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Mountains 101­­ is a broad and integrated overview of the mountain world. This 12-lesson course covers an interdisciplinary field of study focusing on the physical, biological, and human dimensions of mountain places in Alberta, Canada, and around the world. Specifically, we'll study the geological origins of mountains, how they’re built-up and worn-down over time; we’ll learn about their importance for biodiversity and water cycles, globally and locally; we’ll explore their cultural significance to societies around the globe, and how that relationship has evolved over time; and we’ll learn how mountains are used, how they’re protected, and how today they’re experiencing rapid change in a warming climate. At the end of each lesson, Mountains 101 will also provide learners with some smart tricks -- Tech Tips -- to safely enjoy time in the high alpine environment: from how to pick the best footwear for hiking to making smart decisions in avalanche terrain. We’ll be delivering your online lessons from valley bottoms to mountaintops, from museums and labs, to alpine huts and other spectacular alpine sites, and we’ll do so with the help of a whole host of experts. We invite you to join us for this online adventure! The mountains are calling......



Dec 23, 2017

So interesting! So well made, every lesson is thought out the interactive mountain map was a joy to complete each time! Incredibly thoughtful and sensitive to every aspect that touches the mountains.


Aug 01, 2020

Incredibly well-produced set of videos that are highly educational, well-rounded, beautiful, and interesting. I hope it leaves you wanting to both visit and protect these places, as it did for me.


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創建者 Austin J

Apr 09, 2020

Completed this course as part of my professional development hours to renew my Interpretive Guides Association certification as a Rocky Mountain Guide. This was a nice sweeping review of EVERYTHING related to mountains. I think anyone interested in nature and who loves mountains, but hasn't studied or read about them much before can learn a lot. Most of the lessons were lacking the depth that I hoped they would cover, but I did come out with a lot a healthy reminders around the technical vocabulary for concepts that have become cloudy over time and some great interpretive bits to share with guests on my trips in the future. Absolutely recommend this course if the topic interests you. It is presented in a very dynamic way for a 100% online class. Great work!

創建者 Alice

Aug 12, 2019

I took this free online course to help prepare for my Masters in MSc Sustainable Mountain Development at the University of the Highlands & Islands in September 2019. I come from a Hospitality/Tourism Management background, have a bit of experience of hiking holidays in the Alps and working in a ski resort in Austria, as well as my Bachelors dissertation on sustainable tourism development in the Alps. This course helped me understand the more science-y/geology/geography aspects that I didn't study in my Bachelors. Those parts of the course were a bit more difficult for me but the cultural and development aspects were easier. Overall I really enjoyed the course and would highly recommend this course for anyone who's interested in learning about mountains.

創建者 Shivani R J

May 10, 2020

I visited Canada in the summer of 2019 as a research intern at the University of Regina. During my 3 month stay in Canada, I got the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful national parks and places in Canada such as the Banff National park, Grasslands National Park. I even got to sit on one of the iconic Red chairs and appreciate the true natural beauty of the mountain world. Since then I've developed a deep connection and passion for mountains and the environment. This course brought back some wonderful memories from my visit to Banff and I look forward to visiting so many fascinating sites discussed during this course. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful course and instilling a passion for the environment in young minds.

創建者 Aaron L W

Apr 16, 2018

As an ecologist by education, and an outdoors lover by experience, this course helped me better understand and appreciate the mountain environments and rekindle that love I had back in college in learning all I can about the outdoors. Being from Minnesota, USA, there aren't any mountains nearby, so this course was very insightful and allowed me, through the videos and testimonies of all those involved, to get a view and feel for what the mountains have to offer. I am starting to plan my first mountaineering adventure with my wife and kids, which will hopefully take place next year, and instill in them my love of the outdoors, and what we can do to preserve that beauty for future generations to come. Thank you very much for this course.

創建者 Aurimas S

Jul 29, 2017

Not being from the mountainous country myself, I truly enjoy visiting and watching mountains. This course provided me with a lot of useful and interesting information, that will allow me to enjoy mountain even more in the future. The course is really nicely organized, the pictures and videos of mountains during lessons make them more entertaining (sometimes during lessons I needed to go backwards to re-listen to what was being told, because I focused my attention too much on the picturesque backgrounds :) ). The teachers were great, and the interviews throughout the course provided even more variety of information. Overall, one of the best and most professional online course I have taken over the years! Amazing job!

創建者 CM C

Apr 12, 2017

This is one of the best college level classes I've ever taken, and my first online class. The slides were beautiful, there was just the right amount of general concepts and specific examples, and many shots were done on location. The instructors were well spoken, informed, enthusiastic, and even had a sense of humour. I live in the mountains of Montana, and I now have a better understanding of where I live, and many things to look for as I walk around in the US and Canadian Rockies. I 'm at a loss to say just how much I enjoyed this class, how much I learned, and how much I was inspired to learn more. Thanks for putting so much care, enthusiasm, and science into this class. Please continue with a Mountains 201.

創建者 Veronica M

Apr 24, 2020

This has been an exceptionally interesting and enjoyable course and I congratulate not only our two front lecturer/presenters but absolutely everyone who has played a part in delivering the programme.

The videos, reading and quizzes and broad overview of such an immense subject have been outstanding and such that I am keen to study some aspects in more depth - congratulations to everyone at the University of Alberta!

Finally I should say that I am a long time retiree in the UK, currently in strict isolation due to the Coronavirus, and Mountains 101 has been a superb diversion from the news of the pandemic all around us. I dream of the day when this is past and I can be back in the mountains!

創建者 Chris T

May 20, 2020

I learnt so much from this course (and I'm coming from an environmental science background). It was superbly presented, the content was engaging and scaffolded appropriately, and the interviews with other scientists, professors and the tech team really complemented the course. Lastly, I felt somehow emotionally invested in this course, a combination of the subject matter and also the passion that was evident in the team that made it. This was the first course I completed (and I've taken 5 others over the last 5 years), and I think in a large part that it was because of how this course was designed. I wish you all the best, and look forward to the next content that comes out.

創建者 Christy S

Nov 24, 2017

I immensely enjoyed taking this course. I was really satisfied the diversity of voices that were included in the lessons, including men and women from Canada Parks staff, a wide range of academics and specialists, First Nations peoples, and more. The course does a tremendous job exposing us to so many different topics in accessible ways--everything from art, history of thought about mountains, meteorology, geology, and so much more. The professors' passion and enthusiasm for the topics was infectious and by the end of the course they felt like friends. Absolutely recommended to anyone interested! It's a wonderful way to spend a-1.5 hours/week for 12 weeks!

創建者 Jazmin O

May 11, 2020

Highly recommend!

A comprehensive and holistic view of mountains past, present and future, covering the geological phenomena that create them, the social and human impacts, and plant and wildlife that live in mountains. It takes an interdisciplinary approach, view interviews (many of them on the field) with scientists and writers that study mountains. It is challenging to absorb a lot of information in the time provided, but self pacing makes this a very approachable course. The instructors and their guest experts are fantastic. Especially recommended course for anyone who spends time in the outdoors.

創建者 Balvan S

Jun 30, 2020

Wow! first of all I pay my respect to all the persons involved in designing this course. My native place is a small village in the lap of Himalayas (India). This course provided me the basic knowledge about mountains and how we live here. There are alot of information which I am gonna use in my day to day life. There are new things which my parents aur grandparents used to do like burning the fields and I always stopped them for doing that. Thank you team Mountains 101 for educating me. Wanna study more about mountains. Once again I thank you all for this wonderful course.

創建者 Elías B E

Aug 18, 2017

A really interesting and entertaining course. As a ranger in a national park in Iceland it also benefited me in my work.

My only complaints are that sometimes you can feel that the audio needs to be remastered. The sound quality of the lecturers voices vary during a single lecture and there is only one song used (which is too dramatic in the first place and already over used in week 2). Also, the prime minister ending was too much. It felt like having a desert that's way too sweet and you want to vomit.

But these are negligible factors. The course was great, thanks a lot!

創建者 Alex M V

Apr 29, 2020

You guys are amazing! Zac & David and all the staff, thanks for making this course as perfect as you did. I was in Canada Parks last year, before taking the course, and my time there was fantastic. Now I cannot wait to go back again with all the new things that I know! Every lesson is super complete (the maps section and the tips for having a nice experience in the mountains are super nice) and as a student, its super grateful to feel the love that you feel for the mountains. I will kind of miss you from now on.. You're awesome. Best course I've made in coursera !

創建者 Anthony A

Apr 17, 2020

Skeptical at first. However, the course is well-worth taking. It is somewhat superficial, but it is a 101 course, as advertised. The quality of the video and photography is absolutely outstanding, the best I have ever seen. This is an excellent course for everyone. The video quality alone makes this course worth taking. Mountains for most people are distant and abstract places. However, they are integral to all our lives. There are a few typos and vague wording in the tests and quizzes. However, I am a professional academic copy editor, so I notice them.

創建者 Jean M O

May 12, 2020

When deciding which Coursera course to take I chose Mountains 101 for no specific reason. As the course unfolded so many reasons became apparent. I really enjoyed the interviews with the experts, the beautiful videos, and the very challenging maps. (I feel somewhat ready for Jeopardy now. jk) This course is a perfect introduction to mountains and taught me so much. Each chapter was unique and well-organized. I actually looked forward to getting to the material every time I opened my computer to work on the course. I want to move to the Banff area now!

創建者 Miriam B

Mar 24, 2017

The course does an excellent job of providing a basic understanding of the multi-disciplinary facets of mountains with enough detail to display their complexity and awesomeness, but not so much that you lose sight of the draw of the mountains which brought you to the course in the first place. The visuals in the videos are appropriate and wonderful; while many of the locations are recognizable to those familiar particularly with the Rocky Mountains, it would have been an extra bonus if the locations of the background shots could have been referenced.

創建者 Coralee K

Mar 01, 2017

I went into this course with a geologic understanding of mountains and I was pleasantly surprised by how much more there was to know about mountains. I loved the graphics and thought that the videos were well put together, and I really liked that there were so many knowledgeable guest speakers from all over (not just from Canada or Alberta). After learning about the Banff Springs Snail at the Cave and Basin in Banff National Park I can't wait for warmer weather to go see them for myself! A great course to help broaden your knowledge of mountains.

創建者 Marcia V

Jun 28, 2020

Amazing course, with very interesting and useful content. The information is delivered in a clear and dynamical way, that keeps the viewer engaged and interested in learning more. I really enjoyed hearing from various experts in different fields, and the tech tips were definitely a nice bonus. I also enjoyed very much the offer that the course producers put into showing all the photos and images of beautiful mountain landscapes, which definitely contributes to keeping the viewers engaged. Thank you for the great time I had attending Mountains 101!

創建者 Pedro H L

Jul 21, 2020

He estudiado Ciencias Ambientales en la Universidad de Málaga y he podido repasar algunos de los conceptos aprendidos. Me ha parecido muy completo y bien organizado. Le pongo la máxima nota porque soy un amante de la naturaleza , hago senderismo cada vez que puedo y la montaña es mi pasión. Me encantaría poder dedicarme a algo relacionado con la montaña en unos años, cuando acabe mis estudios. He empatizado mucho con la visión y la manera de pensar de los canadienses sobre el medio ambiente. Muchas gracias por todo, un saludo desde España.

創建者 Emily M

Jun 09, 2017

Very well planned, fascinating course. While the curriculum only has the tip of the iceberg, it was enough to get me interested in certain subjects to go research them on my own. I like that they have a section of Suggested Reading in the notes, it was nice to be able to have a direction to go when I wanted to read more on the different subjects. Great starter 101 course, had a lot of curriculum that I was pleasantly surprised to see!

Also, the videos were gorgeous, lots of beautiful mountain landscapes. Made it very enjoyable to watch!

創建者 Joscelyn V R

Jul 07, 2020

Fue un curso maravilloso y creo que podría retomarlo porque toca temas específicos relacionados a las montañas, pero lo hace tan comprensible y te mantiene tan concentrada que quieres seguir viendo más y más. Respecto a los temas que toca, me agradó mucho que tocaran (además de los procesos físicos, químicos y biológico), temas relacionados a la sociedad y lo estético-cultural, son temas que no se resaltan mucho cuando se hablan de montañas y me parece algo genial el enfoque que le han dado al curso. ¡Muchas gracias!

創建者 Alessandro c

Apr 14, 2020

This was a wonderful course. I really enjoyed the comprehensiveness of the approach: geography, climate, cultural aspects, biodiversity

I particularly appreciated the glaciology and geology lessons. I have an house in the Alps and always spent a lot of time in the mountains. I think that awarness of mountains ecosystems is extremely important for all the consequences it has on our lives.

I have a particular interest in Mountaineering books .

Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

Thanks for giving us this opportunity

創建者 Michaela C

Jul 01, 2020

My experience has been challenging, learning again after years away from education, yet it has been so fulfilling.

For anybody considering the Nature then I would definitely recommend the Mountain course.

The tutors are amazing, also all the fantastic team that collaborated during the course.

I have personally enjoyed and I have only positives to say about this experience.

I'm glad I made the choice and chose University of Alberta to study more about this miracle of nature named Mountains.

Thank everybody involved!