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Managing Google Workspace is the second course in the Google Workspace Administration series. This course focuses on the Google Workspace core services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive & Docs. You will become familiar with the various service settings, and learn how to enable them for all or just a subset of your users. You will gain an understanding of Google Vault, Google’s ediscovery service. You will understand the various admin console reports that are available and be able to search and filter the information in these reports. Finally you will see how multiple domains can be used with Google Workspace and learn how to add a new domain to your account. By the end of this course participants will be able to: - Enable and disable Google Workspace services for different parts of the organization. - Configure common settings for Google Workspace core services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive and Docs. - Understand the mobile device management options available in Google Workspace. - Describe Google Vault and learn how to use it to retain, search and export your organization's data. - Navigate and interpret Google Workspace admin reports and setup administrator alerts. - Explain the basics of multi domain management within Google Workspace. Prerequisites You should have completed the Introduction to Google Workspace course....



Great course for the ones who are really interested in Google Admin. I really recommend because All the tools can be manage and make your company more efficient with G Suite.


I feel like I have the basics to go on and use most ( if not all) of the G-Suite and help to manage my organization and make useful additions to it on a regular basis.


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創建者 Deleted A


It isn't that I didn't like it, as the quizzes had a way of letting you know you didn't understand something. However, the content was not very engaging.

I appreciate that it is very important to learn to master searching text documentation. However, as a Coursera course, audio and video would have made it much more engaging.

I found a comprehensive course online by a G Suite partner. Maybe you can look him up to help you take this course and this specialization to a higher level. The link to his course is below:

Thank you for all Google does:)

創建者 Norman L


In Reporting Create Email Alerts, they've changed how it's done. You can no longer do this "Return to the Reports page and click Manage alerts. You should see your new alert listed. From here you can use the slider to enable and disable the alert." And this was one of the questions in the quiz.

創建者 Bryan W


Overall helpful in understanding G Suite administration. However, there are multiple instructional discrepancies and a few grammatical errors. You should be doing regular quality assurance testing on your courses.

創建者 Benjamin K


Update materials to match current Admin Console, Reporting module was un-useable because instructions did not match current Admin Console locations for settings, or referenced parts of UI no longer exist.

創建者 Daniel C


Most of the time spent was just reading the public support articles. Some of the information in the lessons is out of date.

創建者 Andrew E K


Outdated and very few videos as some of us learn comfortably better with video tutorials rather then just reading

創建者 David G


Some directions are no longer accurate, and it's hard to do the reporting exercises without any reporting data.

創建者 Joshua M


Some of the instructions are not updated since the G Suite has been updated to Google Workplace.

創建者 Marco B


not all the exercises proposed corresponded in the G suite administration screens

創建者 Subramanya S


Its too textual. Would have been better if there were some short videos

創建者 Noel L J


There was a typo or two but I wasn't counting.

創建者 eric w


Some information is now out of date

創建者 Borja P


Not bad, but too texual

創建者 Frank P


Basic and composes largely of external links to the Google Help Centre. Where exercises exist, they are bullet pointed scenarios which require you to have read the Google Help Centre material. Where the very few videos exist, these are good and very educational. Quizes were welcome but did not feel like they would necessarily be reflections of real world scenarios (seemed more like a test of you remembering the Help Centre material, than actually testing you on applied use of the G Suite environment).

創建者 Ishan G


Collection of Google Help articles. No videos only text.

創建者 JW


There need to be updates and fixes. This is getting sad.