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學生對 哥伦比亚大学 提供的 Economics of Money and Banking 的評價和反饋

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The last three or four decades have seen a remarkable evolution in the institutions that comprise the modern monetary system. The financial crisis of 2007-2009 is a wakeup call that we need a similar evolution in the analytical apparatus and theories that we use to understand that system. Produced and sponsored by the Institute for New Economic Thinking, this course is an attempt to begin the process of new economic thinking by reviving and updating some forgotten traditions in monetary thought that have become newly relevant. Three features of the new system are central. Most important, the intertwining of previously separate capital markets and money markets has produced a system with new dynamics as well as new vulnerabilities. The financial crisis revealed those vulnerabilities for all to see. The result was two years of desperate innovation by central banking authorities as they tried first this, and then that, in an effort to stem the collapse. Second, the global character of the crisis has revealed the global character of the system, which is something new in postwar history but not at all new from a longer time perspective. Central bank cooperation was key to stemming the collapse, and the details of that cooperation hint at the outlines of an emerging new international monetary order. Third, absolutely central to the crisis was the operation of key derivative contracts, most importantly credit default swaps and foreign exchange swaps. Modern money cannot be understood separately from modern finance, nor can modern monetary theory be constructed separately from modern financial theory. That's the reason this course places dealers, in both capital markets and money markets, at the very center of the picture, as profit-seeking suppliers of market liquidity to the new system of market-based credit....



An intellectually engaging course opening a debate about how we think about markets and how we should tackle the current challenges. Accessible to non-economists. I warmly recommend it to everyone.


This course is really useful to me ... I was always interested on monetary and fiscal policies and associate mechanism in Macroeconomics and this course covers the Monetary part in good details.


101 - Economics of Money and Banking 的 125 個評論(共 297 個)

創建者 Rajya M


Prof. Perry Mehrling has presented the course with linkage of traditional and shadow banking and loved taking his classes. Thank you Coursera :)

創建者 Roman S


A mind-blowing course that helps you build an intuition about the nature and the current state of money (and to some extent capital) markets.

創建者 Pramanshu R


Quite exhaustive course covering details about banking and finance. Amazing Professor, good content. The focus on current events is good too.

創建者 Mahmood A K E


Really amazing in terms of views and knowledge to be acquired.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone looking to expand in the domain.

創建者 Yechen H


A different way to look at today's Financial World. The material is well structured and easy to understand. Thank you Professor Mehrling.

創建者 Miquel B L


Excellent course with very enlightening explanaitions of how the modern financial system works thorugh the lenses of monetary economics.

創建者 Michele C


Very interesting and unusual course on banking system held by a good professor who is also inspired by the history of economic thought.

創建者 Thoshitha


The basics were well taught and understandable in 1 time view of video and the standards of the university are great! Thanks coursera!

創建者 Sushant G


Excellent course by Professor Perry G Mehrliing. Learned a lot on money and banking. I can read FT now.

Thanks to Columbia University.

創建者 Atulya S


Amazing insights into the evolution and working of money markets.Last chapters tying to economic theory could have been more detailed

創建者 Ilias M


Professor Mehrling will make you connect the dots. Masterfully conceived and delivered. Many thanks and much appreciation Professor.

創建者 Juho V


Enlightening stuff and really well presented! The second half was occasionally hard to follow without without economics background.

創建者 Ian M


Fantastic work by Dr. Mehrling, this course should be a priority for anyone looking to develop a profound macro view of the world.

創建者 Pablo S A


Incredible teacher. A lot of useful information that provides you with an eagle view of monetary and financial markets as a whole.

創建者 Frederic L G


Very progressive, interesting, maybe too complex for my goals in the last weeks. Highly recommended to understand today's world.

創建者 Parth G


Mind Blowing approach to teach. Got the new angles of the economy and banking. Expanded the vision significantly on the subject.

創建者 Erik M


Really interesting. Sometimes a bit difficult to follow and vague, but yes, certainly a pleasant and worthwhile experience.

創建者 Jiao S


Probably the most amazing course I have ever taken in economics and finance. I would definitely recommend to every student!

創建者 Pavlo L


Great course overall

It gives you insight into what is banking about as well as what is considered to be money and credit

創建者 sarah a m a a r


An amazing course that show the light on many economic monetary polices and banking and many more overall very usefull

創建者 Yiannis B


One of the best courses I have followed!

I am expecting an update on the course.

Thank you for this wonderful experience.

創建者 Bernardo R S


Amazing course. Thanks Coursera and teacher for this fantastic classes. I´m Brazilian and enjoy this opportunity a lot.

創建者 Jack W


Teacher is really great and the content is amazing. really opened my eyes to the economy from a financial perspective

創建者 Matthew L


This is an excellent course and very helpful for anyone who wishes to learn about the 21st century financial system.

創建者 Borja P O


he content of the course is very complete and rigorous and the teacher is excellent. Very good additional resources.