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Successfully marketing brands today requires a well-balanced blend of art and science. This course introduces students to the science of web analytics while casting a keen eye toward the artful use of numbers found in the digital space. The goal is to provide the foundation needed to apply data analytics to real-world challenges marketers confront daily. Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory is the first in a two-part series of complementary courses and focuses on the background information and frameworks analysts need to be successful in today's digital business world. You will be able to: - Identify the web analytic tool right for your specific needs - Understand valid and reliable ways to collect, analyze, and visualize data from the web - Utilize data in decision making for agencies, organizations, or clients This course is part of Gies College of Business’ suite of online programs, including the iMBA and iMSM. Learn more about admission into these programs and explore how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into a degree program at



Well, this is great course since I did it online, but the material well covered and the lecturer give clear and interesting material through video. I will take another course after this. Thank you.


I really enjoyed this course. I liked the professor's teaching style as well as the materials the course provided. All the knowledge I've got from the course helps me when I do research online.


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sometimes is dense, a little bit boring

創建者 Konrad J


Slow and boring professor, content ok.



Was Super Boring Course Im sorry.

創建者 Kavisha G


I haven't got the certificate.

創建者 Abhijeet S D


Instructor audio is very low

創建者 Ashley A


Great informative course



Repetitive content

創建者 Hrishikesh P D


Good course it is!

創建者 DavaaSukh T


Too much reading

創建者 Lucia D


Good course

創建者 Danilo J d C J


Good basics

創建者 Muhammad S A


Too basic



Good !

創建者 Samik D




創建者 Kendra H


After a strong showing with the first course in this specialization, this was disappointing.

Among the issues:

Content in both lectures and readings was out of date and often no longer relevant. This is especially frustrating in a field that evolves so quickly.

Assigned readings only sporadically backed theories discussed in lecture. Many readings were behind paywalls, or you had to sign up for an additional account to access them.

Quizzes would ask questions about readings that have since been removed or about content in lectures that hadn't been covered yet.

The course encourages use of the discussion forums, but very little ongoing discussion happens. Instead, the threads turn into a repository for assignment answers that get copied by fellow students. I was disgusted by the number of times I had to report submissions for plagiarization.

The only reason I gave this a 2 star review instead of a 1 star is because there are a few useful basic theories covered that are helpful if you're new to marketing like I am. I don't think I would ever actively recommend this course to someone, but if you are set on taking it, my advice is to skip all of the readings except those from Harvard Business Review and McKinsey.

創建者 A.C


This class had a good start with the history of data analytics, but the lessons quickly devolved into slides packed with words and/or detailed infographics, and the professor only briefly touching on points or rewording something that was difficult to follow alongside the slide. The information was disorganized, and there was so much of it, it was difficult to absorb. Because the class was mostly quizzes, it was mostly memorizing disjointed information and spitting it back out. There was only one written assignment, only allowing us to think critically and analytically at the lessons learned. I dread having to take the next class after this because it's from the same professor.

創建者 Tharma P


Some good information provided for beginners like me, but the entire course material was terribly outdated and desperately needs an update for 2020. The assigned textbook was also not useful, outdated (updated in 2004) and clunky. The lecture slides were messy and text-dense; just felt like the lecturer copy pasted a lot of material without bothering to make it student-friendly. A lot of important concepts were given textbook definitions, without any explanation on how these concept apply in the real world.

創建者 Kristina K


The course introduces some basic concepts but fails to deliver on the objectives set out in the initial module description by barely listing out most topics through a very narrow, linear approach instead of delivering an actual in-depth explanation and commentary on the subject. Some more advanced learners will also find some tools to be out-of-date and some areas - very Google-focused.

創建者 Angela H


I felt like this course was too repetitive. Basically, all I learned were from readings and textbooks. Video lectures were repeats from those contents. I did learn useful tools for web analytics, but I wish the instructor put some of his original insights rather than presenting articles written from other people.

創建者 Susan K


This class was very disorganized. It was a list of terms and services with no real content tying them together. The book was just as disorganized. I got a bit out of the information about ZMOT and the McKinsey model, but the rest seemed like rambling.

創建者 Sarthak V


this course was good but not sufficient as they didn't provide in-depth knowledge. rather than providing them in videos and explaining them, they gave some links to learn more that was really not good. Even visual presentation was also not good

創建者 Mengjiao X


Each video in this class is very short. The concept covered in this course is too broad. It could deepen into more details.For example, customer journey, how credit bureau plays their roles in this section?

創建者 José R H P


It was a step back after the excellent Marketing in a Digital World. It felt slower and a lot of thing presented her are your standard “Digital Marketing Tips” you could find in any blog.

創建者 Z'leste W


Provides a comprehensive overview, however it is heavily lecture based. Would be nice if more interactivity was built in, via pop-up questions during the lectures and practice problems.

創建者 Rishabh G


Though I learnt a few new things. But I expected something in line with the current technology. I am a bit unsatisfied with the lecture design and the readings