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學生對 Google 云端平台 提供的 Managing Security in Google Cloud Platform 的評價和反饋

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This self-paced training course gives participants broad study of security controls and techniques on Google Cloud Platform. Through recorded lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, participants explore and deploy the components of a secure GCP solution, including Cloud Identity, the GCP Resource Manager, Cloud IAM, Google Virtual Private Cloud firewalls, Google Cloud Load balancing, Cloud CDN, Cloud Storage access control technologies, Stackdriver, Security Keys, Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys, the Google Data Loss Prevention API, and Cloud Armor. Participants learn mitigations for attacks at many points in a GCP-based infrastructure, including Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks, phishing attacks, and threats involving content classification and use. To get the most out of this course, participants should have: * Prior completion of Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure or equivalent experience * Prior completion of GCP and Hybrid Networking Deep Dive or equivalent experience * Knowledge of foundational concepts in information security, such as * vulnerability, threat, attack surface * confidentiality, integrity, availability * common threat types and their mitigation strategies * public-key cryptography * public and private key pairs * certificates * cipher types * certificate authorities * Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer encrypted communication * public key infrastructures * security policy * Basic proficiency with command-line tools and Linux operating system environments * Systems Operations experience, deploying and managing applications, on-premises or in a public cloud environment * Reading comprehension of code in Python or Javascript >>> By enrolling in this course you agree to the Qwiklabs Terms of Service as set out in the FAQ and located at: <<<...



Excellent course, I learned a lot about Firewall rules and Stackdriver agents for logging and monitoring. It is amazing all the information you can monitor for audit purposes


Very detailed and well organized course. It includes practical labs, exercising security concepts and practices on realistic GCP project scenarios.


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創建者 Mohit G


It is a fair course which will get you into the details of the security elements and the monitoring of your GCP resources. The lab timers are long. I would suggest first go through the tasks in the lab first [to get completion] but stay back and experiment. Different lab have different capacities and allowed resources. So be vigilant that you don ot over use the resources as that may block your qwikacc.

創建者 Scott B


This course helped me view GCE at a higher level than the individual projects I'd concentrated on in the past. I now have a better understanding of how, and why, one would want to build systems that span multiple projects. I also enjoyed the Qwiklabs projects. Having the ability to run examples that build out live systems speeds up the understanding of how all the pieces work together.

創建者 Cheong K W J


I would think starting off with this course would be better than the foundation level. The course is a deep dive into the command line which prompts the learner to learn via the directions provided in the course. As an overview, the learner will then go back to complete the fundamental course which will give a high level overview of the cloud services that google provides.

創建者 Ian R


Overall the course was pretty good, few labs need to be updated and limitations of GCP security tools should be mentioned as well. For example, it is difficult to manage exceptions on Forseti config files, when there is more than one Forseti implementation.

創建者 Cristopher R


Some of the labs are quirky and deploying some of the resources takes longer than expected, but this course and the associated labs do a nice job of exposing the learner to the breadth of tools available to secure one's cloud environment.

創建者 James W


I originally had a tough time with the last 2 Qwik Labs. Lots of detail that I usually don't see in most of these labs. I was originally frustrated but learned to embrace the challenge and eventually finish

創建者 Wilberth E L G


Excellent course, I learned a lot about Firewall rules and Stackdriver agents for logging and monitoring. It is amazing all the information you can monitor for audit purposes

創建者 Luis I


Very detailed and well organized course. It includes practical labs, exercising security concepts and practices on realistic GCP project scenarios.

創建者 Maxwell P


I really enjoyed this training course, I have acquired a better understanding how Security in the Cloud remains crucial for the IT industry.

創建者 Luis E


Excellent, great overview of not just how to enforce security but how to analyze what's going on on your landscape

highly recomendable

創建者 Roberto I B E


Amazing advices, it really helped to learn best practices when clouding computing, as well as good demonstrations of what they say

創建者 Ben W


One of the harder courses I've taken - the StackDriver Monitoring lab, in particular, is not easy...but it really makes you think

創建者 Jean C L C


It would be better if introduce more labs about VPC network and VPC controls in order to understand and practice in a best way.

創建者 Ganesh N


I felt very good learning material which helps us to easily understand the concept of security in overall cloud and GCP

創建者 Joshua G


really good entry level course to get you started on IAM permission. I would have a separate Stackdriver course

創建者 Javier I S H


Have learnt quite a lot how to check logs, create filters and find the information I need. Very interesting.

創建者 Nicholas P


This was good, explored a cross section of the capabilities, looking forward to learning more

創建者 Bruno E S B


Excelente e preciosas informações sobre Auditing, logging and security overview in GCP

創建者 Justin A


A great hands on course which reinforces your understanding and ability to use GCP.

創建者 Ashish B


Google has provided the details security information and controls on google cloud.

創建者 Harold M


Very complete course on GCP IAM and Stackdriver logging and monitoring features.

創建者 Rayeed H


Labs were rather challenging this time. Instruction perhaps needs revisiting.

創建者 Charles U


Outstanding course, labs were hands-on awesome fun. Rich Rose crushed it!!

創建者 Fernando C


This course was very intense, with great lab sessions. Very interesting.

創建者 Wesley T


Great course to pratice how to Manage Security in Google Cloud Platform