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學生對 延世大学 提供的 First Step Korean 的評價和反饋

24,223 個評分
6,424 條評論


This is an elementary-level Korean language course, consisting of 5 lessons with 4 units, and covers 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The main topics include basic expressions used in everyday life, such as greetings, introducing yourself, talking about your family and a daily life and so on. Each lesson covers dialogues, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, quizzes and role-plays. After completing this course, you will be able to 1. read and write Korean alphabet. 2. communicate in Korean with basic expressions. 3. learn basic knowledge on Korean culture. It’s fun and easy to follow! Enjoy it!...



May 02, 2017

This was course was very informative. I really enjoyed the content being that I wasn't on the paid version. I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything but learn a lot from this course. 감사합니다!!!!


May 18, 2020

A really good starting point to understand what's the Hangeul is constituted of and have a taste test on daily conversation. Last 2 modules were of quick pace which encourages me to revisit more often


5851 - First Step Korean 的 5875 個評論(共 6,385 個)

創建者 Madison J

Aug 02, 2020

Super informative and they give you worksheets you can print out but the follow along videos go really fast and I had to rewatch the videos multiple times. Successfully learned the Korean alphabet for sure.


Apr 26, 2020

Contiene lo esencial para comenzar con un idioma nuevo y totalmente diferente a tu lengua materna. Muy bien explicado y conducido hasta el final. Buen vocabulario y gramática fácil y sencilla para comenzar.

創建者 Carmen B M

Jun 23, 2020

I found the course very helpful, although it is very condensed. Sometimes, I felt it moved very quickly. But all in all, I learned a lot and it definitely helped me to start my jumpstart my Korean studies.

創建者 Amy L

Jun 04, 2020

This course was very good - occasionally I felt as if it moved a little too quickly but the beauty of the video is that you can pause it! I would recommend this course to another beginning Korean learner.

創建者 Saki P

Apr 28, 2017

This course is very useful for first learning Korean.

I have learned the meaning Korean alphabet through first week session.

Firstly we know Korean alphabet's history. It helps us understand Korean easily.

創建者 María T R N

Jul 19, 2020

Me ha gustado mucho este curso, he aprendido mucho desde cero.

Me gustaría ver un poco más de gramática en cuanto a formación de las frases pero está muy bien la cantidad de vocabulario. Es muy visual.

創建者 Ashley H

Oct 14, 2018

Its a great course for starting, it focuses more on the grammar side which is just as important as the language itself. Definitely a course I will review constantly, for when I need to write and speak.

創建者 Francisca A O G

Jul 24, 2020

me gustaría que enseñaran un poco más acerca de la construcción de oraciones, ciertas palabras no se explican y dificulta un poco el entender completamente las oraciones, pero en general es excelente.

創建者 Swapnil R

Feb 26, 2020

Learning any foreign language is a tough task and especially languages like Hanguel and Mandarin, but I would like to thank the faculty who designed this course and made it easy for learners like us.

創建者 neha k

Jul 31, 2020

For a beginners course this was very interesting and very easy to learn . I am glad that I enrolled for this class . Thank you Yonsei University for this course. Very much appreciate your support .

創建者 Kettrin A

Jun 12, 2017

I like the way the lesson is being conducted. Only downside is, there is not much written practise. If there is written practise like typing it, that will be a good practice for learning retention.


May 12, 2020

This course is so easy to learn but have some vocabulary that never learn before. By the way all of this course is so good for anyone who want to start to learn Korean language. Thank you so much.

創建者 Amarjeet k

Jul 25, 2020

I completely the course and it was really fun to learn Korean language but I received my certificate where the course name is written in Chinese language I don't know why. Kindly assist me with it

創建者 Chirapriya N

May 13, 2020

If the media has an illustration or meaning in English when the long sentence is in Korean ( Week 4-5 ).

Will be easier to communicate and understand.

and thank u so much to make this course.


創建者 Michelle C

May 08, 2020

I learned a lot and the course was easy to follow. I feel confident that I can have simple conversations in Korean.

This course was a good base for starting my path in learning the Korean language

創建者 Thatthong N

Apr 15, 2020

I've learn Korean before and would like to practice so I come here and try this course. It's good for beginner and I wish you'll open the harder one. Thank you for this helpful course. by the way.

創建者 Carla C

Apr 27, 2020

Para ser un curso de principiantes, es muy completo y son clases fáciles de comprender. El único pero que pongo es que en algunas de las lecciones, no están disponibles los subtítulos en español.

創建者 Jackee

Jun 07, 2020

Very informative and a good introduction to the Korean language! I'm definitely intrigued to learn more and would be seeking out more classes to dive deeper into the Korean language and culture!

創建者 Ritu S

Aug 30, 2020

I wuld request you o additionally add the pronunciation in English alphabet for better understanding of how each alphabet is pronounced. Nonetheless, I had fun learning this course. Thank you.

創建者 Sarah A

Mar 27, 2020

it was a fun course, it correct my pronunciation.. sometimes the pronunciation in the exam isn't clear.

i really enjoyed this course & i hope there will be another courses for Korean language.

創建者 Elizabeth C

Jul 16, 2020

The course was great. I have a recommendation that is when the teacher reads in Korean, there should be subtitles in Korean or there should be romanized subtitles, the written pronunciation.

創建者 Renee M

Aug 07, 2016

I have been waiting for a Korean language course with coursera for a long time. it is very good course for beginner; I had all the explanations and the pronunciation techniques were helpful.

創建者 Pablo d J F A

Oct 19, 2020

Considero que el curso tiene una buena organización de contenidos, sin embargo, no creo que sea un curso tan introductorio, pues hay cosas que yo he sentido que han estado en un nivel alto.

創建者 Tonnelier L

Aug 14, 2020

It's a very good lesson. Sometimes it is a little bit repetitive but it really helped me master basic sentences and useful vocabulary. I'd recommend it to everyone wanting to learn Korean.

創建者 Beverly D

Apr 20, 2020

The course was sequential, it moved from letters and their sounds and on to words and constructing basic sentences. I was able to read within a few hours of practice. I enjoyed the course.