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學生對 延世大学 提供的 First Step Korean 的評價和反饋

42,246 個評分
10,725 條評論


This is an elementary-level Korean language course, consisting of 5 lessons with 4 units, and covers 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The main topics include basic expressions used in everyday life, such as greetings, introducing yourself, talking about your family and a daily life and so on. Each lesson covers dialogues, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, quizzes and role-plays. After completing this course, you will be able to 1. read and write Korean alphabet. 2. communicate in Korean with basic expressions. 3. learn basic knowledge on Korean culture. It’s fun and easy to follow! Enjoy it!...




useful course for fundamental learners. Everyone can take this course easily.\n\nthe instructor gives me good teaching and more information.\n\nI can basically talk to Korean after finished the class.



This was course was very informative. I really enjoyed the content being that I wasn't on the paid version. I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything but learn a lot from this course. 감사합니다!!!!


651 - First Step Korean 的 675 個評論(共 10,000 個)

創建者 Wendy M F


Me gustó bastante. Me hubiera encantado poder ser corregida en mi pronunciación, pero es obvio que por el tipo de curso no se puede, pero lo demás muy bien. Lo bueno, al ser vídeos, es que aunque no tengo a la profe para hacerle preguntas, puedo devolverme para escucharla nuevamente.

創建者 리사


I am well above this level of Korean but it was a really helpful and useful way to brush up on my Korean. I would recommend this free online course to anyone interested in learning Korean but also those who just want to get some practice in even if you're at a higher level of Korean.

創建者 Priska


Ms Seung Hae Kang give the best explanation with simple word, so I can understand it clearly. The quiz and practice session give more impact for my improvement. It really a good course for everyone that want to start learning Korean language from basic. Thank you for your hard work!

創建者 Mimi A


​As a visual learner, this was easily one of the best courses for me. I'm a college student and the courses were very easy for me to learn and finish in a timely manner. I hope to go to Yonsei one day and strengthen my Korean skills. This was amazing and the teacher is great. 고맙습니다!

創建者 May


This course was really helpful and I definitely think that I have improved my grammar in conversations, my level in Korean is much higher than this course and I knew most of the words however this course helped to practice and get better at grammar structure and conversation skills.

創建者 Angie P S G


Muy buen curso muy practico...gracias por la oportunidad de aprender este hermosos idioma , aun falta un poco los subtítulos en español pero aun así esta muy bien explicado, además me gusta el método de los cuestionario después de cada lección ya que hace que uno repase lo aprendido

創建者 Victoria A R C


Es un curso que me sorprendió por ser tan completo. Traté en varios sitios y apps pero no encontré un lugar en donde me explicaran tan bien y pudiera entender las bases del idioma hasta que por fin comencé este curso. Es muy completo al incluir escuchar, hablar y escribir. ¡Gracias!

創建者 Srishti S


THE Korean language was taught in a way that it was interesting and valuable. i have tried many times learning languages, but ended up quitting it. But this course was different, as the way teacher explained was way too awesome. Thankyou so much, for helping me learn a new language.

創建者 Kianna J


I enjoyed the videos. But I especially enjoyed the pdf files that were given for review. They helped me while I was studying for the quizzes. The files will continue to aid me while learning the language. I cannot wait to take another Korean course from Yonsei University. Thank you!

創建者 FJ S


Thank you so much ! I've no prior online learning experience, Coursera is my first; and this is the very first online course that I've completed. I am ecstatic. I had fun learning your beautiful language. I am hopeful that all that I've learned from here would help me in the future.

創建者 Benain d J C E


Las lecciones siempre fueron las más practicas para el uso cotidiano del idioma coreano. Me gusto mucho el espacio dedicado para la pronunciación correcta de cada palabra. La dramatización de cada diálogo fue muy bueno porque así se contextualizaba las conversaciones. Me encantó. =)

創建者 Aneesh M


A very profound course.Easy for a beginner with absolutely no prior knowledge in any foreign language to learn,grasp and understand.Meticulously crafted curriculum and a lucid way communication and picturization of words helps one to retain what he/she just learned.Loved the course!

創建者 Minahil N


Personally, I found this course extremely helpful and affable. Easy to learn and easy to understand. As a conscientious person, I have always wanted to learn Korean well. I have tried many courses and websites to learn but this one was definitely the most comprehensive one. 5-stars.

創建者 Ronja J


I've attempted Korean through a self-study textbook before, but this course is a lot more accessible. Dialogues, vocabulary, pronounciation, the alphabet - all is presented very clearly. Obviously, it really only is an introduction to the language, but as that it is very successful.

創建者 Tainara Z


This course brought to me a new perspective of my future job. I´ve been intersted in korean language since 2021, my goal is to learn until intermidiate and than i can find easily an offshore job. I apreeciate and thankfull this iniciative from yonsei university, kisses from brazil.

創建者 Anastasia D


This course was very helpful, I started to be able to read and understand hangul a little bit, I also started to be able to speak korean a little bit. Now that I want to try to communicate directly with Koreans while learning new vocabulary, I need a Korean friend who I can talk to

創建者 Hisrai C D S M


Amei o curso. Estou fazendo um outro curso online, porem achei que as aulas deste curso são mais focadas no que realmente precisamos para a sobrevivência em um País com um idioma tão diferente. Adoro esse idioma ! Obrigada professora por uma didática tão boa!!Obrigada

創建者 Aprilyn W


This is a great introduction course! I already knew some Korean, but not enough to make conversation. I feel that my conversation and recognition skills improved, as well as my speaking skills. It will be great review for some as well as others who want to know more Korean grammar!

創建者 Atheek A


I really enjoyed this course and it provided me with an appropriate foundation. I hope to start the Learn to Speak Korean 1 course soon to supplement my studies.

Just one question -are there any further structured resources that could guide me to fluency?

Thank you very much!


創建者 Rose L A


I really liked the course. At times it was hard because Iʻm a visual learner and when I read the script, instead of showing the characters sheʻs saying, Itʻll say [foreign] In the script. I enjoyed learning and will continue on to the next Korean language course they have to offer.

創建者 Arianna A


Maravillosa herramienta de aprendizaje, años tratando de aprender pero nunca había encontrado la manera adecuada, este curso te da cada una de las herramientas necesarias para desarrollar tu conocimiento, la estructura del curso hace que el aprendizaje fluya más rápido. MUY FELIZ.

創建者 Leo


Very good course. Gives you templates to practice, is quite easy to understand, and very manageable because its in small segments, each with 1 video and 1 quiz. Overall, this quiz is also very useful because it teaches vocabulary and sentence structures that you are going to need.

創建者 Мария Ч


The course was so helpful in starting to learn Korean from zero! The Professor explains everything clearly and with examples, which helps to understand the material much faster. Thank you for this opportunity to learn the language! I will surely continue on with their next course.

創建者 Christianne A T V


Very interesting and efficient way to learn Korean. I had taken a beginners' course on learning Korean before in a classroom setting in a university so I can honestly say that learning online is at par with traditional classroom learning especially with learning foreign languages!

創建者 Pierina T


El contenido esta muy bueno lo que le falta a este curso son los subtítulos en español y las palabras en coreanos se que traducidas en el mismo y no en "no identificado" o "idioma extranjero", pero en conclusión fuera de eso es muy bueno se los recomiendo, saquen un tercer curso.