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學生對 北京大学 提供的 More Chinese for Beginners 的評價和反饋

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This is an advanced course for Chinese for beginners. Learners will expand vocabularies about personal information, daily life, food and drink, healthy, and expressions about greeting, suggestion, agreement, comparison, complaint, prohibition, experience, plan, recommendation, etc. Learners can improve their listening and speaking and know much more about Chinese social cultures. As the same as Chinese for beginners, the course doesn’t ask the learners to know Chinese characters. Recommended Background: For learners with certain English language ability and better have attended Chinese for beginners....




Great course, I enjoyed learning Chinese in this method.\n\nThe videos were straightforward. The pronunciation was clear enough to understand without and difficultly. I would recommend this course.



This course was great to complete! I really enjoyed it and have learned a lot these past weeks! Thanks to the teacher and all the people involved in creating this learning opportunity!!


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創建者 Søren A


This course is very well structured and doable. Each week is divided into 4 bite sized lessons and build upon each other. The Chinese voices are very clear and easy to listen to. The video lessons are well constructed and a great teaching tool. The main instructor is very watchable and clearly explains the language points in each video. As someone who has done a number of beginner Chinese courses this was easily one of the best!



Respected Laoshi, First of all i am very thank ful to you and the whole Coursera team who is doing great job. I find this course a very helpful . The things i learned in this course is greetings with someone and the basic daily life communication. I suggest this course should be taken by all beginners. Looking forward for more courses like this.

Thank you once again. ( Wo hen kai xin xuexi hanyu gen nin)



Un curso bien didáctico y explicativo para aprender aspectos básicos del lenguaje Chino, asi como sus expresiones, y usos en distintos tipos de situaciones, y acompañado de aspectos culturales que hacen muy interesante el aprendizaje y conocimento del idioma. Ideal para los que tomaron el curso Chinese for Beginners 1. y desean profundizar un poco mas, dentro del nivel principiante.

創建者 Michael J C


This is an excellent introduction to Chinese language and grammar. I think it could have some introduction to written Chinese because Pinyin is not so common. I struggled with some of the quizzes where written answers were given, even when my answers were correct some quizzes required stops (.) others didn't. Apart from that it was excellent.

創建者 Tram B N


The teacher is so energy and teach so awesome. She's also gorgeous, as you know. The content and videos are so good, high quality. I think all of you spend a lot of time to make these useful videos. Thank in advance! I hope you will have more and more perfect Chinese classes in the future.

創建者 Huyen N N


Amazing course with a brilliant instructor and practical content. There is a wide range of conversational topics that are highly applicable to everyday situations. You should definitely learn this after "Chinese for Beginners". Thank you very much for a helpful course!

創建者 Chutikarn N


I like this course so much, I think it is very interesting and beneficial for students who are finding the institute for learning Chinese. Among this situation, it helps students a lot. If I have a chance, I will enroll in the next course certainly. Thank you so much.

創建者 Graziele R


This course was amazing, I learned a lot about the culture and the language. So I hope a day having the opportunity to go to China, meanly in Beijing and I''ll enjoy learn more and to have the pleasure in having a conversation with Professor Xiaoyu Liu.

創建者 Fiorella C


Would be even better if hanzi is included through conversations and lessons. It helps more to remember the meaning of words. Also the quizzes should be longer and more difficult to practice more the vocab and grammar. Overall, great course! very useful.

創建者 Celine G V


I love how there are detailed explanations on the Chinese grammar.

I find it really helpful because even though I've already learnt most of the basics but I'm still struggling with Chinese grammar.

Thank you. I really enjoy learning with this course.

創建者 Jessyca R P


I loved this course, it has basic topics but they can be very helpful in any situation. You learn too much the correct pronunciation of each word and phrase and what I liked the most is that it contains too much interesting information about China.



Thank you so much for your kind. I promise that I will practice and improve myself continually and thank you Coursera staffs, Peking University and also Ms. Xiaoyu Liu. I am really appreciated and I will always remember the Chinese online learning.

創建者 Ashley S


Thank you Professor Xiaoyu Liu this is the second course of mandarin I take with you. You have helped me in my journey to mandarin language learning. During the course you will learn a lot, just stay focused and love language learning.

創建者 Valeryia N


I really like the course. It gives insights into the culture, which you can hardly find out on your own. Some grammar and vocabulary have been presented in an easy to comprehend way. I recommend the course to other students.

創建者 Eduardo A


Curso bem legal, bom continuação pra quem já fez o Chinese for Beginners, ajudou a aprender um pouco mais de gramática, vocabulário, expressões básicas usadas em situações comuns, sempre de um jeito prático e leve.

創建者 Kaung M T


Thank you Peking University for offering this course in free enrollment. I enjoyed learning Chinese through this course. This course provided bite-sized lecture videos and mini quizzes. It really help me a lot.

創建者 Jack H


I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I was my second course with the same instructor, Xiaoyu Liu. She has a very pleasant personality, obviously enjoys teaching, and she moves the course along at a very good pace.

創建者 Waqar A K


I specially thank once again, the course instructor Associate Professor Xiaoyu Liu, the Peiking University and the Coursera Team for providing such a good course for free.

Xie xie nin! Xiaoyu Liu lao shi

創建者 A O


very well structured and explained, with a variey of topics to learn from, and plenty of vocabulary. I just missed the hanzi, since there is only oinyin and english.

Thank you very much or this course!

創建者 Aramis F


If you have completed the Chinese for Beginners, first part, then this is a continuation for your Mandaring learning journey. Again, excelent videos will help you lear speak and write some characters.

創建者 Lorena F


After this course, I feel more open to hear a lot of new words and sometimes distinguish them in, let say, songs and tv shows. I'm glad u guys made this awesome course online for free. 都谢!

創建者 Nadine W


T​his course was great to complete! I really enjoyed it and have learned a lot these past weeks! Thanks to the teacher and all the people involved in creating this learning opportunity!!

創建者 Cristhian R


This one is the best course that I've taken to learning Chinese that's so amazing and I amused because this helped me a lo to improve my listening and speaking skills. I'm so grateful

創建者 Thành L H


the lecture is very useful and attractive. Helped me get more vocabulary and discover more about Chinese culture. You are doing well the advertisement for your country. Thank you !

創建者 Allan G


It is unbelievable how much all my skills have upleveled since I started studying chinese.. I feel wiser about everything in life.. it is indeed worth of every second.