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學生對 圣彼得堡国立大学 提供的 General Pathophysiology 的評價和反饋

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Dear listeners! Warning: this course contains shocking materials and is not recommended for viewing to persons with weak psyche, minors and pregnant women. The course describes subject and methods of Pathophysiology, its place within system of biomedical sciences and history. It includes General Nosology (concept of health and disease, general etiology and pathogenesis, pathological processes and states, role of causal factors, conditions, reactivity and somatotype in pathology). It gives systematic of locally and centrally driven typical pathological processes: arterial, venous and combined hyperemiae, stasis, inflammation, immunopathological processes (including allergy and autoimmune disorders) acute phase response, fever, stress, shock, etc. Course deals with functional, metabolic and informational aspects of typical pathologic processes, like disorders of signaling, reception, post – receptor translation, programming and program archiving, conflicts of programs in living systems. It contains the consequent analysis of the injury and defensive responses as regards separate cells, organs and tissues and the whole organism. The lectures based on author’s original three-volumed textbook and workshop in Pathophysiology republished in Russia many times....



The course is good for a beginner like me to know the founders and the notes are printable for self studies. Thanks


Its very insightful. Truly expected and been beneficial in my own work and research. Many thanks.


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創建者 Otilia


The material is all over the place, and the quiz questions were often from the wrong week, or even about materials not covered by the course. The interactive text is also very strange.

The material is quite old fashioned, and is often based on historic research instead of new findings. Often uses words or expressions without explaining or elaborating on them.

創建者 Jonathan G


confusing course. The quiz questions were inconsistent with the material. The professor was hard to understand.

創建者 James M


This is a challenged course delivered expertly. It has opened my eyes to the immense complexity of the human organism and has helped me understand the mechanisms of circulation and inflammation. The volume of information is overwhelming, but I believe necessary to grasp the huge number of processes involved in disease and recovery from. Many more hours of study are required to retain some of key mechanisms and components for inflammation and circulation. However this course has helped me build on existing undergraduate knowledge and made me appreciate the study required to become a scientist in pathophysiology or immunology.

創建者 Michael L


Dr. Churilov is a brilliant scientist and a very engaging lecturer. He combines the wisdom of an experienced clinician and a researcher. His lectures are peppered with relevant anecdotes and subtle humor, which kept my attention throughout the course. The course itself is probably one of the most instructional and memorable in my 40 year career as a physician. I thank Coursera for bringing this excellent speaker.

創建者 Elena T


Excellent course! Very well structured and the lecturer is very engaging. Thank you very much!

創建者 Kiyoshi M


Great! But some tests need to be reviewed. I enjoyed the first 4 weeks. They were very entertaining- I´ve learned a lot to understand basic principles in pathology. The last two weeks were confusing. Some material were not correctly delivered. Practical questions are very confusing. Teacher need to improve accent - but he is a top teacher and you can clearly see how much he knows.

創建者 Chizoba O


The course is good for a beginner like me to know the founders and the notes are printable for self studies. Thanks

創建者 ammar a


The course is more literature than actual medical knowledge

創建者 Sylvia s


Its very insightful. Truly expected and been beneficial in my own work and research. Many thanks.

創建者 Michel B J d S


I loved taking the course, learning new content and remembering some others.

創建者 Lucy Y


Great course, great instructor! Really learned a lot! Thanks!

創建者 lee h


Great course. Incredibly challenging but worth it.

創建者 Bassam E H


Just perfect

創建者 Ilia L


Excellent presentation of theory. Extensive field. Relevant historical references.

But there are some problems with quiz. Sometimes there are inconsistencies on the topic of the week. It may be worth to expand the recommended literature.

創建者 Gonzalo M


Very good course.

It does not get a 5 from me because the practice questions sometimes contain subjects that will be seen in the following unit.

創建者 Danilo F


very insightful professor. I learned a lot of pearls

創建者 Юлия Я


This is the worst course I have ever had. I watched only the video of the 1st week, and I do not want to continue, because the video is very long, boring and a lot of information is repeated over and over again. This course is similar to the intricate thoughts of one person. Therefore, if you want to plunge into science, find another way.

創建者 Barbara M


Worst course ever

創建者 Aedrian A


This course is perhaps among a small number of medically oriented Coursera offerings that go beyond a comfortable introduction on a certain topic. I can argue that the material can serve as a good substitute for the first few weeks of a medical school pathology course. For someone who unfortunately did not pay good attention to his own pathology classes, this course is an excellent refresher especially for foundational topics – those that are often assumed to be fully understood as they are mentioned in passing whenever specific diseases are discussed. That being said, I think this particular offering can easily alienate those with little to no basic or applied background in pathophysiology. The historical context for the highlighted is strongly emphasized throughout the material (the first half being almost entirely about history) – a feature that I appreciate highly, as it shows (1) the evolution of our collective scientific understanding of pathophysiologic phenomena and (2) that science does not always get it right the first time.

My only major disappointment in the course is that some of the weekly quiz questions seem to be misplaced, as the lectures covering them are found in the following weeks. Furthermore, some modified multiple choice and non-multiple choice questions are frustratingly difficult to answer even with several repeat attempts, which I hope will be addressed on future revisions. Future iterations of this course should expand the current second half of the material which deals with the “real meat” of general pathophysiology as it presently stands. Nevertheless, this course is highly recommended for students and practitioners of biology- and/or medicine-related basic and applied sciences.

創建者 Kripitch


It is a useful course for reviewing the basis of pathophysiology. The good thing for this course is they introduce the principle of the philosophy of medicine to explain the general pathophysiology. We also know more about science and experiment related to pathophysiology from European country especially Russia during Soviet Federation.

創建者 H. M E


Es un curso muy completo, los videos al estar la transcripción se logra entender mas, a quienes no manejamos muy bien el Ingles. La temática fue interesante y completa y el instructor bien preparado y su manera sencilla de dar los temas, hizo que el curso fuese agradable y muy práctico.


創建者 Luis Y


It has given me clearer perspectives on the processes of disease. Great course.

創建者 Melchor L R


Excelente, me ayudo enormemente a mi superacion educativa!



Exceptional course, i can improve my clinical skills.

創建者 shady E


one of the best instructors you'll ever meet.