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學生對 佛罗里达大学 提供的 肉类食品 的評價和反饋

44 個評分
9 個審閱


The Meat We Eat is a course designed to create a more informed consumer about the quality, safety, healthfulness and sustainability of muscle foods and address current issues in animal agriculture in developed and developing countries....



1 - 肉类食品 的 9 個評論(共 9 個)

創建者 kaliappan.s

Nov 15, 2018

Informative course

創建者 Janie O

Feb 16, 2018

Excellent course, really enjoying it so far. I'm a farmer myself in Scotland and want to learn more about international meat farming and this was ideal.

創建者 Hans W

Sep 06, 2017

very informative, very interesting,

創建者 Benjamin F

Oct 27, 2017

Fantastic, loved it. Very informative

創建者 Alana G G

Feb 16, 2017

It was a great course! It has a lot of new and interesting information. I learned a lot with it and will definitely use this knowlegde in the future. It is worth it to who have some interest in the meat subject and want to learn more about it.

創建者 Stanley D

Jun 25, 2019

I entered this course being very skeptical, I was expecting propaganda like material. But I was pleasantly surprised with all the information I learned, and the host being clear about the information. Some information is left out like where only a video is shown of electrical stunning but not CO2 stunning (which would show an animal chocking for 15-30 seconds, depending on the breed) or halal slaughtering. I have yet to learn details about the exact feed given to pigs (the host hinted at one point that there is a chance pigs can transfer diseases by eating rats). I also would have liked to see more emphasis on the living conditions of these animals where they spend most of their life.

This lecture has not changed my mind, but it has taught me a lot, which is most valuable.

I recommend this course as there is so much I did not know about this industry, even though I considered myself knowledgeable prior.



Go watch the videos of week 6 and tell me how this is not blatant false meat-industry propaganda.

I do not recommend this course anymore, and I do not think Coursera should be allowed to host such false information that is harmful to the public.

創建者 Mohamad S A

Aug 20, 2019


創建者 Mark

May 01, 2018

Extremely thorough and informative, though the videos are long; perfectly understandable to the layperson who does not have a degree in nutrition or biology. Loses a star for the quizzes only being available if the course is purchased.

創建者 Islam M

Jan 02, 2017

The accent,presentation & stuttering is too cloudy & not suitable for foreigners