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學生對 艾莫利大学 提供的 从自由乘车运动到弗格森案:美国民权运动中的非暴力叙述 的評價和反饋

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The Modern Civil Rights Movement is a significant landmark in United States history. This movement was a struggle for human rights directly challenging the nation to extend its democratic principles to African Americans and all peoples. This course sheds light on the often overlooked strategic planning that supported the direction of the events and is told by a voice intimately involved in the organization of movement—Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr. Topics include the history of the campaigns, the different coalitions and groups, philosophy and methods of nonviolent direct action, and the contemporary application of nonviolent conflict transformation. The course hosts several guest speakers, including Andrew Young, Reverend C.T. Vivian, Henry "Hank" Thomas, and Constance Curry. Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to: ● Discuss the contributions and involvement of civil rights activists and leaders in the Civil Rights Movement (CRM) campaigns in the United States. ● Examine the chronology and phases of the Movement and CRM campaigns. ● Recognize and characterize the diverse activist groups involved in the CRM. ● Discuss Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy of nonviolence from a historical perspective. ● List and define the principles and strategies of nonviolence. ● Examine organizational and social change applications related to nonviolence. ● Identify the role of nonviolence in modern activism along with additional resources to broaden knowledge of principles of nonviolence. ● Recognize the application of nonviolence theories to activism, current issues, and everyday life....



Sep 28, 2019

I have learnt so much and will be applying this to the change action empowerment in the UK. I appreciate this opportunity to learn at my own pace and appreciate the work undertaken in the past.


Apr 25, 2018

Among the very best courses led by the participants in the struggle for civil rights. Helped me to gain a better understanding of what has been gained (and lost) in our nation's story.


26 - 从自由乘车运动到弗格森案:美国民权运动中的非暴力叙述 的 50 個評論(共 50 個)

創建者 Fernando E B N

Oct 23, 2018

It was an amazing experience to learn with Dr LaFayette about nonviolence practices, methodologies and foundations in US history and considering a worldwide and human perspective.

創建者 JOHN Q

Dec 06, 2015

Nice review of a very difficult time in our history which was favored by some courageous folks who worked and endured a lot to effect a better society.

創建者 Aloke N P

Dec 28, 2018

a must do course for every global citizen. Its not just exploring an idea but its also about exploring you as a human being and your capabilities.

創建者 Diane N

Dec 02, 2015

Every body black white green or polka dot should take this course, learn to come together non violently thank you all for the lessons I learned

創建者 Danielle C

Mar 18, 2018

Thank you for refreshing the history of a time when I witnessed so much change. I really enjoyed it.

Danielle Rawls Carr- Atlanta, Georgia

創建者 Lisa S

Jul 09, 2017

Absolutely fascinating course - a privilege to have insights from one of the major lights of the civil rights movement

創建者 Corinne S

May 22, 2016

One of the best and most informative classes I have taken on Coursera. I highly recommend for everyone!

創建者 Carmen

Nov 05, 2017

Very enlightening about non-violence and how the civil rights movement worked.

創建者 Alzbeta S

Jun 22, 2016

One of the best courses I took on Coursera. Very informative and practical.

創建者 Felipe T

Jan 27, 2017

This is a marvelous and very inspiring course. Thank you so much!

創建者 line k

Oct 05, 2019

This course should be seen by all of us people of the world.

創建者 fumi o

Apr 12, 2016

This is a great course.

It is more than a history lesson.


創建者 Chuan-Chih C

Jan 04, 2016

A great course for understanding US Civil Right history!

創建者 Alex R

Dec 29, 2015

Very interesting course - Thank you very much

創建者 Rachel B

Mar 17, 2017

Amazing course. Thank you for sharing!

創建者 Fran

Feb 18, 2016

Wonderfully engaging stories.

創建者 Uilson C

Jun 28, 2017

Excelente Curso!

創建者 Alexandra S

Dec 31, 2016

Fantastic class.

創建者 Abu M I U

Mar 13, 2019

Thanks Bernie!

創建者 Steven P

Dec 05, 2017

Love this!

創建者 Katherine A P

May 29, 2018


創建者 Steve J

Jun 24, 2019

My thanks to Dr. Bernard Lafayette for an interesting & helpful introduction to the history of nonviolence in the civil rights movement as well as suggestions on how this methodology, philosophy, and techniques are relevant and necessary for antiracist activism today and into the future. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to know more about nonviolent direct action, its effectiveness, and its continued pertinence. I am also grateful to Andrew Young, C. T. Vivian, Connie Curry, Dr. Carol Anderson, and all the other interviewers and guests that contributed to this interesting course.

創建者 Elena C N D

Feb 05, 2017

A profound analysis of the Civil Rights Movement, told from the perspective of an active participant.

創建者 Kent L

Apr 14, 2016

Learned a lot of new things in this course. Very inspiring.

創建者 Fanny G

Jan 09, 2017

The subject seems so interesting but we need more historical information. It's nice to have a personal point of view but it is difficult to follow the process then.