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學生對 希伯来大学 提供的 Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: Nand to Tetris Part II (project-centered course) 的評價和反饋

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In this project-centered course you will build a modern software hierarchy, designed to enable the translation and execution of object-based, high-level languages on a bare-bone computer hardware platform. In particular, you will implement a virtual machine and a compiler for a simple, Java-like programming language, and you will develop a basic operating system that closes gaps between the high-level language and the underlying hardware platform. In the process, you will gain a deep, hands-on understanding of numerous topics in applied computer science, e.g. stack processing, parsing, code generation, and classical algorithms and data structures for memory management, vector graphics, input-output handling, and various other topics that lie at the very core of every modern computer system. This is a self-contained course: all the knowledge necessary to succeed in the course and build the various systems will be given as part of the learning experience. The only prerequisite is knowledge of programming at the level acquired in introduction to computer science courses. All the software tools and materials that are necessary to complete the course will be supplied freely after you enrol in the course. This course is accompanied by the textbook "The Elements of Computing Systems" (Nisan and Schocken, MIT Press). While not required for taking the course, the book provides a convenient coverage of all the course topics. The book is available in either hardcopy or ebook form, and MIT Press is offering a 30% discount off the cover price by using the discount code MNTT30 at The course consists of six modules, each comprising a series of video lectures, and a project. You will need about 2-3 hours to watch each module's lectures, and about 15 hours to complete each one of the six projects. The course can be completed in six weeks, but you are welcome to take it at your own pace. You can watch a TED talk about this course by Googling "nand2tetris TED talk". *About Project-Centered Courses: Project-centered courses are designed to help you complete a personally meaningful real-world project, with your instructor and a community of learners with similar goals providing guidance and suggestions along the way. By actively applying new concepts as you learn, you’ll master the course content more efficiently; you’ll also get a head start on using the skills you gain to make positive changes in your life and career. When you complete the course, you’ll have a finished project that you’ll be proud to use and share....



This is by far one of the best online-courses I have completed. Thumbs up, it was well worth my time and it will definitely help me on my never-ending journey of becoming a better software developer.


I'm a 13 year old 8th Grader from California. I loved this course and learned a lot! Thank you Mr.Schocken for putting together such a wonderful course! It was a thrill to finish the course finally!


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創建者 Eric


The difficulty design of coursework is unreasonable, and the difficulty span is large, which is unacceptable

創建者 Anders P


From Nand to Tetris part II is an incredibly valuable learning experience giving you the knowledge of all software layers, starting with assembly code all the way to high level code - essential for any professional application developer. Be aware, the work load of part II, in relation to part I, is massive. In my own experience, you'll need three times the time you used to complete part I. My three main suggestions for improving this course are; firstly, to shorten the video lecture, as subjects are repeated somewhat throughout the individual videos, secondly, decrease the weekly projects' scope - they are too massive risking to loose the student along the way, thirdly, provide more information from a single source on how to complete projects - information is currently spread throughout video lectures making it difficult to synthesise, while the information provided is too ambiguous. Having said this, my initial recommendation holds - And I wish you a pleasant experience with it!

創建者 Christopher J L


This is a fantastic course. It gives an in depth dive into computer science via an awesome case study - build your own computer! The pace is good for a user with intermediate experience with software. If you are a beginner with little experience, this course will be hard. The lecturers are very passionate and engaged and it makes for a wonderful learning experience. I would highly recommend doing both part 1 and part 2 of the Nand to Tetris course.

創建者 victor312


The grading interface could be better but the TA (Eytan) was highly responsive and patient, as well as informative. I think that the grading interface could be improved (output from the automatic grader), I'm not sure if this has been done already. But, this course is a real gem and definitely helps me understand the inner workings of computers, which is important for me as I come from a pure math background. Thank you!

創建者 Daniel N


This is by very very far the best (and most difficult) course I've ever taken- together with Nand to Tetris Part I. Part II requires much more effort and it took a long time for me but I cannot even begin to describe how fantastic of a journey it has been. It helped me in many different ways to become a better programmer. I'm very grateful for everyone who worked hard for this course to be available! Thanks so much!

創建者 Steven G


This is a brilliant and very challenging project oriented course. Even as a IT professional doing this course for fun the workload can be very demanding. Be prepared to work hard and for long hours to get through this course. But the tremendous feeling of accomplishment at the end makes it all worthwhile. I have not felt this way since my undergraduate days. Thank you for reigniting my passion.

創建者 James T


Absolutely phenomenal. One of the best and most instructive courses I've taken. This provided a much deeper understanding of computer internals than I'd previously had, and I'm shocked by how much ground was covered in this course. It took a lot of work, and while it is listed as 'beginner', I imagine it would be quite challenging to complete without having any experience programming.

創建者 Vivek N


By far the best MOOC I have taken - the focus on actual projects rather than simple quizzes keeps one continuously challenged.

The sense of accomplishment from building the entire stack of computing from ground up is really amazing.

The course instructors are great presenters and orators - there's no chance of getting bored - they bring great enthusiasm and passion into what they teach.

創建者 Yechen H


This is a great course to a great amount of knowledge about the compiler and programming language, and get some knowledge about the operating system.

I would definitely recommend to anyone in the tech area to take this course and wish I had the chance to take this course early in my career. It would have provided me with great knowledge and understanding.



Again a very good course. Even this course is a great one but I feel its not for beginners like Part1.Before opting for this course you should have a good knowledge of any programing language. Otherwise you will find it difficult to do some projects. But again the course shows you how the small pieces solve a big puzzle in efficient way.

創建者 Xander L


Absolutely superb. It's incredible how much ground is covered from start to finish, yet the design of the course, the languages and the computer itself are so elegantly conceived that the creators have achieved the seemingly impossible: to provide a deep understanding of every level of a modern computer system in 8 weeks. Thank you!

創建者 clemera


This course changed the way I think about programming and computers in many ways. Understanding and implementing the essential abstractions which make computers do their magic was one of the greatest learning experiences I ever had!

I'm thankful to the authors and they have all my respect for putting together such a great course!

創建者 Sam S


Excellent course. Very engaging projects and a big step up in difficulty / commitment from part 1. Anyone considering this course should likely have a basic knowledge of some programming language (Java, Python, whatever), as the compiler project will be a big challenge if you need to navigate a new language while completing it.

創建者 Robert S


Easily the most challenging and reward course I've taken on Coursera. Would recommend to anyone interested in learning how computers work to take both parts of this course. Be willing to give 10-20 hours each week to work on the programming projects, I was grateful for the extra buffer week to finish up my work.

創建者 Finlay H


Incredible course, automating testing could have been improved (more coverage of tests and more rigorous tests). However, I don't believe that was the point of the course or important in what was being taught. It has changed the way I view computer science and I have found it truly insightful.

創建者 foad v


Just as the first part of the course the second course is equally interesting. So much information to learn from this course yet taught in a very student friendly, intuitive and interactive way. Doing the programming exercises makes this course even more exciting. Check it out!

創建者 Kelly L


Learning about virtual machines, translators, parsing, syntax analysis, building a high level language compiler, building operating system libraries. A challenging course and very rewarding to complete and come away with a deeper understanding of computer architecture.

創建者 Mark V M


This was a great course which tied together so many loose ends for me. E.g., I knew that OO languages would add a hidden "this" parameter, that compiling would get rid of symbols, that malloc worked with a heap, but now I REALLY know how all that works.

創建者 Andrei P


Great course! Together with part1, it goes through how a computer does what it does, but in a simple way. That is not to say it's not valuable, it was very cool to see how things work behind the scenes and how they did all that! Best course I've done!

創建者 Liudmila N


Very well structured, you learn a lot, primarily by doing, which is the best learning. The project where you program in Jack is in my opinion unnecessary, and the OS part is just a bag of random stuff, but overall, one of the best courses out there.

創建者 Dieter M


You often ask yourself how computers really work, even if you have a computer science education. You usually learn individual aspects of technology. This course teaches everything. You get the full picture. Very demanding, but definitely worth it!

創建者 Stephen H


Great course! Cannot imagine how can I build in two weeks the whole compiling software that translates an OO language down to machine code! Although the part II needs more work than part I, it is still manageable and equally inspiring!

創建者 Дмитрий С


This course is a real gem. It is much harder than the first one though. The principal part of this course is about writing a compiler. Now I feel like I can write compilers :) Wow! The authors of this course are amazing people!

創建者 Alex P


I really enjoyed this beautiful course for 6 weeks. And it was very challengeable, but exciting for me.

I look forward to going Nand 2 Tetris Part 3 near furture.

Great thanks for Noam and Shimon with this great courses!!!

創建者 Shriharsh M


What an effort by the teachers! Such complex concepts simplified for a large and varied target audience. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the exercises for this course. I am eager to take up the part 3 whenever it comes out.