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學生對 莱顿大学 提供的 Mind of the Universe - Genetic Privacy: should we be concerned? 的評價和反饋

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Should all our genetic information be made public in order to eradicate genetic diseases from this world? Who owns your genetic data once it becomes publicly accessible? What is your responsibility to family members when you know more about genetic diseases than they do? Who decides what kind of genetic information is relevant to a person? And what does genetic privacy mean to you? In this challenge with Robert Zwijnenberg (Professor in Art and Science Interactions) you will critically reflect upon the issue of genetic privacy. You will dive into the ethical questions that come up with the disclosure of genetic data in biobanks and through genetic tests. This course encourages you to think about the cultural, philosophical and political tensions present in the debate around genetic privacy. You are invited to identify and listen to the viewpoints and values provided by the different stakeholders that shape this debate: corporations, researchers, consumers and patients. Furthermore, you will go off the beaten track by exploring the issue from the unique perspective of art and culture. After a lot of thinking, supplementing, deleting and adjusting, you will be asked to share a recommendation on how to regulate practices of disclosing genetic information, while taking into consideration the concept of genetic privacy. Your advice could serve as an eye-opener for policy makers! This online learning experience is a spin-off of The Mind of the Universe documentary series created by the Dutch broadcasting company VPRO and professor Robbert Dijkgraaf, Princeton University. A number of universities in the Netherlands have used the open source material of the documentary series as a starting point to create similar experiences....



1 - Mind of the Universe - Genetic Privacy: should we be concerned? 的 4 個評論(共 4 個)

創建者 Martin J

May 16, 2018

I find this course shallow. The videos and materials are very short and never get into any depth. I did not find much substance in the course. The only useful part for me was the peer discussion and seeing the opinions of other students.

It is more effective to find a good science-journalism article on the topic of genetic data privacy, rather than to do this course.

創建者 Alice Z

Apr 16, 2020

This course was amazing. It provided facts from numerous venues and actually sought students opinions. What a concept.

This is a great and short opportunity to delve into yourself and the basis of your own decisions.

創建者 Rupert H

May 22, 2018

Great information on a topic that I have never really given much attention to. Great instructor and the course is well laid out. Strongly recommended.

創建者 Joy S

Oct 01, 2018

Way too short. Seems like they did not try very hard. Too bad because it's a fascinating subject.