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學生對 乔治亚理工学院 提供的 Linear Circuits 2: AC Analysis 的評價和反饋

123 個評分
18 個審閱


This course explains how to analyze circuits that have alternating current (AC) voltage or current sources. Circuits with resistors, capacitors, and inductors are covered, both analytically and experimentally. Some practical applications in sensors are demonstrated....



Feb 24, 2018

this is really great course with clear and simple description and i used it to refresh my information


Mar 22, 2019

very useful i learn a lot information that will help me in the future


1 - Linear Circuits 2: AC Analysis 的 20 個評論(共 20 個)

創建者 Mohammad R

Mar 29, 2018

The best course and understandable. Thanks dear teachers

創建者 Ahmed H Y A

Jan 01, 2019

Really beneficial especially with covering Filters and Transformers

創建者 Ahmed M G

Mar 22, 2019

very useful i learn a lot information that will help me in the future

創建者 Saurav k

Apr 10, 2018

we can earn more knowledge after doing this course

創建者 khaled

Feb 24, 2018

this is really great course with clear and simple description and i used it to refresh my information


May 01, 2018

very wonderful course for Electrical engineering student

創建者 María J S G

Jun 16, 2019

A really good course. Thanks to teachers.

創建者 Alex Z

Jul 20, 2019

Quite clear and useful.


Sep 11, 2019

It was just an amazing experience.

創建者 rangu u

Oct 14, 2019

Useful course for every communication student

創建者 govinda m e

Oct 12, 2019

course was very helpful


Oct 19, 2019

great course

創建者 Великий С ( V

Oct 31, 2017

This is interesting and informative for me. I gained knowledge that couldn't manage to gain at school.

I'd like to have more practice quizes. I felt lack of them in comparison to DC Analysis course that I've also finished.

Forum here was even more dead that in DC course - there were only 2 threads in total for the whole course (but maybe it's due to fact that I've started and finished the course before session started).

Anyway, for those who had no previous knowledge about AC (as I did), I'd highly recommend this course - it perfectly complements DC course.

Thank you, teachers) Going to take the third course in this cycle - about electronics.

創建者 Marcio L

Jan 25, 2018

This is pretty good, but not as good as DC Analysis. It would be nice to have more sample problems on this, only week 4 seems to have sample problems today.

創建者 Hamza Y

Oct 28, 2017

Very good course it goes on all basics of ac signals , thank you so much for making such great courses like this !!!

創建者 veronique l

Nov 30, 2017

The curriculum is excellent. The videos are excellent. A pleasure to watch and to follow along. The only problem is that there is no instructor on duty for the forum. No one answers the questions. Also I think the final quiz should be longer. They are easy. More practice quizzes could be posted in the transfo section. I also suggest to offer labs. I enjoyed the curriculum and the class very much. I recommend the electronics class by the same school.: There is actually a professor who promptly answers questions.

創建者 Swapnil M

Sep 07, 2019

This course lays a fundamental stepping stone to the advanced level of electronic circuits and its elements

創建者 prsantoshram

Oct 11, 2019


創建者 Tushar S A

Oct 18, 2019

Its a good course. Everything is explained quite nicely. The only problem I faced was that some answers did not matched with the teaching.

創建者 Anthony S

Feb 19, 2019

The video lecture were excellent but there was zero feedback from the professors so no one bothered posting on the forums. The syllabus stated that solutions would be given to quizzes and exams but they never were. For an institution of Georgia Tech's reputation this was a major disappointment. Don't waste your money on this course expecting any feedback. Also, so many of the quizzes had incorrect answers. I provided feedback but stopped after realizing no one paid attention.