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學生對 伯克利音乐学院 提供的 Building Your Career in Music: Developing A Brand and Funding Your Music 的評價和反饋

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This course shares practical tips and strategies to help you take your first step into launching your career as a musical artist. We’ll cover everything from developing your unique identity as an artist and how to lead a band all the way to planning and recording your first independent record with the help of crowdfunding. The course curriculum is modeled from the real-world experience of Leah Waldo (also known as the emerging country artist, Elisa Smith) and features interviews with industry executives, artists, producers, and engineers — all designed to help you navigate the music industry....



This course has helped me a lot in finding put the driving forces to accomplish my career goal as a musician. Moreover it helped me to identify the various music brand partnership around the globe.


This course contained some information I already knew, but it taught me valuable lessons about artist brand, producer hunting, building a recording budget, and managing a crowdfunding campaign.


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創建者 Andrés F G


Its cool, but I would like that the instructor already have more trayectory

創建者 Leonardo R


Good... but basic, not updated and not deep

創建者 Juan C C L


Good intention, good vibe. Nice try.

創建者 Eileen


This course is good for someone who is just starting out in their artist journey and is geared for someone who is a vocalist who is also a band leader. The budgeting and networking tips are very rudimentary and could have been left out, in my opinion, in place of more artist-relevant things - there are much better resources out there for learning these skills. The thesis in the first week about not seeing the "business" side of your artistic endeavors as a chore that is separate from your creative side as well as making sure you have a cohesive "elevator pitch" that shows your identity, vision and intention was good. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there.



Good course i wish it should have social media tips to build brand in music instagram

創建者 Mohammad K H


The full course is boring,.The total course is based and focused on the lecturar.

創建者 Sibel K


I am taking the 4-course specialization "Music Business" on Coursera. I just finished the first course (which I am happy with) but I am extremely disappointed in this course which is the second one in the specialization. Not only did the first week seem like shameless self-promotion of the instructor (might as well have put a Youtube link to the band's music and ask us to give a thumbs up), but also, even the QUIZ (which requires us to get 70% or above to PASS to the next assignment) asked us to basically agree with her project's vision etc. only for us to FAIL if we didn't agree. What? How is this learning? This whole week's worth of "classes" could've been a case study that lasted 10 minutes, and not 1 week's worth of time.

I will not comment on why I didn't agree with this particular artist, as I think it's beside the point of the course nor this review. Precisely, why they shouldn't have asked this as a quiz question (!) . What is important in the context of this course is to gain the skills and acquire the tools necessary and learn from GOOD EXAMPLES to get inspired and motivated and qualified to move on with your own project.

This course could have showed us examples of successful bands, case studies, projects and artists in music history and made us study them--I don't know if that's what the instructor does later as I had to stop after week 1, so apologies if I spoke too soon, but I simply couldn't help myself--which would have been a more efficient way to teach branding and entrepreneurship or whatever this course was supposed to teach.

I regarded Berklee College of Music as an exemplary institution (now I wonder if it was just the hype); I was excited for this course. If I can, I will demand a refund and possibly go elsewhere for my music business learning endeavors.

P.S. -- an unknown (?) COUNTRY musician is probably the worst genre example to choose in a course about music business that will attract thousands of people from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

創建者 Daniela Z Q


DO NOT, please DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME (& MONEY) IN THIS COURSE. IT'S OUTDATED and BORING. The instructor just talks about her band ALL THE TIME, and is not even a big or a good band, they have barely 8 listeners per month on Spotify. So how can you trust her? She also talks about growing your fan base by asking people for their email to make email lists..... really??? is 2020 not 2008. This course does not teach you anything you can't google and I'm pretty sure you could get better results and ideas there, or watching youtube videos.

創建者 Brianna S


I hate to give such a negative review, but I think this course is an absolute waste of time. First off, this is in the music business specialization on Coursera, however this course is really made for artists and not managers (like myself) or anyone else in the music field. In addition, the course is basically making you follow the steps that Leah did in her career, but when I researched her band I found that they are not successful in the slightest. Therefore this kind of invalidates the course as a whole.

創建者 Kaitlyn C


I'm taking the Music Business Specialization to learn more about the music industry and hopefully get information on artist management. This course is for musicians or bands and the prompts and final project focus directly on what to do as an artist. I found it very difficult to take this course and to answer the discussion questions not being a musician.

創建者 Manuela S O


This course is to focus on artist to be part of this specialization. Some lectures are pretty lame and bored. And if your are planning to become an artist manager, or working around an artist is useful, but questions are focused on you as an artist and it's impossible to develop the complete course without feeling alien.

創建者 Maxwell J


Gives almost no information about anything, the instructor feels like she's trying to sell me her album in like half the videos/readings, and the course can be completed extremely quickly.

創建者 Natalie S


this course is completely outdated & irrelevant today