2019

A lot to learn.

創建者 Momo N

Sep 10, 2015


創建者 Myra F T

Sep 15, 2017

Great class!

創建者 LUIS O R G

Mar 08, 2016

Gran curso.

創建者 George S

Nov 11, 2016


創建者 RobertBoucher

Dec 29, 2017

great fun

創建者 Diego S

Sep 27, 2018


創建者 Silvana A

Oct 21, 2015


創建者 Luis C P D l R

Oct 20, 2015


創建者 Mario R P

Jan 17, 2016


創建者 Halimah A S

Jan 03, 2016


創建者 Alden B

Mar 05, 2018

I found the course both interesting and helpful. I had always shied away from formal poetic forms, preferring free verse, but I really enjoyed writing the crown cinquain. In fact, after I wrote in that form, I also wrote a sestina (though not as part of the course). I used to be involved in theatre, and I recall how structural limitations often stimulated creative solutions; I made the same discovery when working within poetic limitations. I found most of the suggestions from other readers quite helpful and believe that they enabled me improve the poems that I submitted. The course was structured well, and the video lectures were clear. I thought the prompts were good. The only thing the course lacked was feedback from a professional poet (the teacher), but I understand that the volume of work and the finances would militate against personal attention. Thanks for the course.

創建者 Meher A

Oct 25, 2017

The revision process was the most frustrating and challenging part of this course. I felt that more instruction could have been provided on this process such as providing extra readings, especially on how to tell when your work is done/revised. The rhythm section was also very confusing and attempted to cram together a lot of information in one section so the course could do with being more evenly paced, rather than introducing us to complex concepts all at once. Overall though, for a course that is available for free, this was a great resource for someone interested in writing poetry. It was engaging, especially yhe videos, and inspiring, especially the poems that were used. It also made me more aware of the tools that a poet can use to make their poems better. Thank you so much!