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The objectives of this course are: -To introduce participants to different concepts of love, to empower them to be conscious of the power of love and the possibility of practicing it in everyday life, and to highlight in particular the idea of love as a force for social justice. -To communicate a sense of personal strength and empowerment by actively learning from each other and beginning to define how participants can apply their learning in service to society. This course will explore the concept of agape love (compassion/kindness) as a force for social justice and action and as the inspiration for service and the application of knowledge to positive social change. Biological, psychological, religious, and social perspectives of love will be discussed, drawing on the expertise of people from a variety of disciplines. During the six-week course, the following topics will be raised and discussed: kinds of love/defining love; non-violent communication; love and the biology of the brain; love as a basic concept of religious and ethical beliefs (e.g., Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Gandhian); love applied in action, and poetic expressions of love as a social force. This curriculum aims to foster a sense of the importance of love as a key phenomenon in creating community, connection, and functional societies among humans. Course materials will draw from a variety of sources. One of the goals of the class is to provide participants with some knowledge of the literature of love, and readings for the course are listed in the outline of the course on the pages that follow....




Excellent concepts, theoretical models and practical applications of social justice work in educational institutions, business and non-profit and health care settings. Anindita Ganguly, Ph.D.



I learned to find ways to look at how ordinary and mundane moments can be lived extraordinarily. This made me radically change my perspective on love and living life fully.


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創建者 S. S H


This is one of the few serious academic studies on the topic of love, which is one of the most important topics we will practice during our lifetimes.

創建者 Klaudia S


It's an extremely interesting, informative and much needed course. I hope there'll be more similar courses in the future. Thank you very much!



I truly enjoyed this course. It challenged me, touched me deeply, and taught me so much. I am grateful to all the professors and contributors.

創建者 Robin I


Wonderful course and great instructor. If everyone practiced what is taught her the world would be a wonderful place to live in general.

創建者 Nigel K


I've learnt so much about life and myself through this course-- and it's not even done yet, I wish I could rate it higher than 5 stars.

創建者 Andrealiz A


I​t's the class that EVERYONE should take! Truly a life-changing and mind-opening course. Highly recommend this class to any student!

創建者 Kazi Z H


I have learnt a lot about love and its force. It is very interesting course. The most interesting part is peer-graded assignments.

創建者 Amin M a K a A M G


I really enjoyed this course and found that the instructor and the guest were very informative and kept me thoroughly engaged.

創建者 Ava M N


Everyone should study this course to have a peaceful life and to affect their society , to experience justice and equality.

創建者 Trisha L


Informative and amazing it is a perfect class for life period! i wish i could have everyone take this class so perfect

創建者 MJB


Dear Anne,

Thank you for sharing your desire for Love as a Force we can attain, in our environment and social justice.

創建者 Jonathan W


Very much enjoyed this course. It was well done with great further reading and other resources. Glad I took it.

創建者 LJ


I had a lot of fun taking this course. I enjoyed the videos, reflections and also reading my colleagues work.

創建者 Dana H


I​t opened my eyes to a new definition of love and how I could enrich my life through simple acts of kindness.

創建者 DeAnna


Great fun and supplement to all public health, gender, women's studies, men's studies, history courses

創建者 Toktam T


I loved the whole process, it was very informative, simple but deep and very well done. Thank you!

創建者 Jacqueline P


Wonderful course.Deep and thoughtul.Gave me a broad perspective on Agape Love and Love in general

創建者 Ildeblete G M J


I'm like a lot this course, now I'm getting more learn for me and my thoughts. Thanks for all.

創建者 Paula B


One of the most well prepared and relavant courses with direct application that I have taken.

創建者 Peggy B


​i found the journey of this course rich, enlightening and heart-expanding. Thank you!

創建者 Nora M


Really enjoyed this course and the professor seemed awesome in all of her videos!

創建者 Frida G O C Z


A wonderful course to learn new ideas about how to make the world a better place.

創建者 Morgan J


Loved this course. I think it should be a required class as a general requisite.

創建者 Sham S


Love is the most powerful tool to change this world for betterment of humanity.

創建者 Alida C


A great way to productively listen and understand other's views and opinions!