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學生對 新泽西州立罗格斯大学 提供的 New Technologies for Business Leaders 的評價和反饋

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This introductory course is developed for high level business people (and those on their way) who want a broad understanding of new Information Technologies and understand their potential for business functions (e.g. marketing, supply change management, finance). This is not a course for people looking for guidance on how to become a deep technical expert or implement these technologies. From Blockchain over Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality technologies: This course will empower business leaders to embrace the concepts and bring the state of the art information technologies into their organizations to improve client and customer engagement and ultimately the bottom line of their businesses. Instead of digital disruption, the new technologies and management methods will become the foundation of a Digital Transformation journey for better customer relationship management and client satisfaction. The content is structured in a way that promotes discussions on challenges that business management and marketing functions face due to the rise of new technologies such blockchain, cryptocurrencies, internet of things (IoT), virtual, mixed and augmented reality (VR/AR), artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. This course will use case studies to explore frameworks, tools, and strategies that are already proven in the real world and prepare ourselves and our organizations to have the tools needed to succeed in a fast and changing world. This course is not a deep technical curriculum, but based on thousands of hours helping (often C-level) executives to grasp the technologies' potential in their own areas of expertise. This course is available in English....



really cool course\n\ninteresting and helpful knowledge, serious content.\n\nthis course shifted my mindset to digitalisation. moreover it gave me how to do it.\n\nstrongly recommend


Really good course to get a general view of the technologies that are shaping the market!. Looking forward for the next version of this course


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創建者 Alberto P


A lot of talk and little contents. I am not satisfied.

No real meaningful examples of technology implementation and, what is worse, on business analysis for transformation.

As a check, I did one of the tests before actually looking at the contents - and that was the one where I got the highest score, which says something on actual usefulness...

This course is a waste of time, it should be condensed to a couple of hours.

創建者 David S


I thought that the content was enlightening, although the delivery was basically the professor reading a script. This was disappointing to say the least. The videos lacked visual aids. The visual aids were few and far between. There was almost zero engagement in the forums. No one actually responded to a peer. Student participation was absent as was the professors. The graded assignment was not well designed. Instructions limited. Peer review was a chore. I had to solicit peers to review my assignment in order to receive a grade to complete the course. Overall, the content and optional readings were helpful in building knowledge in the area of digital transformation/new technologies. Having said that, links to YouTube videos were broken and outdated. Some of the readings no longer existed online! The delivery was poor and not what I was expecting. I did not expect zero engagement in open discussion. The platform and how it was executed did not offer an engaging and stimulating environment. At the end of the course students were encouraged to connect with the professor on linkedin but you cannot without his personal email which was not provided. Doesn't seem right or again, engaging. I would not recommend this learning platform if you want deep learning experience.

創建者 Reynels L


The course contents are really outdated.

創建者 Bhavya B


Thank you Mark Mueller-Eberstein, for guiding me with an engaging experience to discover, explore and learn the secrets to solve the biggest challenges that companies have today; how to to keep pace on a global scale, to innovate, and to nurture and develop value-creating ideas to succeed in a fast and changing world, with New Technologies for Business Leaders by Rutgers the State University of New Jersey.

This was an enjoying and engaging experience to open new dimensions of thoughts with this course.

創建者 Bhuvan A


It was really wonderful course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it will be very much helpful for my career and real-life as well. I thank my instructor professors of the University for his motivation and guide. I also thank professors for providing me this opportunity. I also very much grateful to Coursera for its mediation and for making the course reach me. Thank you very much.

創建者 Madhusudhana R P


The Course is well planned for 5 Weeks to get the basics of #Digital Transformation #Internet of Things # Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality # Big Data and Artificial Intelligence # Blockchain Technology. I found interesting and would recommend to Emerging Leaders & Companies to attend this Course.

Happy Learning :-)

創建者 Edison C


Mark is an excellent and fun instructor but more importantly, he brings a very agile perspective to technology that helped me make sense of how it applies too real life. Good job @MarkMueller-Eberstein

創建者 Valeriya R


really cool course

interesting and helpful knowledge, serious content.

this course shifted my mindset to digitalisation. moreover it gave me how to do it.

strongly recommend

創建者 James P


Very good course, though now a few years out of date! Given the speed of change of technology, would be worth updating some sections.

創建者 Dinesh V


A must for current and future Business leader- You will enjoy the ride of the future technology that you can get access to....

創建者 Gustavo L


Very interesting and dynamic course. It has a good level of details about the technologies, yet it's light and fun to watch.

創建者 Alexandre M M


Nice course. Full of new examples. Very updated, addresses all new business technologies. I recommend it.

創建者 Amanda M N


This was a good course and gained more insight in cryptocurrency and the rise of the EV industry.

創建者 Alejandra A A


interesting, complete and dynamic course, I recommend it. Mark Mueller-Eberstein good job!



Excellent course. Good Learning experience.

Best Regards,

Rajeev Kumar Mishra

創建者 Bhawani S


Great learning. Thanks a lot and a lot to Mark Sir and team

創建者 Ganesh S


It was a good learning Experience about digital academy.



Good Basic Course for Beginners of New Technologies.

創建者 Niraj K M


Got a good understanding of emerging technologies

創建者 Pablo D R


Información puntual y muy clara con ejemplos.



Easy to follow and understand, I like it

創建者 Richard K


e​xcellent course - I learned a lot

創建者 Francis B M


It was an interesting course

創建者 Akapon T


Widen my experience!!

創建者 Sharolyn F P


Great learning