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學生對 亚利桑那州立大学 提供的 Teach English Now! Lesson Design and Assessment 的評價和反饋

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Learners will be introduced to designing lesson plans based on principles and knowledge of learning objectives, assessment plans, methods, materials, and learning activities. Learners will find and prepare appropriate teaching materials through careful analysis, adaptation and creation of professional resources. Learners will also reflect on the cohesion between lesson design and teaching philosophies....
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What makes these courses is fun are the instructors. I love their role-playing, and they make me laugh sometimes. Not that the material is difficult, but the instructors keep things from getting dull.


The course content is so beneficial. I'm now able to make a stunning lesson plan, thanks to the effort of these amazing professors. You are building a community of good teachers of English language.


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Loved it. Though I knew so many things already as I'm an instructional designer by profession, yet there are so many new things I learnt in this course. Thank You. More power to you team. Big love.



It's really good and the instructors are extra-ordinarilly superb and brilliant. Thanks a lot for the teaching and facilitation, lessons are really greatly planned.

創建者 Guillermo A M L


Excellent course! It's super useful all the information about Lesson Planning. I learned a lot of things that I will surely apply in my teaching from now on. Thank you for the hard work and the quality material that you present every time, it's a joy learning with you.

創建者 Riona A


This course has an excellent structure for helping you put together a lesson plan and assessment. I love how each facet is explained so that we can see where our mistakes lie and how we can improve.

創建者 Rafael D


I can say a lot about the course. I could even write 20-page review on it. But I will say only four words, and there will be you only who decides whether or not to join it:

I LOVE the instructors.

I really do. The way the instructors deliver their knowledge and vast experience is more that just professional and effective. I remember - and use every day - every single detail they have taught me, even without writing it during the lessons. I almost didn't have to write throughout the series of these courses, since Dr. Justin Shewell, Dr. Shane Dixon, and the beautiful Lady, Ms. Jessica Sinco, ensured the knowledge is delivered into the right memory slots in a very organized way.

I do strongly recommend you to join this beautifully designed Specialization. And I promise, as a person having completed numerous online MOOCs, you will really ENJOY it. Moreover, you will learn how to be a professional, effective teacher, and what will make you LOVE your job.

Rafael Daulet

English language teacher at Regent, Almaty

創建者 Sarah K J


Very good class.

A few suggestions:

Questions or topic headings shown in the videos, should be read by the presenter so they appear in the script. (This helps in re-reading and note taking.)

I think it should be stated that the lesson objectives can be refined as the whole lesson is developed. Sometimes it's too ambitious or not quite rights. It's an iterative process.

Waiting for the final peer review really held up progress and the continuity between classes. Maybe something could be done to fix that.

創建者 Flavio F


This course (and the whole specialization) is amazing! We learn a big deal of teaching techniques and perspectives on how we should better tackle students difficulties.

On this particular course is specially helpful their approach in making us plan a lesson. Each week we plan a different part of the lesson and this helps to contrast different aspects of a lesson design. On the last week I actually rewrote everything because of the new understandings I came about during this process.

I loved it.

創建者 Aly C


Another great, comprehensive course in this series. Learning the foundations if lesson planning vs. just being given examples of lesson plans and "how to create one" is the right approach here - with these tools, one can not only use the template provided, but also adjust and tweak it as they see fit according to their needs as a teacher or their classes' needs. The work of fellow students can sometimes be a bit "meh" - but every once in a while you find a gem and someone who is really putting effort into applying the course concepts. Either way, it does't matter that much what your peers are doing in this format, as long as you are putting the effort in to get something out of the course. I learned quite a lot, and came out of it with a comprehensive lesson plan, backed with clear purpose and objectives!



The course is very well presented.I t has been professionally delivered.It had state of the art demonstrations through teacher observations that we can always refer to and very enriching feed back.I liked the way i was taught to organize a lesson.I have learnt that it is very important to bear in mind the instruction and activities i have to implement.It is important to know the time allocation for instruction as well as that for practice.That's very valuable knowledge. The Arizona State University instructors have instilled in me a practice that has changed my perception towards teaching.Nakitende Rovina

創建者 Clayton L


A satisfying long term project that unfold throughout the course. I still think an some teaching experience is very useful for the online line format. I can image a novice teacher with little experience getting somewhat lost and without direct contact with others may be lack direct examples that an attended classroom could provide. But for my self 5 years teaching and learning through experience this has made my whole approach more focused and clear. However, the instruction videos are presented in clear terms and has provided surprisingly more depth than what I first imagined.

創建者 Suzete M D


O curso proporciona uma visão geral da sala de aula começando pelos objetivos e terminando com a avaliação. O Passo a passo dos módulos leva o professor a organizar seu plano de aula de forma objetiva e eficiente.

Com este curso, aprendi novas técnicas de consolidação do conteúdo , de envolvimento do aluno na aula e abordagens avaliativas precisas e eficazes.

O curso é dinâmica e envolvente. Os vídeos são criativos, motivando o professor trasportar esta experiência para sua sala de aula.


創建者 maria v


Fantastic amazing tutors and I highly recommend this course as by the end of this course lesson planning is a piece of cake. I have loved this course and all the courses in the TESOL specialization




創建者 Jason H


This course was very helpful!

創建者 Hugo E G L


Great course, it has all the essential information to continue your path as an ESL teacher. Shane is a great teacher, as well as Jessica. They breakdown complex concepts and make it easy for you. The course is worth every penny. Moreover, from my experience as an English teacher in El Salvador, I can assure you that many of the topics that you see are the same that you are taught at university level courses. Of course, here they go above and beyond, and also they make it plain and simple.

創建者 Katherine E B


Amazing course! The whole Teach English Now! team obviously puts so much time and thought into each aspect of the course and makes it easy to learn from. Every TEN! course I have taken has been phenomenal. My friend and I both wanted to get TESOL certified and thus are continuing on through to the last capstone project. We frequently comment to each other on the excellence of the course and the instructors. I only hope to make learning experiences of my own pupils as enjoyable!

創建者 Elma K


I must admit for me was little confusing this part of course, specifically peer assigment, i was filed in 2 week because i didn't do well. For me this is first lesson plan, i dont have experience like teacher. But i was trying again and again and i follow the teacher and examples and i pass :)) i enjoy off course learning new things and tomorrow in my work will help me a lot. I am happy that i have my first lesson plan. Thank you teachers. Best Regard Elma

創建者 Ibtihal A B A Y A


A highly informative, applicable& easy to follow course by absolutely knowledgeable professors. The thorough, well-organized& engaging course content reflects the the professionalism & the extensive knowledge of the professors in this field. Really looking forward to enrolling in other courses by the same professors & Arizona State University . Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn from you.

創建者 Ismail m


The course content is so beneficial. I'm now able to make a stunning lesson plan, thanks to the effort of these amazing professors. You are building a community of good teachers of English language.

創建者 Umm M


It's very well designed. I'm thankful to the creators of this course at Arizona State University and I'm thankful to Coursera for making it so easy for us. Thank you guys for your time and efforts.

創建者 Sarkhan I


The course was quite educative, practical and informative. I learned a lot from the course. I am grateful to everyone who contributed to this course, especially, to Dr. Shane, Jessica and Justin.

創建者 Katie


This course was review for me - but I wish it had been the first way I was introduced to planning lessons. The step by step process was incredibly helpful and the final project useful. Thanks!

創建者 Kirsty H


Arizona State University along with Coursera offer an excellent course for teaching English as a foreign language. It is accessible and easy to follow with well presented, quality and videos to watch which makes learning simple.

The tutors in the videos are top of their game and are likable and funny. Assignments are peer to peer assessed until the capstone course which is both p2p and professionally graded.

You are able to work at your own pace and if you find yourself getting behind you can easily switch sessions.

The course is not expensive but for those who struggle with finances, support is available. There is always general support and advice available whenever you need it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed everything this course series has to offer and highly recommend it to anyone looking to gain the certificate, but also for anyone starting out as a teacher, there is much to be learned here and in my opinion, it is well worth it.

創建者 Oyku B


This has been so far the most challenging module for me. I like the way the instruction team has utilized teacher examples and have also enacted a "review team". Once again it sticks! The lesson design piece is proving to be challenging to me as I have no former lesson design experience. I am also finding out during this module that I should start reviewing content that I would like to teach and be familiar with the most recent i.e. grammar books, writing, reading books etc. The course is making me wonder and think if I can bridge that gap quickly enough to prepare a substantial portfolio.

創建者 John N S G


The Course is Wonderful when it comes to presenting the information, it's like the perfect way to present the knowledge, as the way Dr. Dixon and his fellow Dr. Jesseca is itself an amazing way to take in consideration as a way of presenting information and particularly English Language.

Thank you so much Dr. Dixon and Dr. Jesseca, for this rich information it really helped too much and it made my target so clear.

Thank you Christena (My Fiancée) for motivating me to apply for this course.