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學生對 国立桥路学校 提供的 The hidden value – Lean in manufacturing and services 的評價和反饋

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Lean is a powerful methodology that enables managers and employees to shift their mindset and helps companies to keep their business sustainable by creating competitive advantage. Today, in an increasingly complex and dynamic world, where companies struggle to maintain competitive advantage, Lean is more important than ever. This course combines the experience of many senior experts and practitioners from the Boston Consulting Group and École des Ponts, and brings perspectives on Lean in manufacturing and services. It offers strong topic foundation as well as deep practical insights into the art of continuous improvement. In this course, you will learn: - why Lean is a key driver for sustainable competitive advantage - how different companies can leverage Lean to create value both in manufacturing and services - what it takes to drive a Lean transformation and build a culture of continuous improvement - how new technologies impact traditional lean practices...



Thanks so much. I think so is a great course. All people tha want to learn and aplícate Lean philosophy must to do this course. Congrats!! In a course can cover the most important topics about Lean


Simple, yet very valuable and practical knowledge. Easy to understand and apply back in real life. Highly recommend for all Continuous Improvement mindset and the Agile Working environment.


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創建者 Tatiana d S T


very good

創建者 Ilgiz Z






創建者 Lynda S



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創建者 Alexandra P


I really loved the lesson. The videos were great, short but to the point, combined with the readings, this is a perfect introduction to Lean. The assignments were as challenging as they should regarding difficulty. The missing star is due to the peer grading system. It is highly problematic. I shall speak based on my personal experience and give two examples: 1. There were two assignments of my peers that were of higher level of mine and I could not offer any constructive feedback for improvement. 2. There was one peer whose assignment did not receive a passing grade from me. I extensivelly explained how he should answer the last two parts of the second week assignment and also offered two examples for each part. Then when I submitted the 3rd week assignment he gave me non passing grades and no constructive feedback. I had no explanation and so I resubmitted the same assignment and the second time it passed with 100% grades. I read the articles at help center, the Code of Conduct, etc. Instead of getting me to report someone (and by the way there is no email address to send the sceenshots and complaints to) why put me in this position at the first place. Install an algorithm that will prevent someone to review your assignment if he didn't get a passing grade from you.

創建者 Mohamed A


For me it was a very nice course, I really enjoyed it and learned from it.

The missing star is only for the certificate :(, I did all the quiz when I was attending course on-time and they were bit easy, however to pay a $72 for me was too difficult knowing that my monthly income is barely below $275, that means about 26% of my monthly income.

Anyway that is the situation of our economy and thank you anyway for the learning chance you are giving us

創建者 Rafael C


Learn how to deconstruct tasks and distinguish value from waste creation. Learn about tools that can be employed to decrease waste and optimise value creating activities. I would like to have access to sample solutions to the assignments after submitting my own work.

創建者 Gajanan G


Good course to understand Lean applications in Services as well. Good assignments which forces to apply your mind for creating industry scenarios, identifying wastes, suggesting lean improvements.

創建者 Javier P B


I'd love that the exams were a little bit harder. Also, just doing self assestment has the problem that there's no real feedback from the mentors

創建者 Mohamed S


Very perfect and useful in career development to all people who work or interest in manufacturing products and services

創建者 Anusha G


the content was good, but the syntax did not match the speaker at times and audio was not understood at times.

創建者 Chinmay S T


Excellent course to learn lean techniques and how to apply in manufacturing as well as service industry.

創建者 Matthew C


Very interesting course covering some good content. Regular quizzes to test your understanding

創建者 Mohamed A L


Great course for beginners in Lean. Some quiz questions need to be reviewed.

創建者 anant r


Nice and well put out course. Very grateful to team BCG and coursera

創建者 Arun R S J


Fantastic course, everyone should study this... Thank you...

創建者 Dharshan S


I have gain more information about lean manufacturing

創建者 Ricardo B


Buen curso básico introductorio a Lean.

創建者 anna t


Very focused and clear to follow.

創建者 Sakshi Y


The course was very well taught.

創建者 Dennis J B S M


Great introduction to lean



Great introductory course!

創建者 Sanjiv K J


very intersting