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學生對 西北大学 提供的 Modern Robotics, Course 1: Foundations of Robot Motion 的評價和反饋

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Do you want to know how robots work? Are you interested in robotics as a career? Are you willing to invest the effort to learn fundamental mathematical modeling techniques that are used in all subfields of robotics? If so, then the "Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control" specialization may be for you. This specialization, consisting of six short courses, is serious preparation for serious students who hope to work in the field of robotics or to undertake advanced study. It is not a sampler. In Course 1 of the specialization, Foundations of Robot Motion, you will learn fundamental material regarding robot configurations, for both serial robot mechanisms and robots with closed chains. You will learn about configuration space (C-space), degrees of freedom, C-space topology, implicit and explicit representations of configurations, and holonomic and nonholonomic constraints. You will also learn how to represent spatial velocities and forces as twists and wrenches. This material is at the core of the study of anything that moves (e.g., robots). This course follows the textbook "Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control" (Lynch and Park, Cambridge University Press 2017). You can purchase the book or use the free preprint pdf. You will build on a library of robotics software in the language of your choice (among Python, Mathematica, and MATLAB) and use the free cross-platform robot simulator V-REP, which allows you to work with state-of-the-art robots in the comfort of your own home and with zero financial investment....



Jan 03, 2019

This is the place to start your journey into robotics. But stick to the entire 6 courses. This course is about laying out the basics so don't expect making robots straightaway. All the best!


Jun 10, 2019

it was good intro to the field of robotics. this course has intrigued my interest to learn further in the area of robotics. I would recommend this course for aspiring roboticist


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創建者 sanshodhan

Apr 15, 2020

Very Good and a bit tough course

創建者 Leandro M

Aug 28, 2018

Exciting and very useful course.

創建者 Bruno C F

Apr 01, 2020

thanks for this great course !

創建者 Shawn J D

Oct 22, 2018

Lovely course. Really helpful

創建者 Thilina H W

Nov 29, 2019

Great well-structured Course

創建者 Abhinav R

Jan 21, 2020

Superbly Informative.

創建者 Shubham T

Apr 29, 2020

Well planned course.

創建者 Akshat B

Jan 07, 2020

Great Course!

創建者 Poonam K

Jun 28, 2019

great course

創建者 Gona S N

Oct 26, 2019


創建者 Saurav D

May 04, 2020


創建者 Elishai E T

Oct 17, 2019


創建者 Munnangi A R

Mar 02, 2020


創建者 隋东霖

Jan 27, 2020


創建者 P.Ganesh

Apr 14, 2020


創建者 Pramath P N

Apr 13, 2020

i thought this course would be like a beginner course but i was rather a difficult one. If anyone is looking for a career in this field then please take this course. If anyone is just interested in robotics(like me), then do not take this course as it is a specialisation course and not for beginners

創建者 Aditya C

Jun 02, 2020

It was a great course and I got to learn a lot. The tests were not easy to solve which ensured complete understanding of the concepts. However, would have been the best if the concepts were explained more clearly in the video in simple language.

創建者 Shashwat J

Oct 13, 2019

The course could have been better by giving more challenging project so that students can understand how much important are the fundamentals and a solid base is always beneficial before learning anything new.

創建者 Jishnu S

Apr 26, 2020

Great course and very good exercises. But it is completely self study, no use or very little use of video lectures. Not sure how its going to be in later courses of this specialization.

創建者 Aditya H

Apr 20, 2020

Some tutorials provided for instructing about how to use Matlab would have been great.Otherwise everything else was great.

創建者 Ayush K P

Oct 28, 2019

It is the best course to start the career in the field of robotics.All the explanation related to the terms and topics in the video is very short.It gives the theory part in a good way. But there is no numerical problem, which is tough to understand it and how to implement it.If this platform will provide the answer key of book ,it will be very helpful for all the user to match their answer(Only answer Key of the all chapters).


Mar 30, 2020

certain things were hard to grasp expecting more detailed explanations in an easier language

創建者 Abdelrahman s

Sep 03, 2019

The information in the videos are too little and lacks good example

the course need more solved examples

創建者 Elena O

Jun 26, 2018

Awful. It is just a glimpse of a course.