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學生對 SoFi 提供的 Introduction to Personal Finance 的評價和反饋

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This course is a general overview of a variety of personal finance topics - including budgeting, the importance of your credit score, cash flow, setting financial goals, and taxes. Taught by two CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals, the concepts are broken down through videos, readings, and activities so you can apply what you are learning in real time. The course provides the foundation to build on for the rest of The Fundamentals of Personal Finance Specialization or as a standalone survey course to improve your understanding of basic personal finance terminology, as well as how they apply to your own financial situation. Whether you are just starting college, nearing retirement, or somewhere in between, this course will provide you with the knowledge to understand your money and actionable steps to manage your finances in the future. This course is geared towards learners in the United States of America....




Great overview amd first look into personal fiance. If you already know a little bit about personal finance it may be a little basic but overall a very well rounded valuable course.



Great foundation into personal finance. Repetitive and sometimes boring if you have some footing in that area, but a great reference for those who do not!


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創建者 Asiman D


Overall the course is as expected, a decent introduction to start with improving your own personal finance.

Pro: The course provides quite some useful information and recommendations

Cons: (1) The videos can be improved substantially (I would recommend watching it at 1.25 - 1.5x; The eye movement to read the script is very distracting; A couple of videos have slight audio problems). (2) Almost all of the reading material is accessed through hyperlinks to SoFi's websites which makes it kind of pointless to follow this course, not to mention that this content is not "course" quality. (3) Many points discussed are associated with the US laws and regulations which make it less relevant, if not irrelevant, for individuals following this course and not from U.S.

Possible Improvement: Addition of case studies and real life examples would make this course quite interactive and interesting in my opinion.

創建者 Melissa M


O​verall, I really enjoyed this course. One of the primary reasons I had for enrolling was to learn more about and understand taxes. There was plenty of information provided on that particular topic. I also wanted to learn more about personal finance and about budgeting. Unfortunately, some of the videos had moments in which the speaker could not be heard. I struggled some with a few of the assignments but I did my best. I would recommend this to those looking to learn more about personal finance and to those in need of a refresher.

創建者 Michael F


This course just made me feel much more confident in my personal money management skills. Of Course, I did pick up a few other tricks that will help me improve my budgeting skills. Highly recommend this intro course.

創建者 Chia C L


Very good course!

However, some portion is not relevant to the place i stay so I skipped! Overall, it offer very managable steps towards our financial goals. Excellent course! While doing the course, I have manage to create my own net cash flow, ....etc. I now know what is my next move! Thank you!

創建者 Jiovanni R


I​ really enjoyed this course. I recommend to anyone getting started with personal finance to start here. The information was brief, easy-to-understand, and provided a nice balance between video and articles. I look forward to continuing my education in personal finance.

創建者 Conrad C B


The course is great. It is the first of a series, so it might seem a little bit too basic for some people, but I am sure it's perfect for a public that is learning about Personal Finances for the first time (:

Note it might only be useful to US users.

創建者 Joshua B


​Wow! I learned so much! My goal was to become 1% better each week of the course. This course taught me so much about managing my personal finances. I am already making much better decisions with my income. I highly recommend this course! Thank you,

創建者 Benjamin R


I really enjoyed this course! It was broken down into manageable sessions. I also liked how the course included a mix of practice items, videos and readings. I'm looking forward to continued learning with SoFi and Coursera!

創建者 Eric O


​Great overview amd first look into personal fiance. If you already know a little bit about personal finance it may be a little basic but overall a very well rounded valuable course.



I really love the course Introduction to Personal Finance, I knew some stuff although I learned more in depth about the stuff that I already knew. Thanks SoFi for this!

創建者 Eryn R


​Great foundation into personal finance. Repetitive and sometimes boring if you have some footing in that area, but a great reference for those who do not!

創建者 Michael N


Great overall course that can help with your personal finances and if you are in a business can also help with your goals for that business

創建者 Bettina R


This was a great course, I enjoyed learning about the psychology behind finances. Having the order we should do things in was helpful.

創建者 Cristina G


I have little to no personal finance education and this has helped me to tackle my problems and feel like I am in charge, not my debt.

創建者 Kristina D


V​ery good for very basic stuff. I wish the end of every reading bit wasn't a push to start a Sofi account though.

創建者 Khafilat


A very wholesome course that breaks down in simple terms; key concepts related to personal finance.

創建者 Andrea G C


It's a nice introduction, even for europeans, on the strategies to achieve given financial goals.

創建者 tiffany v


​I enjoyed taking the course. It was very easy and provided me with a lot of knowledge.

創建者 Suzette T


Easy to understand and broken down into smaller sections so it's not overwhelming.

創建者 Aracelis N


Excellent Course, l was able to learn my basic concepts.

Highly recommended it !

創建者 Majadi M P


Digestable, Simplified, Not boring and time consuming, GREAT Informative content

創建者 Paula A


This is a great introduction course on personal finance for everyone.

創建者 Daniel R


Great Course.... I wish I would have seen this 30 years ago!

創建者 Jose T


Learned a lot about financial psychology. Thanks

創建者 Jennifer H


A great introduction to personal finance