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學生對 EIT 数字 提供的 Mastering Digital Twins 的評價和反饋

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In this course we will learn about Digital twins fundamentals, how they represent a concept of integration for product related data. The concept of Digital twins is a response to the increasing digitization of product development, production and products themselves. Today, products are complex systems that not only fulfill their intended functions and quality, but also communicate via communication networks with other components, products, clouds and services as well. We are talking about smart products that integrate services into the products and are continuously supported....



Jun 18, 2019

Very Good introduction to the behemoth concept!!..A good way to start off the life of an entrepreneur within everyone..


Jan 28, 2020

Gives good overview about Digital Twins. I would love to deep dive & learn more as Business Consultant.


26 - Mastering Digital Twins 的 50 個評論(共 54 個)

創建者 Chaichana

Oct 13, 2020

Excellent program

創建者 Sanjay k m

Apr 03, 2019

Great course

創建者 Alexandros P

Mar 17, 2020


創建者 Masripa M R

Apr 08, 2020

Very good

創建者 Tussipbek M K

Apr 16, 2020

ez one


Oct 25, 2019


創建者 Mauricio R G

Jun 16, 2020


創建者 Alan D P

Jul 02, 2020

Short but interesting. Very light overview but opens the door to Digital Twin.

Bit of a marketing tool for their online course offerings.

Still, doesn't take long. Worth doing if you have a mild interest.

創建者 Nandeesh G

Jun 30, 2019

Very concise and to point. It was able to generate my interest in the Topic and I am now looking forward to take the Master course. Thanks!

創建者 Lalit P

Apr 19, 2020

The covers good fundamentals nicely. The course should provide some real-time example how Digital Twin helps.

創建者 Nushin S

Apr 02, 2020

as an introduction as well prepared. I think more examples can make it much easier to understand.

thanks :)

創建者 Ramakrishnan G

Aug 16, 2020

Nice introduction about the idea of implementing the digital twins in the industry.

創建者 Rodrigo V G

Apr 03, 2020

Very easy to understand and gives an overview of the topic

創建者 Ravindra P

May 08, 2019

Expected more details. This was too brief.

創建者 Utkarsh A

Jun 25, 2019

Very Good Explanation.

創建者 Wael Y

May 20, 2019

It is an overview only


Oct 23, 2019

Best course....

創建者 Vivek K S

Apr 20, 2020


創建者 oJade S

Mar 04, 2020

A Brief Introduction of Digital Twins

創建者 Bok C K

Mar 20, 2019

Nice overview of digital twins.

創建者 Mesut U

Jun 12, 2020

Only gives general information about digital twins. It has to contain all course

創建者 Luiz R

Jul 29, 2020

No sequence to the "real deal". No technical content

創建者 Shankar S

Apr 18, 2020

Provides a good overview and introduction. Only some introductory slides and a quiz. Definitely not worth the $49 I paid for the certificate. A couple of slides narrated with the person does not become a video course. There is no substance in the course. It is good as a brief introduction. I wish they give more substantial material and call it a course

創建者 Carlos R F

Apr 20, 2020

Don't lose your time with this course. The course has minimal to none information about the subject, far away from "mastering" it. It is just an excuse to advertise and sell the non-free course. Additionally, final course is in other platform.

創建者 Fred G

Oct 03, 2020

Very high level and non-technical. Didn't learn anything useful. Just a bunch of fluff about how / why digital twins are important.