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學生對 密歇根大学 提供的 成功的谈判:基本策略与技巧 的評價和反饋

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We all negotiate on a daily basis. On a personal level, we negotiate with friends, family, landlords, car sellers and employers, among others. Negotiation is also the key to business success. No business can survive without profitable contracts. Within a company, negotiation skills can lead to your career advancement. I hope that you will join the hundreds of thousands of learners who have made “Successful Negotiation” one of the most popular and highly-rated MOOCs worldwide. In the course, you’ll learn about and practice the four steps to a successful negotiation: (1) Prepare: Plan Your Negotiation Strategy (2) Negotiate: Use Key Tactics for Success (3) Close: Create a Contract (4) Perform and Evaluate: The End Game To successfully complete this course and improve your ability to negotiate, you’ll need to do the following: (1) Watch the short videos (ranging from 5 to 20 minutes). The videos are interactive and they include questions to test your understanding of negotiation strategy and skills. You can speed up or slow down videos to match your preferred pace for listening. Depending on your schedule, you can watch the videos over a few weeks or you can binge watch them. A learner who binge-watched the course concluded that “It’s as good as Breaking Bad.” Another learner compared the course to “House of Cards.” Both shows contain interesting examples of complex negotiations! (2) Test your negotiation skills by completing the negotiation in Module 6. You can negotiate with a local friend or use Discussions to find a partner from another part of the world. Your negotiation partner will give you feedback on your negotiation skills. To assist you with your negotiations, I have developed several free negotiating planning tools that are related to the course. These tools and a free app are available at (3) Take the final exam. To successfully complete the course, you must answer 80% of the questions correctly. The exam is a Mastery Exam, which means that you can take it as many times as you want until you master the material. Course Certificate You have the option of earning a Course Certificate. A Certificate provides formal recognition of your achievements in the course and includes the University of Michigan logo. Learn more about Certificates at: This course is also available in Spanish and Portuguese. To join the fully translated Spanish version, visit this page: To join the fully translated Portuguese version, visit this page: Subtitles for the videos are available in English, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish Created by: University of Michigan The course logo composite is shared with a Creative Commons CC BY-SA ( license, and was created using images provided courtesy of Flazingo Photos ( and K2 Space (




Probably the best course videos Ive come across. Professor George I believe is an amazing teacher...the way he gets the concept across to students by simple and constant examples is worth mentioning..



There are a lot of real cases to explain the theory, steps to create a negotiation strategy and tips to become a better negotiator. You don't have to be born negotiator, you can learn the methodology.


301 - 成功的谈判:基本策略与技巧 的 325 個評論(共 3,997 個)

創建者 Jacqueline M


The course is an excellent one for anyone wanting to improve on or learn how to negotiate! I decided to take this course since I felt that as a manager my negotiations skills were woeful. I normally tackle things head on, get to the point without much adieu and am quite forthright with my opinions. Everyone know upfront what my goal is! This course has allowed me to appreciate that a getting to know you could be very helpful in negotiations and that consideration of the other side's interest is important for successful negotiations. What struck me the most though is the reality that negotiations need not result in a situation where one side wins all but that efforts can be made to ensure everyone interests are met through building a "bigger pie". My intention is to spend time reviewing what I have learnt and bit by bit putting it into practice!

創建者 Shiela T


This really was an excellent course, and I'm quite happy to have invested the time and effort in it. Not a lot of courses out there that's been given for free that has this much quality and depth. It's organized and paced really well. I even feel more engaged with this professor, across a screen, than I have in some other face to face classes.

It's quite unfortunate that I've come across it during the time of this pandemic when funds are short to pay for the certification, but under (former) normal circumstances, this is definitely worth it.

Looking forward to browsing and hopefully come across other ones in the future that I will feel the same way about.

Kudos professor Siedel and the team. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow.

創建者 Qintra A


I took this course out of sheer curiosity and love for negotiation. I hail from a Psychology background and for the first time in my life, I heard about these business and law principles integrated with psychology. This was one of the absolutely best courses I have taken so far, it was challenging but in the right way- it helped me grow and gave me exposure to so many formal proceedings and challenges involved in devising and implementing a negotiation strategy and skillset. I loved the exam and the quizzes, the best part was that the questions were challenging- at least for someone like me- but they allowed me to expand my horizons and polish my skillset.

創建者 Joseph L I


The course is full of interesting stories and situations that show how important it is to have a good grasp on negotiating and what strategies can help you improve - whether with friends, family, or in business. I took this course because I tend to be a giver and sometimes have a difficult time standing up for myself even when it's reasonable. After doing the peer-to-peer negotiation in week 6 - I don't think that will ever happen again. It was a lesson I'll never forget because hindsight and the peer-to-peer review was extremely enlightening and showed me a lot more about myself than I could've imagined. Here's a very warm thank you Professor Siedel.

創建者 Bensen A


This is one of the BEST Coursera MOOCs I have attended (and I have attended a lot). Mainly because Mr. Siedel (the instructor) is very skilled at teaching and covered all concepts with simple meanings and relevant examples. And also because he had a lot of personal experience in Negotiation and was thereby able to provide us his own experiences. Finally, the entire course was systematically arranged and each module had an introduction and summary. Plus, week-6 encourages students to apply the course, which sets this course apart from many courses. A hearty congratulations to Mr. Siedel and the University of Michigan for this excellent course.

創建者 Taynara G C


Não é minha aréa, mas pude de uma noção sob negociações, principalmente internacinal, já que sou do Brasil e as negociações são um tão diferente, espero que com esse curso eu possa evoluir não só profissionalmente, mas pessoalmente em minha vida. e quem sabe conhecer a universidade de Michigan e o professor George Siedel

It's not my area, but I was able to get a sense of negotiations, mainly internationally, since I'm from Brazil and negotiations are so different, I hope that with this course I can evolve not only professionally, but personally in my life. and maybe get to know the University of Michigan and Professor George Siedel

創建者 Samuele S


The course is very well done. Many basic concepts with interesting examples and explanations, clear and readable slides. The teacher talks VERY clearly, and the audio quality is pristine, helping following without problem. The final test and negotiation practice exercise are proportioned to the course material. I think I got some very good things out of the course, not only for negotiating deals and managing disputes, but also for applying the skills in my everyday life (everyday issues and deals on the job, negotiating and dealing with issues in life requiring deal-making and dispute resolution skills)

創建者 Priyal G


This was my first course on negotiation strategies.It is a very good course for beginners.The theoretical aspect might seem boring at times but they are helpful in doing the negotiation exercise.I recommend watching it with breaks and making notes so that you have a to do list to review before a negotiation.The professor tells his anecdotes about his negotiation experiences which are fascinating and relevant ! A must try course :) I would also like to thank coursera for providing me financial aide for the course.I am really grateful.

創建者 Joseph T


Siedel is obviously knowledgable and highly respected and has a pleasant, engaging lecturing style. At first, I was apprehensive about the House on Elm Street exercise. However, I ended up learning about home sales and putting some of the skills I had learned in class to use, both of which were great. I also enjoyed working with my partner and getting to know some of the other students, all of whom live in places more or less different from the United States. Definitely a value, considering that the course itself is completely free!

創建者 Raunak H


Professor Siedel makes even the most complicated legal jargon simple to understand, to the extent that as a high-school student, I didn't need to Google individual terms to find out their meanings even once!

I highly appreciate the way he has structured this course, as I entered it feeling that negotiation may be out of my league (academically, I have a background primarily in physics, chemistry and math) but as I finish it today, I am confident that armed with a few more practical negotiation sessions, I'll be able to hold my own!

創建者 Shree S


Negotiation skills are very important for personal and professional life. Our guru , Our Professor George Siedel Sir has brought life to this course through real life examples, case studies, and even I came to know of how a negotiation, mediation takes place in reality. I am always excited to hear Siedel Sir's voice, his explanation , humour, important lessons for life. I loved the Golden rule: "Treat others the way you want to be treated". Sir I would personally like to greet you, thank you for sharing knowledge. .

創建者 Aditi P


This is an amazing course. I got to learn so much be it practical or theoretical knowledge. Successful Negotiation : Essential Strategies and Skills is surely going to hep me at professional as well as personal front. The intake that I got from this course would always help me to stay one step ahead than others. Prof. George Siedel made everything sound so easy and understandable that no difficulty was face through out the course. I would really like to recommend this course to many out there.

創建者 Iyangar V


This course has been articulated really well to reach out to all experienced skilled personals in Sales & Marketing field.

This course helped me to have a different outlook on Negotiation skills even though having more than 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing .

BATNA, Decision Tree, Create a Contract, Close a Contract, Arbitration & Mediation were few of the topics that enthused me a lot.

Thank you Coursera, Thank you University of Michigan ..Thank you Mr. George Siedel

創建者 C M


I really liked the professor and the materials of the class. He has a great personality and he breaks everything down in a way anyone can understand it. This review comes from the perspective of a person who has never formally taken a class in negotiation. The examples and videos were also extremely interesting and fun too. I took this class alone during COVID 19, so I didn't have a partner to do some of the exercises. However, I still have a lot of fun taking the class.

創建者 Rahul C


Acquiring knowledge is tough and fun. This course was properly structured and moved on to the legal and psychological aspects which were structured evenly and with great examples. I enjoyed going through a different aspect that is hidden within the negotiation processes which I have never thought of during my professional life. Highly recommended for those who want to understand more about psychological, legal, and different deal-making and dispute resolution.

創建者 Dominic D


Thank you, George Seidel for all your efforts and courtesy to provide such a prestigious Michgan university courses.I have taken four attempts to get 97.77 % . I will regards this has my first skills to live a well balanced life. Hope I will successful make the transition from job seeking employee to entrepreneur..

May God bless you abundantly and hope I will get an opportunity to express my gratitude...

This is Dominic Peter DSouza.

創建者 Polina A


Generally one of the best courses I have ever had. Material is very well prepared, perfectly structured and presented. A lot of memorable examples included. The course helps You to look on the very common processes and situations from a different angle, challenges You. Maybe is to overconfident :), but I believed I became a bit better person after finishing this course. Thank You very much, Professor and all great people involved in preparing this course!



This is a very well constructed on line program. It gives you a clear view about negotiations and provides you with key tactics and valuable information which you can use any time. Professor Siedel is awsome, very immediate and excellent in his explanations and examples. Never thought that negotiations should be so easy to follow and to understand. Great many thank to the University of Michigan and Professor Siedel for this excellent course.

創建者 Umashankar s


This is an excellent place to get detailed knowledge about these skills. I am working as a Retail Manager, so after this course I am more confident in this skill. We need this skill in our day to day life at somewhere at some point to negotiate with our different clients, however some time we are the customer or service provider. Hence I strongly recommend this course to all aspirants whether you are in job or business.

Thank you COURSERA

創建者 Christian K


This Course was an interesting introduction to negotiation techniques. Especially the psychological traps and the various practical examples were remarkable. The course also gave an introduction to important laws, concerning contracts and negotiation, which was interesting from an non US/common law standpoint.

The professor could explain the material really well and the lectures were enjoyable and easy to follow. Thanks for this course!

創建者 Thiago C d S


Curso bem completo com excelente didática, velocidade e organização. O livro ajuda bastante na apresentação de informações e revê-las na sequência de vídeos ajuda a fixar os conceitos, bem como ter uma visão prática de suas aplicações. Aborda os diversos aspectos desde a apresentação das partes, passando pela negociação e encerrando em um contrato que prevê os possíveis disputas e suas resoluções. Vale o tempo e investimento :)

創建者 Tomas C


I can only recommend this course! George Siedel, whom I enjoyed listening to, gave me a big picture on negotiation – not only on deal-making mindset when closing the deal means everything but also on implementation mindset leading to win-win, larger pie negotiations. There are great insights into mediation techniques as well as psychological tools and traps appearing in negotiation. The course doesn't lack practical examples.

創建者 Fátima A L C


This course teaches strategies not only for negotiating but for life and the way we make decisions. It is very helpful, you will learn a lot even if you are not experienced or have very little understanding about negotiation; and the professor gives lots of examples for better understanding, keeps interesting every lesson and the way he speaks makes you stay focused. i would definitely take another course with him.

創建者 Diane H


I'm an artist and the content covered is very much outside of my wheelhouse, how I process the world. It was a mind-bender; a welcome challenge. If you'd like to learn the basic skills/and an extensive, in-depth overview to attain a solid understanding of how negotiations work, I highly recommend Professor Siedel's course. Especially appreciated: his way of methodically “building a case” for the art of negotiation.