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學生對 Linux 基金会 提供的 Linux for Developers 的評價和反饋

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232 條評論


In course 1 we talked about open source software and the motivation and methods of using it. In course 2, we will introduce you to Linux systems, and help you feel comfortable working at the command line: What Linux is Linux history How to separate the kernel from the entire operating system Making contributions to the kernel Graphical system, and how it works Working at the command line Filesystem layout, partitions Monitoring utilities You will learn what it’s like to work on Linux system, and get a good understanding of the essential skills you need when you work on a daily basis with Linux systems....



It was very good course and the content was compressed to get the best. In this module instructor covers all linux distribution and commands used in different distribution to perform same functions.


This was the type of course I was searching for, it has allowed me to increase my capability tremendously by learning a lot of new stuff and bash things, the right way to do them. Its impressive.


226 - Linux for Developers 的 233 個評論(共 233 個)

創建者 Piotr T


I am experienced Unix administrator and this course is directed for developers, but it should covers the fundamentals. I think that one should not focus on the Linux history or who is managing Linux development etc. and it was most difficult quiz for me. The other ones have also inadequate or inaccurate questions or answers, like for updating system: if there is 'sudo yum update' one can assume that user is not 'root', so the answer 'dnf update' should not be correct, because regular user cannot update the system. The same for performance monitoring: vmstat is not dedicated to measure I/O and the uptime command shows only load averages (once), so it should not be qualified as performance monitoring utility.

創建者 Frank E


This course ranges in offering very basic Linux education to detailed and obscure OS system information all at random and written so poorly it confuses even a native English speaker with 15 years of casual Linux experience. This course was a pain in the kernel to complete.

創建者 Nazi


As a beginner with no prior knowledge of Linux, I found the course very confusing. Also, the instructor just reading the slides. What kind of teaching is that?

創建者 G. K


Not very good for who has a good background in Linux distros. It's super-easy.

創建者 Abhishek B


instructor didnt make understand well the commands

創建者 harsh l


this course is more and more theory based

創建者 j h


Some practical exercises would have been nice. This way it was not very helpful.

創建者 Anushree v


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