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學生對 科罗拉多大学波德分校 提供的 Cannabis, Chronic Pain, and Related Disorders 的評價和反饋

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This Cannabis, Chronic Pain, and Related Disorders course is designed to have you think critically about the health effects of cannabis (i.e., marijuana) in the context of chronic pain, opioid use disorder, obesity, sleep dysfunction and cancer. We'll learn about the epidemiology and etiology of these conditions, the harms/benefits of current treatments, and learn how to evaluate the literature on cannabis for these conditions. We will discuss special considerations for using cannabis for these conditions, such as dose, timing, side effects, and drug interactions. Lastly, we'll discuss how it is being used in the context of palliative care. Obtaining this knowledge will be helpful in terms of informing public policy, public health, and personal decisions regarding the use of cannabis products....




I finished evrything up but theres now student assignment to rate. Because of that, I cannt' get my certificate.



This class is amazing. I am a person with a chronic pain disorder and this class has been eye opening so far <3


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創建者 Psicólogo M U F


There is a lot of data! Lots of material to work and updated. This is the best and what I expected from this university. Thank you!

創建者 Monica N A R


Me gustó muchisimo porque pude aprender más sobre aquellos temas que parece que tienen razón cuando lo dicen otras personas pero aca me lo demuestran con datos y estudios que brindan confianza. Es un aprendizaje muy bueno para mi y seguramente para todos los que lo tomen, sobre todo por tener entrevistas con expertos que conozcan bien del tema y no sea solo empírico sino estadístico.

創建者 Jillian N


This course is a great resource for understanding and clarifying cannabis benefits and potential risks associated with cannabis-infused products compared to traditional treatments on chronic illnesses. I have the most fun putting my knowledge into the creative infographic assignments. Thank you for providing us with this awesome course!

創建者 Elke I


This is a great course to take. I enjoyed listening to the various specialists that help back up information presented in the course. They were very helpful in understanding and confirming the facts/studies that are taking place for cannabis use.

創建者 Marilyn T


I enjoyed learning about where cannabis stands presently regarding chronic pain, Opiod Use Disorder (OUD), cancer other disorders. Hopefully with more research there are many possibilities for its use in the future.

創建者 Anton C


This class was very informative about how and why cannabis is a relevant substance that needs to be studied so we can figure out how to best use it to help people with various illnesses and debilitating conditions.

創建者 Edwin G I


Ha sido un curso totalmente satisfactorio, toda la información que he descubierto ayuda a seguir preparándome como profesionista.

創建者 Amanda M


​I finished evrything up but theres now student assignment to rate. Because of that, I cannt' get my certificate.



This class is amazing. I am a person with a chronic pain disorder and this class has been eye opening so far <3

創建者 Evaluation R


Fantastic course. Great Guests and reading. Wush professor Hutchinson would speak a little slower :-(.

創建者 Harry B


Fantastic, very detailed, and a good mix f topics around the course.

創建者 Giacomo R d l C


Amazing information, interesting course and entertaining

創建者 Deborah L B


Such wonderful courses! Thank you, Professor Hutchinson!

創建者 Jaison C


Informative, cursory but a wide-range of information.

創建者 Barbara S S


Super interesting. I'm loving to learn all this.

創建者 Valeria S


Bien fundamentada y con bases científicas

創建者 Paul Z


Useful information well presented.

創建者 Honey S W


Love learning here!!!!

創建者 Matthew C


great interviews .

創建者 G. A W


Excellent course.

創建者 Raneen A A A


Its great course

創建者 Keller J S A



創建者 Mona A A



創建者 Shawna


創建者 Ann F


This was an enjoyable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the path the infographic took me down and how much it allowed me to help others who are in my life right now. Pain comes in all forms emotional/somatic etc. It opened up another world and joined this work with other work that I do. It was so worthwhile in helping me growing into a person more skilled to help others.