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學生對 上海交通大学 提供的 Mandarin Chinese 1: Chinese for Beginners 的評價和反饋

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270 條評論


Mandarin Chinese 1: Chinese for beginners is a beginner's course of Mandarin Chinese. It uses lectures, short plays, interactive exercises and cultural tips to help learners build a fundamental capability of oral Chinese in real-life situations. At the end of the 5-week course, the learners will reach the following proficiency: ♦ 150 words ♦ 20 language points ♦ handling 5 real-life situations This is a beginners' course, therefore no prerequisite is required....



Verry good. Chinese is difficult to learn but this course kept me intrested and practicing. I do recomend to print the pdfs so you can practice and keep information. Videos can be downloaded too.


So I learned more things from here. Not only about the Chinese language but I really like Chinese culture and food too. This course is useful for everyone. Thank you so much.\n\nMr.Navin ARUNRAT


226 - Mandarin Chinese 1: Chinese for Beginners 的 250 個評論(共 264 個)

創建者 Chris A


A great introductory course for those who desire to learn one of the most difficult languages in the world - Mandarin Chinese (中文). Suitable for people interested in the language or culture.

My only negative is that the work is much more intensive than mentioned, and should not be done without a little knowledge of the language itself.

Otherwise, a great course and one which is well structured and a great glimpse into China itself.

創建者 Göran


Very good examples and having access to the PDF:s for each lesson. A bit too fast rolling of the video sometimes in the "plays" when you are supposed to read the lines after the actors. Too little explanations about why new words are used as they are. how to effectively use them in sentences. that is only "explained" through examples, but it could be explained in 2 minutes during each video, s

創建者 Christopher W


I like the class format and the skits. I really like the "idea" of the peer-reviewed assignment, but it caused me a delay of like 3 weeks waiting for one of my peers' submissions to be available for review. I picked this class because the search thing said it used traditional characters, so I was kind of sad to see it was only simplified characters. Nice course overall.

創建者 Frank J E


Great course for beginners . Does a good job at introducing Mandarin, and teaching a lot of basic conversational phrases and words. The quizzes are too simple in my opinion, they don't reinforce the material that well. But overall the course still provides a good starting point.

創建者 Helen K


The "final" for Course 1 is speaking & peer feedback comments and your comments in return. This is WITHOUT knowing if your pronunciation is at all satisfactory, since there has been NO feedback along the way. This is why I've taken away a ★.



If you are interested in Chinese and would like to learn, this course is certainly practical for the beginners. There are not only the example conversation and how to use particular words, also provided cultural tips as well.

創建者 Avishek K S


Very good teaching with practice sets. Totally worth taking it. My only concern is that they should have started with alphabets first for better understanding but still, it is good enough for speaking with native speakers.

創建者 Mark R


Great course, Would rate it 5 stars but for english speakers maybe having a close up and details of pronunciation of difficult letter combinations would make it easier as a lot of sounds seem similar or identical.

創建者 Mik A


I enjoyed auditing this class.

I especially valued availability of written text, the quiz questions used to qualify listening comprehension, and the free-form, open-ended discussion questions. Thank you.

創建者 Whitney W


I had a few technical problems . But in the end it seemed to work out fine once there was finally a peer for me to grade. This course will prepare you for a short trip as a tourist in China.

創建者 Mei S J A


The materials are quite clear but on the last week's peer review, I couldn't automatically find the peers tasks to be reviewed, I had to look for their tasks' links on the discussion section

創建者 Rosa A V P


It's a great course but you need more vocabulary to make the proyect. If the course could link us a dicctionary or something like that It will be a great improvement

創建者 Kaab A


The Course is designed so well that it gave me confidence of learning one of the most difficult language of the world.

創建者 Rinrada T


Thank you for teaching beginner. I never have a basic skill but I understand very much. See you next course!

創建者 Jessica A P P


It's an excelent course. I liked it, althought I would like it was in spanish too.

創建者 Gislena L


Very well explained and easy to follow.

Learnt a lot from this course

創建者 Lien C


Easy to follow, however, I find the pace a bit too slow for me.

創建者 Wisuttaporn I


good for anyone who wants to start learning Chinese

創建者 Varisa C


The sound effect during in the video is quiet loud.

創建者 Paitoon p


useful course for learning mandarin.

創建者 Ayesha I


I really enjoyed this course.

創建者 Diego B


Very funny and useful course!

創建者 Kelly P


Good course. I learned a lot.

創建者 Adriana G


I liked the cultural tips.

創建者 Kshitiz R


Xie1Xie1 ni, la4oshi3