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學生對 巴塞罗那大学 提供的 中世纪的魔术 的評價和反饋

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Magical thought has always attracted human imagination. In this course we will introduce you to the Middle Ages through a wide conception of magic. Students will have an approach to medieval culture, beliefs and practices from the perspective of History and History of Science. Popular magic, as well as learned magic (alchemy, geomancy and necromancy) will be addressed. Moreover, we will also deal with how eastern practices and texts influenced western culture. In July 2016, the course will contain a brand-new module devoted to astrology. Magic in the Middle Ages offers a captivating overview of medieval society and promotes reflection about certain stereotypes associated with this period. At the end of the course, the students: a) will have overcome the usual prejudices about the Middle Ages, b) will be able to analyze historical documentation from the Middle Ages and recognize the most common patterns of juridical documents regarding witchcraft, and c) will be capable of distinguishing between popular magic and the magic of the learned people; will have a notion of which spiritual practices were allowed in medieval Europe and which ones were related to the devil, and will be aware of the link between a cultural product and the society that produced it. This course is taught in English, although subtitles in English, Catalan and Spanish will also be provided. COURSE SYLLABUS Week 1. Introduction to medieval magic (Pau Castell). Week 2. Magic & Heresy (Delfi I. Nieto-Isabel). Week 3. From Magic to Witchcraft (Pau Castell). Week 4. Magic in Islam (Godefroid de Callataÿ and Sébastien Moureau). Week 5. Astrology & Geomancy (Theo Loinaz, Delfi I. Nieto-Isabel, Godefroid de Callataÿ and Blanca Villuendas). © Gemma Pellissa Prades (coord.), Delfi I. Nieto-Isabel and Joana Palau Mumany Magic in the Middle Ages by Gemma Pellissa Prades (coord.), Delfi I. Nieto-Isabel and Joana Palau Mumany is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License....



Mar 24, 2018

Helpful and insightful. I try to learn as much about witchcraft and all religions as I can. The first set of videos were well lit and well read. I recommend this for anyone who wants to learn more.


Jul 15, 2020

This course was really thorough and interesting. I liked how it covered a range of religions and regions and I think it's great how there are interactive assignments which judge out writing.


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創建者 Heather R

Jun 20, 2020

I really enjoyed the course. My favorite teachers were the first 2, Dr Pau Castell Granados and Delfi I. Nieto-Isabel. I would love to see more courses from these 2 amazing teachers. Courses on magic in Islam, Judaism,Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism as well as other world religions would be fascinating.

創建者 Pat B

Oct 19, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it challenged me with writing essays to make me draw conclusions rather than just quizzes with multiple choice answers. I found I was thinking about the course material and the additional suggestions for further learning long after each module. Great course, great fun!

創建者 Faith P P

May 18, 2020

Great course. A lot of fellow students complained about the scoring method of the assignments, but if you know how to source more information then you will have trouble getting a perfect score. It is supposed to be challenging and it succeeds in developing a critical mind within beginner-level academia.

創建者 Myvanwy W

Dec 08, 2019

I really loved this course, it was really well structured and the content was fascinating. I liked that it created a well rounded picture and didn't just list a lot of facts to memorise. The instructors gave instruction about the practice of studying history and not just the history itself.

創建者 Skylar S

Apr 12, 2020

A wonderful look into beliefs and practices in the past. I definitely learned a thing or two about putting my own biases away and looking at this time period through a strictly historical lens. It wasn't a big time commitment as well! It flowed nicely from one unit to the other.

創建者 Nicole D

Aug 30, 2016

Very accessible and insightful course. I do wish that suggested prompts were created for the forums, that's my only "complaint." I found the videos rich with historical context and the list of resources to be very valuable. I have already recommended the course to my friends.

創建者 Zeta

Mar 19, 2020

Excellent lectures and readings. I also had fun during the assignments. It is overall a very well made course with lots of historical information, that is easy to research and understand even if you have a different educational background. Thank you for making it possible!

創建者 Thais M

Oct 21, 2020

This course has contributed immensely to my personal and academic perspectives. I'm very grateful for all the elaborated knowledge shared with us and the discussed topics that enriched, even more, the whole learning process. I definitely recommend this course!

創建者 Éwerton d O C

Feb 10, 2020

Excelente curso! Os professores envolvidos no projeto são grandes especialistas, respaldados por uma ampla gama de referências bibliográficas riquíssimas. Recomendo o curso, especialmente para quem está cursando Bacharel/Licenciatura em História, vale a pena.

創建者 Ruth F R

Feb 29, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, the content was far more interesting than I thought it would be. I was particularly intrigued by the mathematical-based instruments (astrolabes) and the divination technique of geomancy. A very worthwhile course, thank you.

創建者 Hagai P

Nov 29, 2016

I really liked the course.

It was very interesting and the two instructors conveyed the information in an interesting way, highlighting the important topics/keywords/people..

It showed another aspect of the middle ages that I was not aware off.

Hagai Pettel

創建者 Russell B

May 25, 2020

This was a lovely course, and I truly enjoyed it. I only wish it had contained more topics and been a bit longer. I hope it will keep growing. E.g. the optional material on the Great Year doctrine could be developed further and added as an extra week.

創建者 Raul M P d l C

Mar 10, 2020

I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot about the topic, from a neutral and accurate point of view. I recommend this course for those interested in medieval history as magic was an intrinsical part of that particular time in history.

創建者 Nadia R A

Nov 21, 2018

A beautiful walk through history. The current conception of magic and witches comes from all the real fear and beliefs of the society during the late middle age, the mysticism about it makes this one of the most interesting courses offered.

創建者 Marijn v J

Jun 04, 2020

I am not a historian and this course gave me a new look at this part of history. The enthusiasm of the organisers stood out - as well as their engagement with the questions asked on the forum. I will definitely recommend it to others.

創建者 Martha E P M

Feb 21, 2017

Excelente curso super recomendable para todos, te sirve como aprendizaje de cultura general, pero sobre todo como parte del conocimiento de magia que uno tiene.

Gracias COURSERA y universidad de Barcelona por este curso impartido

創建者 Margarita L

Oct 13, 2020

This was a fantastic course. Thank you so much! I loved your work so much that I jumped directly to your Women's Spirituality course and am keeping my fingers crossed for more after that. You have enriched my life. Thank you.

創建者 Christine L C

Mar 01, 2019

This was a fantastic course! It was about the history of the relationship between magic and various religions. It makes me eager to learn more about several tangent subjects. Thank you for offering this as a MOOC! I loved it.

創建者 Aaron A J

Nov 20, 2018

Very informative! Crucial to the understanding of ancient beliefs and modern alike. A wonderful course, thank you for offering this. I really enjoyed it, and I absolutely recommend this course for anyone who loves HISTORY! 😀

創建者 István Ő

Oct 28, 2019

I really loved the videos, and the entire course was really informing. I got a complex picture of how people in the Middle Ages thought about magic and witchraft. I can recommend it to anyone who is interested in this topic.

創建者 Sumor S

Feb 19, 2017

Very interesting and objective class. I think I will take it again because I learned so much about something I needed to study a bit. also it is shot so well! And I love the bibliographies… they may be a favorite of mine...

創建者 Ingrid M P

Jun 19, 2020

Estuvo genial, solo que deberia de ser en español y mas por que es de la universidad de barcelona! muchas gracias! ahora mi pregunta es, si compro el diploma sale con el sello de la universitat de barcelona o de coursera

創建者 Gregg H

Jan 11, 2017

Fascinating course from two incredible institutions, an opportunity at Christian, Islamic and Jewish magic of the Middle Ages and think about the historical relationships of not only religion but also science to magic.