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學生對 以色列理工学院 提供的 New Product Development - develop your own new product 的評價和反饋

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New product development is essential for the survival of many companies in the Hi-Tec sector, as well as other sectors. The percentage of sales of successful business organizations tied to the successful Introduction of new products and services is high. However, the failure rate of new products development projects is also high and therefore there is a need for a methodology based on a well-designed process as well as tools and techniques to manage New Product Development (NPD) projects. Since most companies develop new products, it is important to you as a manager to be familiar and understand the basic concepts and terminology of NPD projects. This course will give you holistic view of the new product development arena and will help you gain specific knowledge in how to select, plan, monitor and control a new product development project, using the proper tools and techniques. Upon completion of this MOOC, you will: 1. have a clear view and understanding of the New Product Development (NPD) arena 2. be able to select the right product configuration based on value (Voice of the customer), cost, time to market and risks. 3. be able to develop a feasible plan for your own product. 4. be able to execute your plan in an uncertain dynamic environment using the right tools and techniques. As part of the course the learners are required to purchase a discounted license for the Product Team Builder Simulator (, which is used for training and assignment submission. Please notice the simulator can only be used with Internet Explorer from a Windows computer....

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創建者 Avigdor N

Jul 17, 2018

Excellent course ! Among it's benefits is the ability to use the Project management simulator, that allows you to practice in a safe environment optimization of the project management at each and every step. You can then port the data, among others to Microsoft Project manager.

The instructor of the course Prof. Avy Shtub worn the PMI teaching award for 2018

創建者 Dan A

Jul 17, 2019

Good approach of the subject despite the fact it may seem not up to date. The simulation is catchy and some of the exercises proved to be quite challenging. I enjoyed learning.

創建者 EG

Jun 15, 2019

I would like to convey my appriciation and enthusiasm for the excelent "new product development course" and thank the course team and it's lecturer professor Avi Shtub for their efforts in compiling this illuminating and academically as well as practically high level learning experiance.

with regards e.g.

創建者 Tin A K

Oct 04, 2019

All the course are very effective and will have a chance to learn from the basic . I've gained so much experience and knowledge. The project plan videos are also a few example to study the course. I definitely recommended this course to all the users. Thank You.

創建者 Nikita B

Sep 10, 2018

I think that this course is a total waste of time and money.

1) Course is too theoreticalc (at least first 3 weeks that I have completed). It's becomes clear when tutor says that course is based on the book (sic!). Writing books and making courses are totally different stories.

2) Using of PTB Training Simulator is overkill. I'm simply couldn't login into PTB.

Maybe I'm not motivated enough, but after three weeks of boring content and problems with PTB I decided to stop spending my time on this cource.