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學生對 西北大学 提供的 Modern Robotics, Course 1: Foundations of Robot Motion 的評價和反饋

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Do you want to know how robots work? Are you interested in robotics as a career? Are you willing to invest the effort to learn fundamental mathematical modeling techniques that are used in all subfields of robotics? If so, then the "Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control" specialization may be for you. This specialization, consisting of six short courses, is serious preparation for serious students who hope to work in the field of robotics or to undertake advanced study. It is not a sampler. In Course 1 of the specialization, Foundations of Robot Motion, you will learn fundamental material regarding robot configurations, for both serial robot mechanisms and robots with closed chains. You will learn about configuration space (C-space), degrees of freedom, C-space topology, implicit and explicit representations of configurations, and holonomic and nonholonomic constraints. You will also learn how to represent spatial velocities and forces as twists and wrenches. This material is at the core of the study of anything that moves (e.g., robots). This course follows the textbook "Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control" (Lynch and Park, Cambridge University Press 2017). You can purchase the book or use the free preprint pdf. You will build on a library of robotics software in the language of your choice (among Python, Mathematica, and MATLAB) and use the free cross-platform robot simulator V-REP, which allows you to work with state-of-the-art robots in the comfort of your own home and with zero financial investment....



Very Engineering driven course and you better be ready for the calculations... Made for Engineers.\n\nComing from an Electrical/Electronic background it was really intuitive. I plan on continuing...


This is the place to start your journey into robotics. But stick to the entire 6 courses. This course is about laying out the basics so don't expect making robots straightaway. All the best!


76 - Modern Robotics, Course 1: Foundations of Robot Motion 的 100 個評論(共 179 個)

創建者 مهارات ث و إ


I was subjected to very difficult conditions, and I cannot complete the course while I am sorry

創建者 Igor C


Was a good in-depth introduction to the field of robotics. Looking forward for the next courses

創建者 Agajan T


Very good course with the necessary technical details. The content quality is perfect.

創建者 Dmitry P


The course is really great structured, i ll continue the study with much joy. Thanks!

創建者 Raghavendra G


The exercises were challenging and the course content is pretty good and methodical.

創建者 Ishan K


extremely concise videos with great coverage of material through well-made quizzes

創建者 Somya A


Absolutely amazing course! I learnt a lot of kinematics in the span of four weeks.

創建者 Ammar Y B M


Amazing course! A brilliant start for those intending to specialize in Robotics.

創建者 Onur A


It is very instructive course. It builds the foundation of robotics. Very useful

創建者 Paul O


Great starter course! Covers the basics of motion and mathematics for robotics.

創建者 Christopher S


I think that this course was well done. Though it was a bit of a review for me.



Excellent choice for students who are really interested in learning robotics.

創建者 Aneesh S


This course is very well structured and all the given material is very good.

創建者 mostafa h s


this course very interesting it give you general idea of the robot

thank you

創建者 Tianyi Z


Great course.

It solves the problems that I did not understand for a while

創建者 Amal R K C


Very Informative. Should have included more application level examples..

創建者 Punniyawarthana S


For sure, everyone will learn something new at the end of this course.

創建者 Kangqi N


Very helpful and informative course. Take much time but really worthy.

創建者 Swapneel B M


To clear your basic concepts, this course is a good start in robotics.

創建者 D P k


Very good course , very useful study material .The book is awesome .

創建者 Lenty,Chang


Professor Lynch teach in a very clear way. So is textbook written.

創建者 Rangana J


Had much knowladge. Really good. Thank You Northwestern University

創建者 Ravindra D


Its nice experience to complete, first course in Modern Robotics.

創建者 sukrita p


very good course to indulge into robotics. :D thanks you so much.

創建者 Neeraj


A​ good course where we could learn the fundamental of robotics.