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學生對 杜克大学 提供的 Music as Biology: What We Like to Hear and Why 的評價和反饋

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The course will explore the tone combinations that humans consider consonant or dissonant, the scales we use, and the emotions music elicits, all of which provide a rich set of data for exploring music and auditory aesthetics in a biological framework. Analyses of speech and musical databases are consistent with the idea that the chromatic scale (the set of tones used by humans to create music), consonance and dissonance, worldwide preferences for a few dozen scales from the billions that are possible, and the emotions elicited by music in different cultures all stem from the relative similarity of musical tonalities and the characteristics of voiced (tonal) speech. Like the phenomenology of visual perception, these aspects of auditory perception appear to have arisen from the need to contend with sensory stimuli that are inherently unable to specify their physical sources, leading to the evolution of a common strategy to deal with this fundamental challenge....



May 17, 2020

This course helped me to see music from a different angle i.e through history and biology. Prof. Dales is a wonderful human being and has a beautiful gift of explaining things in a much simpler way.


Sep 22, 2016

This course has helped me to understand biological psychology of humans towards music. Based on this knowledge i am confident to create music which will seem good to the ears of humans.


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創建者 Pablo C

Nov 13, 2017

Awesome. This is probably the best online course I've ever taken.

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Jan 12, 2018

¡Excelente curso, gracias por la oportunidad de aprendizaje!

創建者 Miguelina G

Aug 29, 2019

Excelente curso, entusiasmada para aprender más. Gracias!

創建者 Sergei R

Apr 28, 2017

Great theory about music origins! thank you) was enjoyed!

創建者 Erich C

Oct 03, 2016

Very interesting, a stimulating and in depth course!

創建者 Walerson S C

Mar 29, 2016

Nice approach of great issues! Highly recommended!

創建者 Karen B

May 21, 2017

Excelente curso, me encanto.

100% Recomendado

創建者 Muntassir H

Sep 16, 2019

It was an amazing experience studying this.

創建者 Theo L

Apr 23, 2018

Really informative and superbly in depth

創建者 Aoyu Z

May 21, 2017

that's useful, intriguing and fantastic!

創建者 Alan d J G R

Jan 13, 2018

De los mejores cursos que he tomado.

創建者 Bart S

Mar 01, 2016

do this course again, great course!

創建者 Kondrateva E A

Aug 03, 2017

Very good and interesting course

創建者 Hanwen D

Sep 22, 2017

Very nice scheduled course!

創建者 Tamara L

Jun 18, 2017

Amazing Course! Thank You!

創建者 Stephanie T

May 20, 2017

Incredibly good :)

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Aug 09, 2016

Excellent course!

創建者 Julio C G L

Aug 09, 2017

Excelente curso.

創建者 Praveen K

Jul 27, 2017

A great Course !


May 06, 2020

Great for me.

創建者 Alfonso B A

Mar 06, 2020

very helpful

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Feb 26, 2020

Excellent 🤩

創建者 Sarah G d S

Oct 03, 2018


創建者 Krisztian H

Jun 13, 2017

Very good!

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Dec 06, 2017

Genial :)