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學生對 佛罗里达大学 提供的 Personality Types at Work 的評價和反饋

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Knowing yourself, your team, your manager, and your organization are keys to personal and business success. What were once labeled soft skills are now modern requirements in today's workplace - especially if you are trying to get in the door or are already leading a team. This course is specifically designed for the: -Job Seeker: You will create a usable cover letter with feedback from your peers as well as develop exceptional responses to some of the most common, yet challenging interview questions. We will get you the skills to help get in the door! -Team Member: You will develop an action plan to confront your personality weaknesses and highlight your strengths so you can ace your annual review. We will also cover strategies that will help you uncover your true worth so you can ask with more confidence. We will get you the skills to get ahead! -Manager: You will create an effective action plan for an employee, team, or organization based on your new knowledge of personality types and you will create a 360 degree review plan to better identify your strengths and weaknesses. We will get you the skills to rise above the rest! We will dive deep into the types and teach you how to translate your new knowledge into business success by leveraging personality and emotional intelligence in the workplace - wherever you may be! Join us!...



This was a great course to learn more about yourself and others in your workplace. Highly recommend this course for any organization managers that want to create a more effective team atmosphere.


I found this course is really helping me to understand myself and to be understand people around me. None is better or wrong, but every personality need to grow more to their best format.


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創建者 Caddie H


This course was fantastic. I learnt about Myers Briggs in University but this was in depth and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be utilising it constantly because this is really going to help me step up a notch at work. Thank you!

創建者 Leigh C


I loved the interaction and also the ability to have employees participate in the personality tests - it helped me to have a better understanding of each of them. I highly recommend this course. I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

創建者 Julien F


An amazing course! A must do for everyone evolving in a professional environment and interested in learning about the different types of personalities and how to leverage their strengths & handle their weaknesses.

創建者 Jessice-Leigh V D M


Toni is an exceptional teacher and the interactive way and assignments to complete this course made it much easier to learn then the standard theory only approach. Thank you I am ready to apply this in real life!

創建者 Nanette E K


Just by the course title you can tell there is rich knowledge to be shared. The instructor is warm but accurate in her delivery. There's much to learn on soft skills and this is the introductory course to take.

創建者 NIKI F


Amazing course! I enjoyed every moment of it! very useful for any job you do, at any level you are, practical even for your daily life with family and friends apart from work! Highly recommend it to all

創建者 Floridalma A S d L


Muchas gracias por todo lo que aprendí, para mi fue muy interesante y valioso.

Tener la oportunidad de acceder a una universidad en otro país fue muy lindo.

Desde Guatemala les saludo

創建者 Amritha K


Thanks a lot this course is amazing helpful in day to day basis, provided lot of knowledge and a huge change in point of view. Kudos to the team. Thank you Coursera.

創建者 Sarah L C


Loved the course. The test and also the way it is setup really makes it enjoyable. I even got my colleagues to take the Myers-Briggs Test and find their superhero.



It has a very good approach of the subject's course. You really have the change to know better yourself and to start understanding the others in a different way.

創建者 Tania B


I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. Toni was amazing, she helped me understand my personality and how to utilize my abilities and potential to the fullest.

創建者 Natalie F


Great course! Listening to the lectures I learned so much about myself, and how I can figure out what others preferences are to communicate more effectively.

創建者 Neetu R


Excellent course with hands on knowledge about personality types, will help to work with diverse personalities at workplace. An overall learning experience.



I learned my self better and also I learned to recognize the type of personalities of my team by behaviours and words.

Thanks a lot for this life lesson.

創建者 Katelyn H


Very helpful when learning how to work with people who have different personalities than your own. I loved this course and have found it very useful.



In this course I learned that all types of personality are useful, there are no good and bad types. Everyone has something to show us and teach us.

創建者 Dragana A


This is an amazing and very helpful course. I learned a lot about personality types and can now use it to improve myself and help others as well.

創建者 Lina V


It was surprisingly good and informative. It helped me understand not only about who you work with but about yourself and what you are good at.

創建者 Myrna F


Thank you so much it was a very fruitful course and I learned a lot and the information was delivered to me in a very easy way.



It was a pleasant surprise for me. The presentation, the videos, the assignments. I just followed the routes. Keep learning!

創建者 Ashley A G


Great course! I learned a lot about myself and how to effectively communicate with my student employees in the future.



Overall experience was good at course. I am really glad to have such team. Knowledge worthy course. thanks once again

創建者 Amrita M


It's a very informative and deep course for people interested in Personalities and Personality assessment tools.



It was wonderful Learning experience and i have learnt a lot which i can implement in our professional field.

創建者 Adriana A E


Very useful to work in teams, to know oneself. It was a hard course for me to follow but I enjoyed it a lot.