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學生對 伊利诺伊大学香槟分校 提供的 微观经济学原理 的評價和反饋

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Most people make the incorrect assumption that economics is ONLY the study of money. My primary goal in this course is to shatter this belief. During this course, we will be addressing the above questions as well as many more relating to: -the environment -love and marriage -crime -labor markets -education -politics -sports -business My main goal is to show you the way economists think and how to use this analytical system to answer questions related not only to these and other important human issues but to anything you end up doing with your life after this class. After all, as you will quickly find out, I believe that everything is economics!...



Mar 14, 2019

It's a very well made course. Special thanks to Dr Jose for conveying the fundamentals of Microeconomics in such a lucid and simple way which helps in developing a solid intuition for the subject. :)


Jul 16, 2017

Great way to explain economics, especially for students with english as a second language. Thanks for dividing the videos into smaller parts making me able to plan my schedule in great flexibility.


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創建者 Sam S

Aug 27, 2017

Top quality with real-life examples. Helpful for first time learners!

創建者 Gunduz A

May 09, 2020

I wrote about Coursera on the final forum. Thanks for everything! :)

創建者 游顺

Nov 02, 2016

Thanks for coursera to give me a changce to study with Jose Vazquez.

創建者 林威宇

Nov 27, 2016

Very solid and useful lessions.

I'll highly recommend it.

Many Thanks

創建者 Zexin D

Jul 09, 2020

Highly Rated. Examples from daily life help me to well understand.

創建者 Scott M

Jun 29, 2020

Excellent course execution and lectures! I would highly recommend

創建者 阮博男

Feb 06, 2018

Thanks for your excellent teaching and good examples in economics!

創建者 Philip M

Oct 09, 2016

very enjoyable course. helps to see things from a new perspective.

創建者 Javier Á R

Jul 21, 2016

Great course!. Thanks to the people who developed and worked on it

創建者 Shruti G

Jul 21, 2020

It is an amazing course. Worth every bit of its opportunity cost.

創建者 Afik w

Aug 21, 2020

a very nice way to learn the basic point of view of economics

創建者 姚心琦

Jul 09, 2017


創建者 Karen T

Jul 06, 2017



Mar 22, 2020

One of best online teacher and best online course i ever had

創建者 M R

Aug 24, 2019

This Course is easy to understand with professional lecturer

創建者 Lasya P

Jul 02, 2020

It was really an amazing experience listening to Dr.Jose .

創建者 李昆

Jun 11, 2020


創建者 Rishabh G

Sep 26, 2020

excellent course it enhanced my understanding of economics

創建者 Mauricio U M

Jul 14, 2020

Excellent course and instructor. Highly recommended to all

創建者 KM N H

May 05, 2020

This was an amazing one! Dr Jose is an outstanding mentor!

創建者 Souvik C

Oct 26, 2019

Great course, learned a whole ton. Definitely recommended.

創建者 Yuhang H

Aug 04, 2019

The course has all the basic knowledge I am interested in.

創建者 Yijie R

Aug 31, 2020

This course is really helpful. It broadens my horizons.:)

創建者 Gayatri S

Jun 23, 2019

Speedy, light, to-the-point. Informative and interesting.

創建者 Nancyyeah

Jul 19, 2018

Very good course that opens a window of economics for me!