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Welcome to our course on Object Oriented Programming in Java using data visualization. People come to this course with many different goals -- and we are really excited to work with all of you! Some of you want to be professional software developers, others want to improve your programming skills to implement that cool personal project that you’ve been thinking about, while others of you might not yet know why you’re here and are trying to figure out what this course is all about. This is an intermediate Java course. We recommend this course to learners who have previous experience in software development or a background in computer science. Our goal is that by the end of this course each and every one of you feels empowered to create a Java program that’s more advanced than any you have created in the past and that is personally interesting to you. In achieving this goal you will also learn the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming, how to leverage the power of existing libraries, how to build graphical user interfaces, and how to use some core algorithms for searching and sorting data. And this course is project-based, so we’ll dive right into the project immediately! We are excited to be offering a unique course structure, designed to support learners of different backgrounds in succeeding at their own pace. The first module explains how this will work and if this course is right for you. We also recommend taking a few minutes to explore the course site. A good place to start is the navigation bar on the left. Click Course Content to see what material we’ll cover each week, as well preview the assignments you’ll need to complete to pass the course. Click Discussions to see forums where you can discuss the course material with fellow students taking the class. Be sure to introduce yourself to everyone in the Meet and Greet forum. This course should take about 6 weeks to complete. You can check out the recommended course schedule below to see a quick overview of the lessons and assignments you’ll complete each week. We’re excited you’re here learning with us. Let’s get started!...



Great into to Java, instructors have clearly put thought in to the format with the choose your own learning style videos, and additional coverage where it may be needed. These have been very helpful.


I loved this course! The course videos and the projects sharpened my idea about some of the toughest concepts of Java and OOP. I recommend this course to anyone interested in learning OOP in Java. ☺


26 - 面向对象 Java 程序设计 的 50 個評論(共 1,298 個)

創建者 Chukwu E


Although the content is old and there are some outdating functionality in the project work since the course was created, the knowledge is gold, the teachers are friendly, and it's a great experience overall.

創建者 Heng W W


It is good!!! I learnt a bit of Java beforehand but not the object oriented concept. Would definitely attend the courses by UC San Diego again as well as pay for the course when I can afford it!

創建者 Shaikh J


The Best Course Available on coursera to learn java, helped me achieve Object Oriented java knowledge and skills.

創建者 William G


The final project was surprisingly rewarding. I had plenty of issues getting things running, which was my own fault, because I chose to use intellij and a newer version of Java. Even if this were my own fault, I choose to detract a star because the setup feels slightly dated. Is there no way to design this course to be more robust to Java versions?

創建者 Karmo O


Well built and a fun course. Quite a challenging project has been made easy to finish. But understanding it all took some time and gave lots of new knowledge, experience. Some info e.g. setting up projects is outdated. Solutions to them can be found from the forum.

Thank you for that nice course, Team UC San Diego!

創建者 Haiwei G


It teaches you about class heredity and graphical programming very well.

The only problem is that the graphical library PApplet is believed to be obsolete as of 2020.

創建者 Yossef


A deprecated Java API is used in those, probably better to choose a different course.

創建者 Agastya V


Uses outdated technology(PApplet), but still illustrates the fundamentals of Java.

創建者 Shoukang


This course mainly explains classes in java, and teaches me how to install the IDE, use GUI, which is fine. Some sorting algorithm at O(n^2) complexity, no merge sort. Since it doesn't teach recursion I will take it. However, the practice is too little. After I finish the course I write less than 100 lines of codes. It is not enough to get familiar with Java. We are doing some very minor changes to make the project work, it feels boring. The project is a toy, the marker info appears behind other markers and marker outlines overlap with each other. I don't feel it serves as a good practice platform.

If you want to take the course, here are some tips to save your time. What you really need are the core materials and readings, do some concept challenges without watching the student discussions is also fine. The other videos are pointless, and childish. I believe these videos are for children as this course face students with various backgrounds.

創建者 Andries


The core content is decent, but the course badly needs an update. A Java course relying heavily on applets and an outdated UI framework for exercises and assignments (applets have actually been removed totally from Java 11+, and the Processing library relies on a native library that's not available on the latest Mac OS) is definitely not on. Would also be good to update the course with more up-to-date Java 8+ coding techniques.

創建者 Aleksandr A


Nice course! But I can only give 3 out of 5 stars, because applets are deprecated now, so the course content is outdated a bit.

創建者 Capybas Y


The major part of the course is about working with applets, which are out of date and no longer supported by Java.

創建者 Ahmet G


Did not like this course at all, it is not flexible at all when it comes to IDE choices and offers very little support when it comes to using IDE's such as Intellij. The course consists of core and support videos, the idea being that if you are competent enough you are able to tackle the assignment/projects at any point. If you feel like you need more help you can dip into the support videos. The problem with this is that the videos are not actually very good and the support in the forums are lacklustre at best. The end of course peer review is an absolute joke and literally has no value to the students what so ever. It's basically students grading eachother positively so that everyone can pass lol.

Things that need to improve:

- Outdated content and Java version, Course structure needs to change, support videos need to be more supportive and maybe incorporate a code as you go approach incrementally building up on concepts, more active lecturers on the forums.

創建者 David H


This course uses old obsolete Java technology: Java Applets. They NEED to update this course to teach UnfoldingMaps with JavaFX.

創建者 Ralph v S


There seems to be downloadable code ? Can't find it. Installing Unfolding maps seems to be necessary ? There is not elaboration about this in the video's. In my opinion the course is totally off balance by explaining things like the "this"-keyword and at the same time expecting students to install things like Unfolding maps and tweaking Eclips. Very frustrating.

創建者 Martin K


I signed up for this course hoping for a good introduction to OO programming and Java only to not be able to verify if I have even learned anything. Of course I can access the course material, but the fact that cannot even manually check if my answers are correct with certainty makes all of this less efficient than simply learning it by myself.

創建者 Lee M


Cannot follow a single thing that they are talking about. I have prior coding experience in other languages and I still have no idea what the instructors are getting at. They all explain everything horribly and jump into huge complex things with no explanation. Worst course I have ever taken in my life.

創建者 김요엘


절대 듣지마라. 동료평가 때문에 짜증난다. 일주일 무료라고 해놓고 3일전에 다 끝내고 동료평가 기다리는데 최소 4일은 걸린다. 공짜로 듣는 사람은 일부러 매치를 못하게 하거나 하는 알고리즘이 있는듯 하다. 아니면 듣는 사람이 별로 없는 인기 없는 강의거나. 둘 중 하나겠지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

創建者 Tomáš M


Course is outdated. things you learn are not supported in latest version of java.

創建者 Abdul H


The course is outdated and boring

創建者 Nithin R


reallly old

創建者 radhika s


I would give additional stars if it was possible. Some prior programming experience is required (I think they already specify this as a prerequisite). That said, if you just done basic programming but never used GUI libraries before, this is THE BEST POSSIBLE INTRODUCTION to using libraries.

Must say a word about the course structure, material and the professors. They are all, yes all three of the professors, in one word: AMAZING!! Their tone is encouraging and it is a privilege learn from them.

The course structure, again 5 stars. A combination of the CORE and concept challenges cleared up any muddled up concepts in my head. So analyzing and understanding the support code was a breeze (it took me multiple attempts and umpteen reviews of the videos to get this far in the course but I am definitely more knowledgeable and competent than before I started)

The course material is really good.

I am highly motivated to complete this course and go for the next one provided by this dedicated team of fantastic teachers.

創建者 Srinivas S


This was an excellent course in Java programming. My entire programming experience prior to this course was my own reading of Java basics from So, basically little to no experience. With this being an intermediate course, my learning curve was quite steep. But the 3 professors have done an excellent job of creating an interactive and challenging learning experience.

The lectures are engaging and on point. I love the format where they tell you an overview of the assignment ahead of the week's lectures. This way, you can associate ways of using things learnt in the lectures while you learn them.

I also loved how the assignments built up from being quite easy to very challenging over the course. Each passing week uses skills acquired from all the preceding weeks, offering a nice continuity that aided my learning. Overall, my entry into programming was made thoroughly enjoyable through this course and I'd like to thank the team that created this course for it.

創建者 Luis V


Great introduction to OOP with Java. This is not a pure theoretical course, neither a entirely practical course... It is both, so the instructors present the material with a good balance between theory and practice. Part of your assignment tasks is to explore on Java classes and learn how to use their methods (functions) in your own programs, which gives you a taste of a daily programmer job. The end of course project stimulates your creativity!

Nonetheless, this course will be challenging for someone who has not been exposed to any OOP concepts before. Make sure to practice a lot and go to the discussion forums, which are a great resource for help, at any moment you need it.

創建者 Annabelle T


I was struggling in my CS Master's when I found this class.

I'm now a Software Engineer at Google.

I think this course is one of, if not, the best you can find in Object-Oriented Programming. I really appreciated how the course was shaped for industrial standards. You will learn how to read the real Java Documentations, how to implement your code in an existing code base while also learning the fundamentals of low-level programming language.

I'm also very grateful about the financial support I was granted, now it's time to give back :)

Thank you, Mia, Christine and Leo for your help!