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Want to know how some of the 20th century’s most celebrated artists made abstract paintings? This course offers an in-depth, hands-on look at the materials, techniques, and thinking of seven New York School artists, including Willem de Kooning, Yayoi Kusama, Agnes Martin, Barnett Newman, Jackson Pollock, Ad Reinhardt, and Mark Rothko. Through studio demonstrations and gallery walkthroughs, you’ll form a deeper understanding of what a studio practice means and how ideas develop from close looking, and you’ll gain a sensitivity to the physical qualities of paint. Readings and other resources will round out your understanding, providing broader cultural, intellectual, and historical context about the decades after World War II, when these artists were active. The works of art you will explore in this course may also serve as points of departure to make your own abstract paintings. You may choose to participate in the studio exercises, for which you are invited to post images of your own paintings to the discussion boards, or you may choose to complete the course through its quizzes and written assessments only. Learners who wish to participate in the optional studio exercises may need to purchase art supplies. A list of suggested materials is included in the first module. Learning Objectives: Learn about the materials, techniques, and approaches of seven New York School artists who made abstract paintings. Trace the development of each artist’s work and studio practice in relation to broader cultural, intellectual, and historical contexts in the decades after World War II. Hone your visual analysis skills. Use each artist’s works as a point of departure for making your own abstract paintings....



Beyond my expectations! Encouraged by in studio where I discovered I could be successful experimenting with all the different artists. The knowledge, insight, and fascinating experience was joyous!


This is the best art class I have ever taken. It offers a perfect mix of studio art/painting techniques and art history. Instructor Corey D'Augustine is fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed this course!


251 - In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting 的 275 個評論(共 476 個)

創建者 Angelica S


A great experience to have taken this course. Knowing and applying the techniques of these seven artists was enriching.

創建者 Andrew R


Loved the demonstrations of how the painters featured may have approached/undertaken/achieved their individual results.

創建者 David G


This is such a great course, with the instructor really doing a great job conveying what each artist was trying to do.

創建者 Clara A S


I loved this course! I really enjoyed it. The course content and flexible time management were great and ideal for me.

創建者 Leslie Z


I thoroughly enjoyed this course! The course is engaging, simple to follow, and expertly taught by Corey D'Augustine.

創建者 Peter J W


Amazing class. Excellent instructor and selection of artists in the course. Opened an entirely new world of art to me.

創建者 Sohnit K


its one of my best course I have ever taken. You can learn and apply the knowledge in your painting. I enjoyed a lot.

創建者 Allegra S


Thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned much. Thank you MoMA for the this positive experience during the pandemic.

創建者 Steven C


Excellent course material - and really fantastic course leader! The demonstrations and reading material are great.

創建者 Pepa Q G


I enjoy it very much. I learn a lot about the Postwar Abstract Painters. I wish I can join another similar course.

創建者 Indie R


One of the best courses here with very creative assignment and a great lector with sophisticated sense of humor!

創建者 Greta G


El curso fue excelente, me gustaría saber como debo hacer para obtener el certificado ya que lo terminé completo

創建者 Taylor W


This was a great learning experience, and I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys history and creative art!

創建者 Elizabeth B


Informative, insightful, inspiring. I would love to take more courses like this for different schools/styles.

創建者 Constantina Y


This course is simply amazing! All aspects... the videos, the information, the knowledge are all outstanding.

創建者 Jigna C


Excellent course, should be done by a;ll budding and upcoming artists to get a perspective of the Art scene.

創建者 prithipal s s


its a great course for knowing the masters and understanding their path breaking innovations in abstract art

創建者 Kylie S


Really worth the commitment as this was incredibly engaging and wonderful in it's explanation of the topic

創建者 Athena L


This course was so fun. I really enjoyed learning about the Abstract Expressionists intentions & processes

創建者 Tore W


Art history! Instructions on how-did-they-do-it! Insights on great artists thoughts about art! Just great!

創建者 Andrea S


I loved the course! Corey D'Augustine is an excellent teacher and the course material is very informative.

創建者 Jouriy L


Thank you very much! Very good and useful course.

Thank you particularly for instructor Corey D’Augustine.

創建者 Kari G


An excellent interesting course about 8 artists of the abstract Expressionist period. Highly recommended!

創建者 Anna M O


Fantastic experience..emotions, technique, history of art.. a dream that came true. Thank you from Italy

創建者 Aaron W


Really wonderfully run, and such interesting subject matter - really ignited an interest in me to paint!