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學生對 日内瓦大学 提供的 Meeting Investors' Goals 的評價和反饋

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In this course, you will dive into the concepts of rationality and irrationality and understand how they impact our investment decisions and what the consequences can be at the market level. You will first explore the different biases that we, as humans, are subjected to when facing investment decisions and how they may impact the outcomes of these decisions. Moreover, you will see how emotions and ethical concerns such as honesty and trust influence market participants. When they are considered as a group rather than individually, you will discover how rationality and irrationality can drive asset prices to and away from their fair value. Finally, you will be presented with different portfolio construction methodologies and investment styles that make up the landscape of today's portfolio management industry. At key points throughout the course, you will benefit from the practical knowledge of experts from our corporate partner, UBS, in how to build and manage clients' portfolios....



I heartily thank everyone participate in this course . this course gave me a comprehensive knowledge about different types of investment styles and the optimum way to build an investment portfolio .


I love this course because I was planning to start investing in the Bovespa (Sao Paulo, Brazil) following only the guides of sensational analysts. This course recommends being cautious. Thank you.


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創建者 Harsh N



創建者 Francisco L



創建者 T. V


This course will give you an interesting overview of the cognitive biases faced by investors. It also discusses market efficiency, ethics, and predictability in financial markets. Overall the course was really good. My favourite were the lectures on cognitive biases. However, some of the lectures about market efficiency were very technical and sometimes hard to follow.

創建者 Stephen v d T


I went into this one a bit sceptical if it was worthwhile. In the end I learnt a lot from this course. A lot of great insights into the basics of successful investment strategies. Knowledge of these concepts can prevent people from the common pitfalls that many novice investors make.

創建者 Danilo A E


Cover plenty of material regarding to the subject.

Although it takes some assumptions that are not unanimous about stock investment, specially about returns from actively managed stocks (it assumes one can beat the market).

創建者 Archit S


Perfect course for building the basics. Was expecting a bit more depth. But, this is the best course to cover the breadth and basics of the field.

創建者 Mikhail P


I would like only 1 question wrong be acceptable as in the first course - I appreciate when the certificate confirms rigor and value.

創建者 Heather


Sometimes boring and I felt like the quizzes were just worded in a tricky way rather than really assessing learning. Otherwise fine.

創建者 Socrates A


More real-life details from the instructors would be useful.

I would also like to see a "recommended textbooks" list.

創建者 Abu Z


I LOVE this course.

If you are new in stock market and have no idea about it, then this is the right course for you.

創建者 Nikita P


Quite a good course to get an overview of investment. Nothing extraordinary, but still very informative and useful.

創建者 Ruslan P


The more I learn the investment management the more I question myself if this is a skill or a luck.

創建者 Salah B


Well structured. The subject is not easy and needs full attention to the videos which are good.

創建者 David L


Very good, thorough and interactive course on portfolio management and construction!

創建者 Ben P


Really interesting course, especially the sections taught by Michel Girardin!

創建者 Rigoberto C


I'm learning a lot got to get the accent, but it's great learning course.

創建者 Denis D D


Course was very in-depth and provided mt a lot of useful information.

創建者 Christian R


Very interesting, many many concepts often absent in other courses.

創建者 Roman K


Good course with valuable and relevante examples and explanations

創建者 Chris C


I feel more time could have been spent on some material.

創建者 Roden U P


Subject matter very well explained and concise.

創建者 Donald v d W


Well paced and good depth/overview balance.

創建者 Aly M


I enjoyed this second course in the series.

創建者 José L Á E


I'm really loving the specialization.